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Jacaranda: (Tails Before Bed)

Jacaranda: (Tails Before Bed)

by E. W. Bosworth


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In Jacaranda: (Tails Before Bed), E. W. Bosworth shares personal dilemmas nevertheless common to us all. The scope of his engagement with life's contradictions, including his subtle evocation of the great antinomies - thought and feeling, sound and silence, comfort and unrest - is evident from one page to the next, one stanza to the next, and frequently within the precarious balance of a single line. This is Bosworth's individual response to the uniformity of post-post-modernism in contrast to which he offers a unique voice indicative of what he names "postmodern formalism". Asked in an interview of May, 2012, to clarify that term, he responded: "Since about 1970 American poetry has become increasingly dedicated to evincing a psychology of deconstructive theory in which the persona, the proffered speaker, is determined above all to avoid direct statement (logocentrism) with the result that indirection has become, repeatedly, the "new" direction in putative service of a transcendental subjectivity. But the human ego is not so easily dismissed, nor will its individual goals submit to categorical erasure. The poetic method of group-theory is programmatic to the extent that in the typical journal it is difficult to distinguish originality from consent. From an aesthetic perspective, there could be no more telling evidence of logocentricity than that. A postmodern formalism must embody, must demonstrate, must enact the contradictions inherent in a systematic denial of history."

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ISBN-13: 9781478715863
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 03/25/2013
Pages: 128
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