J&S Harlem Soul

J&S Harlem Soul


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J&S Harlem Soul

Run by Zell Sanders, the J&S label was a very small New York company that nonetheless released quite a few R&B, doo wop, rock & roll, girl group, and soul discs in the 1950s and 1960s, even in the absence of notable commercial success. J&S Harlem Soul concentrates on the soul-oriented singles they put out in the 1960s and early '70s, which are pretty rare even by the standards of major soul collectors. Even the two artists here who did have hits, Johnnie & Joe and the Jaynetts, are represented by obscure 45s cut long after their flash of fame. The production on quite a few of these tracks is on the bare side, to the point where some of them sound like demos (especially Jimmy Armstrong & the Pins' "I Want to Be Close to You," where virtually the only accompaniment is a spooky gospel-ish organ). These obscurities are largely competent slices of various shades of '60s soul, though there's not a single cut that stands out as a notable find. The label's fairly prolific and varied output, however, is a testament to Zell Sanders' stubborn perseverance in the absence of tangible reward. Compilations such as these certainly do a service to soul fanatics who couldn't find or hear most or all of this otherwise.

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Release Date: 11/11/2008
Label: Kent Records Uk
UPC: 0029667230629
catalogNumber: 306


  1. Disappointed Bride
  2. Leaf Is Just Like Me
  3. I'm A Working Man Who Needs A Good Woman
  4. She Said I'd Be A Failure
  5. The Dream I Had Came True
  6. I Got A Feeling
  7. The Money And All Your Love
  8. I Won't Ever Try To Change You
  9. I Want To Be Close To You
  10. I Pray To Keep Our Love Strong
  11. Let Your Mind Do The Walking
  12. Every Night The Same Time
  13. Ha Baby
  14. Lee Pratt, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  15. It Doesn't Matter
  16. You Needn't Tell Me
  17. Stay Away From My Baby
  18. Life Of Love
  19. 24 Hours of the Day
  20. You Haven't Been Like You Should
  21. Don't Let Me Down
  22. Be My Boyfriend
  23. Say You Love Me
  24. Dancing In A Dream World

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Allsaints More than 1 year ago
I googled my name,...Low and behold our hs band recorded this tune in the 60s @CBS studios NYC. Thought I'd never hear it again, Melvin Wah Ragin and myself did the arranging on this. But one of the singers names is wrong: It was Dickie and Bertie, not Dickie and Billy!!!