It's Your Time

It's Your Time

by Sandra Donald


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It’s Your Time is a journey of life, describing the spiritual challenges we face and presenting musical lyrics to feed your soul. It serves as a place to unwind, be intense, be in love or out of love, be thoughtful, or cry. It is your space and time in words. These verses explore a wide range of topics, including hope, love, sadness, joy, empowerment, and spirituality, all bound up in lives that matter. For author Sandra Donald, the supportive mechanism of faith helped her to understand and accept that good things can come from painful experiences and that true magic is entwined with the written word.

This collection of poetry seeks to pull at strings and thoughts, unblock the blocked, capture a laugh, and reinvent the wheel for all the things you need.


When you’ve got these, you aren’t getting on with a true life.

Ensures you’re simply consumed in hating for no reason or rhyme.

Wraps you up in a suffocated fear of 100 percent unsupported facts.

Allows minds to be derailed into dismissing logical thinking.

Is a sinister trick creating hate groups full of destruction and lies.

Isn’t it time to ditch this bandwagon and get an upgrade in thinking?

What does it matter when, as human beings, we’re all the same!

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ISBN-13: 9781532019135
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/22/2017
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.27(d)

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Giving In with Dignity

Is it really nothing but a number?
Looking for lines and colors of gray,
Is it really all in a tonic jar that watches?
Tired and weary, you turn the corner and See contentment supported by fulfillment,
In continued age, you will not be dejected,
Push forward and revel in being a carefree spirit On a path to greater heights where age and Accumulated numbers are academic When giving in with dignity!

November 16, 2011
The Light Has Gone Out! Or Has It?

There was a light that burned with energy so fierce That it lit up paths in its way for those known and unknown.
In the distance, a black cloud loomed, and the light Watched it closely as slowly the darkness made Its descent, smothering, till eventually it choked light,
The light has gone out, but has it when both its vibrancy and Free spiritedness still seem to dance around in the air,
So has the light gone out, or is it to remain A treasured fixture that if you look hard enough You might believe it was never extinguished?

Lights like these never diminish; they continue to grow.

May 2010

You Left Too Soon

Looking through the eyes of pain, I see hope calling me With a smile that could mend a shattered heart.
The light of life burns bright until life's certainties show up,
You left too soon, without a goodbye: no word, no cry or sigh.
My mind is a swirl, clouded and misted in pain. Behind my eyes Lies nothing but pain and a fading essence, taken away with Its sharp, short intake and a voice that is barely audible.
You left too soon, without a goodbye: no word, no cry or sigh.
I'm lost in a maze, fighting my way back to the surface,
You left too soon, without a goodbye: no word, no cry or sigh.
September 19, 2013

The Invisible Cloak

My heart stopped dead As I watched the life slowly leave.
A barely perceptible whisper Moved into the atmosphere. "You will be okay.
How did I not see deceit?
But faith is a good ally Who is always by my side in the front and back,
December 4, 2011

A thorn slipped under my radar whilst intuition Was prodding and poking me, but I turned the other way,
Digging deep into your skin, it twists. "Ouch," you squeal When you see confusion and mayhem in the front-row Seats, eating popcorn and enjoying a newfound power.
Your mind's first serve was tentatively played, trying to Feel its way whilst unsure if it was a friendly or an out-and-out Strategy to win the Wimbledon Cup. Please — what else is it!
Watching the thorn across the net, you start to see the shape Of a vulture circling what it perceives to be a wounded animal,
Switching tactics, you send an urgent text to logic asking,
Intuition is a guide, an ally, a best friend for forever, whilst Thorn is simply a pain in the —!

January 31, 2016


In acknowledging the past, I see quandary stuck At the crossroad of change. She's prompting me,
I'm quiet in this moment as I try to listen to my heart.
I see tears like hail stones cascade like a waterfall Of pain mixed with sorrow, and she's shouting,
See, the alarm siren was activated, her breathing,
Trust, who once in abundance is now burnt to a dust.
It screamed, and it pleaded in tears of unthinkable cries.
Now Trust sits shaking and trembling in fear.
You had it, gave it away for a reason discussed With you and self that was hidden from view,
What can you offer in terms and conditions?
At the stair to Trust, with Heart encased in ivory tower,
The framework with the board of directors.
The jury is out for this life-changing decision,
As the custodian of the leap of faith, Trust knows He will never let her go, so she tumbles or falls.
March 24, 2015

Awaiting Repair in the Garage

Someone I trusted stepped on my heart, and As they did, I sat and watched the life in it Expel like a gentle mist leaving, heart gasping.
The air became thick with a primeval, wrenching cry For help that rivaled labor pains, except without The euphoria of giving birth, of holding the baby In your arms. You felt cheated all in one even whilst.
Sitting ringside, rubbing their hands whilst placing bets,
With beautiful white sand, the sun, turquoise blue sea,
Infatuated or possibly in love mode. How could this be?
Heart plus its associated friends are in the garage awaiting repair.
January 29, 2011

Death to a Past

I see an uncomfortable past floating into the distance,
See, it had given you years of survival taken for granted.
No longer is there a need to challenge you to pistols at dawn When we have upbeat and happy on board, and let's face it:
March 10, 2015


Excerpted from "It's Your Time"
by .
Copyright © 2017 Sandra Donald.
Excerpted by permission of iUniverse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents

Giving In with Dignity, 1,
The Light Has Gone Out! Or Has It?, 2,
You Left Too Soon, 3,
The Invisible Cloak, 5,
Thorn, 7,
Trust, 8,
Awaiting Repair in the Garage, 11,
Death to a Past, 13,
I Can't, 15,
I Matter, 17,
Not Quite Family, 19,
So Close but Miles Apart, 20,
Tears, 21,
Move On, 22,
Stumbling Blocks, 23,
Why Fear a Bully?, 25,
Minus Nine and White Droplets, 27,
The Child in Me, 31,
The Truthful Path, 32,
What Is Life?, 33,
Friends, 34,
Happiness, 36,
My Life Hope, 39,
Pandora's Box, 40,
The Masters of Trade, 43,
So It Will End, 45,
Walking Away, 47,
Aroma in the Air, 49,
Where Is My Romeo?, 51,
Four Simple Words, 53,
A Period in Time, 55,
Just Call Me PMT, 56,
It Feels Upside Down, 57,
Comeback Factor, 59,
Divine Grace, 60,
Glorious Applause, 61,
It's Your Time, 63,
Reaping, 64,
Voice, 65,
Fear, 66,
Tiredness, 68,
Stroke, What You Brought Me, 69,
All Lives Matter, 70,
Do We Know?, 71,
Fight Harder, 73,
London Burning, 75,
Prejudices, 77,
The World Is Outta Money, 78,
Blessings, 79,
Musical Words to Feed the Soul, 81,
Special Love, 83,
Your Smile, 85,
Friday Night, 87,
Let Me Stay, 89,
Tell Me, 91,
Stormy Weather, 93,
Friends, 94,
How Could You?, 96,
You Will Be There, 98,
Distant Love, 100,

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