IZ~ The Izzy Story - Book 1 Encounters

IZ~ The Izzy Story - Book 1 Encounters

by Ddwlem


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IZ~ The Izzy Story - Book 1 Encounters by Ddwlem

IZ~ The Izzy Story consists of a series of books that describe the life and adventures of Izzy, his loyal friends and, few but deadly, enemies. There is humor and drama, woven through scientifically imagined possibilities that question the origin and of our myths and legends.

This introductory book describes the first encounters of Izzy with the Good , the Bad and the Earthlings and lays the basis for subsequent books in the series.

"Encounters," consists of 5 chapters from different times and locations. It weaves a tale around Izzy's life and how he lost a precious possession while on a mission to Earth with his companions. Their plan was to develop a vaccine to cure a plague that was rampant on their home planet Authair. Each chapter further develops a mystery surrounding the discovery of a curiously crafted artifact.

Chapter 1, "Attack," reveals that Izzy Tzeus, was created by a lab accident at the Ponce Heidon Institute of Genetic Research on Planet Authair. Surprisingly he's found to be half cat, half iguana with a trace of Authairian blood and was named because Ponce kept asking, "What is he?" He uses telepathic powers and can communicate with any life form. Izzy surprises everyone including himself when he learns he can produce a sound capable of subduing enemies and saving lives.

For those who don't believe such a small creature's sound could be so potent, in Chapter 2 "Skeptical", older Izzy attempts to prove it is true. He also provides evidence of the team's visit to prehistoric Earth through a gift he received from Kurl Tszargon. Kurl depicted Izzy's life story by engraving an ancient Authairian script around a plate's edge. This precious gift was lost during the volcanic eruption in Santorini around 1600 BCE. But shortly after the eruption, a broken fragment is recovered by a Welsh sailor, Illiachus, who believes it is a gift from the gods.

It is eventually rediscovered in 2000 CE at Stonehenge by Tasy, a terrier belonging to Dee, an archaeology coed attending Bournemouth University. Her professor, Geoffrey Devans, once he recovers from the shock of his student 'stealing' an artifact from the earth at Stonehenge hypothesizes the artifact was fabricated during the Bronze Age in Wales but composed of materials known to have only recently been developed here on Earth. The script around the edge resembles Linear A, so professor and student travel to Santorini to have Dee's grandfather, Aristotle Maritimis, attempt to translate it's message.

They are joined by Thorf Serendopolis, an archaeology student who has just arrived in Santorini from Princeton University to conduct his PhD research who shortly before leaving for Greece, had discovered he has a strange allele on his DNA that may account for his superior intellect and athletic prowess. On arriving at Santorini, Thorf has a déjà vu feeling that haunts him. That night he has a series of nightmares about riots and a plague in a distant world, then about a young girl gathering firewood on a beach.

The origin of the dream is realized in Chapter 5. The young girl's grandfather, Illiachus, recites a fireside ballad to the children of his clan about his encounters with human-like creatures and a dragon that descend to Earth and bargain with him, and how he survives the destruction of Santorini and finds a treasure made by the gods.

Book 2, "Creation" continues the story.

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ISBN-13: 9781941536421
Publisher: DDWLEM, LLC
Publication date: 02/01/2015
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.31(d)

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IZ~ The Izzy Story - Book 1 Encounters 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Izzy story is written with zest, humor, and an eye to scientific detail. Advanced aliens living on the planet Authair (try saying that aloud)  in the outer reaches of the Milky Way travel to Earth (actually Wales) at around 2000 BCE to obtain coal, which they need to combat a  deadly virus.  We hear the story from three perspectives: those of the Autherian’s , those of the ancient Welsh  - written in verse! – and those of modern day archaeologists working at Stonehenge and Greece   The Izzy story is well written and intriguing with the intertwining of the three perspectives.  Looking forward to the follow-ups. The website is also worth checking out. 
jaschust More than 1 year ago
The writing team of Ddwlem has crafted an intriguing  and unique sci-fi tale, that does not send us soaring   into the future, but rather it unravels mysteries of the past. It starts on the planet Aurthair around 1600 BCE and winds up on Planet Earth when a dog digs up a strange object at Stonehenge.  We had already learned, before  the dog unearthed the object, that it once belonged to a tiny, lizard-like creature, created  from an experiment  gone wrong by an Authairian scientist. They named this unknown creature, Izzy, and were about to find out that  he had amazing super powers. And you will too! As we travel through space, time, and planets from 1600 BCE to the 21st century, we meet fascinating heroes and tyrants . One of these heroes is Illiachus Wynter, Head of his Clan, who, when we meet him, is reciting his clan's history. Ddwlem created a  stunningly elegant epic poem for this oral history. It had me imagining myself sitting spellbound, surrounded by the clan's children listening and learning their history with them. This sci-fi adventure which has only begun in Book 1, is definitely a treat to read , Not only is it a tale that will keep you glued to its pages, it is also filled with humor, mangled mythological names (e.g. Daddy Tzeus?), real scientific facts as well as pseudo ones, and even more surprises. I recommend it for young teens through the young at heart, no matter how high the numbers go.
SNorth More than 1 year ago
Aliens desperate to survive, an elder of the ancient world desperate to help his people, and an archaeological find linking them together; the Greek island of Santorini, past and present, depicted through a peculiar young archaeologist come to the island to research the very thing his dreams reveal in the night…  Book 1 – Encounters is a very enjoyable read, with unexpected twists that left me eagerly awaiting the release of the next Izzy book! The story concludes with a saga recited by the elder describing his encounters with the aliens – and an exploding volcano.  The elder’s verse enveloped me in his story and it is probably my favorite part of the book.  Well done and I’d recommend this book for ages 13 and up.