IXth International Congress on Mathematical Physics: Proceedings of the Conference Held 17-27 July 1988, Swansea, U. K.

IXth International Congress on Mathematical Physics: Proceedings of the Conference Held 17-27 July 1988, Swansea, U. K.


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ISBN-13: 9780852742501
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 06/28/1989
Pages: 88

Table of Contents

Plenary lectures: Conformal symmetry and its extensions (P Goddard). Two dimensional conformal field theories and modular functors (G Segal). Orthonormal wavelets (Y Meyer). Ground state energies of many body Coulomb systems (J Conlon). Dynamical entropy in quantum theory (N Narnhofer). Some geometrical applications of quantum field theory (E Witten). Carciatures of hydrodynamics (R L Dobrushin). Dynamical phase transitions in networks of random automata (B Derrida). Statistical mechanics of interfaces and equilibrium crystal shapes (R Kotecky). Phase transitions in disordered spin systems (J Bricmont and A Kupiainen). New examples of "chaotic" representation (P A Meyer). Spectral properties of the rare scatterers and counter examples to the hypotheses of Schrodinger and Stekloff (S Molcanov and V P Maslov). Resonances in dynamical systems (J Eckmann). New frontiers (B Simon): Modelling the pattern generating mechanism in the formation of stripes on alligators (J D Murray). Personal experience of interaction with industry in the field of applications of partial differential equations (C Bardos). Gauge theory of deformable bodes (F Wilczek). Probabilistic methods (E A Carlen): Stochastic mechanics and the role of probability in mathematical physics (E Carlen). Stochastic quantisation of geometrical theories (D Zwanziger). On the construction of Dirichlet forms in infinite dimensions (J Potthoff). The statistical mechanics of a Bethe Ansatz-soluable model (T Dorlas). Some new developments concerning Dirichlet forms, Markov fields and quantum fields (S Albeverio). Euclidean quantum mechanics: An alternative starting point for Euclidean field theory (J C Zambrini). General relativity (C Isham): Algebraic computing in relativistic gravity (M MacCullum). Recent developments in Hamiltonian gravity (A Ashtekar). Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics (E Presutti): Scaling limits for stochastic particle systems (H Spohn). Black holes and thermodynamics (B Whiting). String theory (D Olive): Operator formalism in superconformal field theory (P Nelson). Aspects of Jordan algebras and vertex operators (E Corrigan). Real, p-adic and adelic strings (P Freund). p-adic quantum theory and strings (I Volovich). Bosonisation of heterotic string in any dimension (A Sedrakyan, D R Karakhanyan). Obstruction to pin structures and the sign of the metric (C DeWitt-Morette). Conformal field theories (W Nahm): Modular invariance and the A-D-E classification (C Itzykson). An algebraic approach to the classification of local conformal quantum field theories (I Todorov, R R Paunov, G Mack and D Bucholz). Quantum mechanics of Coulomb systems (R Benguria): The Scott conjecture in atomic physics (H Siedentop, R Weikard). Atomis in strong magnetic fields (M Loss). Level spacing in potentials and results of the wave function (A Martin). Stability and instability of Coulomb and gravitating systems (H T Yau). Geometric theory of resonances in multiparticle systems (I M Sigal). Classical field theories (R Ward): Integro-differential non-linear equations associated with continual Lie algebras (M V Saveliev). Complete integrability of the integrable models: quick review (R K Bullough). Closed string-like solutions of the Davey-Stuartson equation (M C Polivanov, V A Arkadiev and A K Pogrebkov). Scattering of classical lumps: some recent results (R S Ward). Moduli spaces, geodesics and the slow motion of solitons (G W Gibbons). Geometric instability properties of classical field theories in physics (L L Chau). Non relativistic quantum mechanics (D Pearson): Random and almost periodic operators - new examples of spectral behaviour (L A Pastur). Quasi-classical asymptotics of the scattering amplitude and the scattering cross-section (D R Yafaev). Quantum mechanics: Quasi-exactly solvable problems, quantum tops, perturbation theory (A Turbiner). Analysis of manifolds (E B Davies): Pointwise inequalities for heat kernels (E B Davies). Harmonic functions on complete manifolds (P Li). Spectral bounds and the shape of manifolds near infinity (K D Elworthy, S Rosenberg). Soft differential equations (M Gromov). Equilibrium statistical mechanics (C Newman, Y M Suhov): The 1/r2 phase transition: a review (C Newman). Finite size scaling and critical dimensions (H Tasaki). Wulff construction justified (S Shlosman). Statistical mechanics of complex queueing networks (Y M Suhov). Exacts results for phase transitions in surfaces (D Abraham). Mathematical problems in condensed matter physics (J Avron): Counting singularities in liquid crystals (E Lieb, F J Almgren). The integer Quantum Hall effect: Rigorous results (H Kunz). Isotropic quantum antiferromagnets with massive ground state (T Kennedy). Operator algebras (D E Evans): Operator algebras and critical phenoma: An overview of the session (D E Evans). Pointwise inner and modular automorphisns of Von Neumann algebras (E Stormer). Unitarisations of solutions of the quantum Yang-Baxter equation and subfactors (H Wenzl). Knot polynomials and Yang-Baxter models (L Kauffman). Disordered systems (J Chayes, L Chayes): Anderson localization theory with interacting electrons (C Albanese). Statistical mechanics of random systems - exact results (R Shankar). The mean field critical behaviour of percolation in high dimensions (G Slade, T Hara). Constructive quantum field theory (J Feldman): Quantum field theory of solitons (P Marchetti). CQFT 100: Introduction to constructive quantum field theory (J Feldman). Classical mechanics (E Zehnder): A general infinite dimensional KAM theorem (J Poschel). Minimal action measures for positive definite Lagrangian systems (J Mather). On the solution of the stability conjecture and the [ ]-stability conjecture (J Palis). General theory of quantised fields (D Bucholz): Inclusions of Von Neumann algebras and quantum field theory (R Longo). Bouonded and unbounded realizations of locality (J Yngvason). Dirac quantisation, Virasoro and Kac-Moody algebras and Boson-Fermion correspondence in 2N dimensions (S Ruisjenaars). On relativistic irreducible quantum fields fulfilling CCR (K Baumann). Haag-Ruelle scattering theory for Euclidean lattic field theories (J Barata, K Fredenhagen). Removal of the infrared cutoff, seizing of the vacuum and symmetry breaking in many body and gauge theories (F Strocchi, G Morchio). Dynamical systems and chaos (J Palis): Random diffeomorphisms (F Ledrappier). On the Henon attractor (M Benedicks, L Carleson). Author index.

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