Jack Commer, Supreme Commander

Jack Commer, Supreme Commander

by Michael D Smith
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Jack Commer, Supreme Commander by Michael D Smith

Jack Commer, Supreme Commander of the United System Space Force, leads a peace mission in his flagship Typhoon II to end the war with the fascist Alpha Centauri Empire. After an engine explosion strands the ship four months from its destination, the Typhoon encounters a derelict spaceship, but its nine rescued refugees are insolent and uncooperative, and they proceed to brainwash most of the crew into worship of the Alpha Centaurian Emperor. A month and a half later, all but three of the crew have been Converted. Jack has demanded daily diary entries from the remaining crew so that he can pinpoint the exact moment of their Conversion, and he, his estranged wife Amav, the emotionally damaged twelve year-old Bobby, and recently Converted ship's engineer Phil Sperry write their final, fully honest entries before the ship is captured by Centaurian stormtroopers and Jack and Amav are sent to be tortured on a barren planet.

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ISBN-13: 9781771150057
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing
Publication date: 08/03/2012
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Jack Commer, Supreme Commander 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
FTaylor More than 1 year ago
Book Two in the Jack Commer series begins with a promising if not challenging journey into the enemy territory of Alpha Centauri to end the war with the United System Space Force...or so Book One left us happily thinking. All is not right with the crew of the Typhoon II. Space travel is getting to them, particularly Jack Commer, the newly appointed Supreme Commander of the USSF. He has issues, and many question whether he is qualified for his new title, let alone a mission to make peace with a hateful, fanatical empire. He questions himself. He has alienated his beautiful new wife Amav. The cracks are showing, driving everyone into isolated cesspools of personal angst, nasty little secrets and idiosyncrasies artfully reflected through diary entries and interactions with the Martian crew members, who are both fascinated and bemused by human behavior. Things further deteriorate when they rescue a group of refugees who claim to have escaped Alpha Centauri clutches but are in fact being controlled by a hive mentality that forbids individuality, brainwashes its members into glassy-eyed submission, and punishes any digression from the self-proclaimed divine will of a megalomaniacal Emperor. A well-done and disturbing development happens when the crew begins to convert. This brings them down into the depths of human depravity and delusion, including the only three who have not succumbed: Jack, Amav, and a twelve-year-old refugee named Bobby whose mind has cracked. When they are all captured by the Alpha Centaurians and sentenced to brutal torture and death, all seems lost. Here, this story triumphs through what I thought was not only an intense, visceral description of slimy aliens, messed up belief systems, and shocking threats but also a brilliantly executed series of plot twists that kept me turning the pages, none the wiser, until the end when love, cleverness, and fortitude save the day. With the help of some unexpected protagonists, Jack Commer once again shines through his opaque atmosphere of personal issues to become worthy of his stature. It's a great tale about the value of love and the universal need of living things to be conscious and free. I'll be looking forward to Book Three, Nonprofit Chronowar.