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Jack McVea: With Alton Redd and George Vann

Jack McVea: With Alton Redd and George Vann

by Jack McVea

Product Details

Release Date:
Jsp Records


Disc 1

  1. Jump Jack
  2. Rainy Day Blues
  3. New Worried Life Blues
  4. Flying (All the Way) Home
  5. Rainy Day Blues
  6. I'll Be True
  7. Dirty Money Blues
  8. Silver Symphony
  9. New Deal
  10. Scrub, Sweep and Mop
  11. Fightin' Mama Blues
  12. Tarrant Blues
  13. We're Together Again
  14. It Should Never Have Been This Way
  15. O-Kay For Baby
  16. I Live True To You
  17. Blues All Night
  18. Naggin' Woman Blues
  19. Then I've Got To Go
  20. Listen Baby Blues
  21. Don't Blame Me
  22. Ooh Mop
  23. Bartender Boogie
  24. O-Kay For Baby
  25. Don't Blame Me

Disc 2

  1. Wine-O
  2. Frisco Blues
  3. I'll Be True
  4. Hey Hey Hey Baby
  5. Blues This Morning
  6. Love Will Get You Down
  7. Opus Boogie
  8. Play It Over
  9. House Party Boogie
  10. My Business is C.O.D.
  11. Baby Make Up Your Mind
  12. Jack's Boogie
  13. F Minor Boogie
  14. Jam Boogie
  15. Frantic Boogie
  16. Blugin' Eyes
  17. Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
  18. Hey, Hey Baby
  19. Open the Door, Richard
  20. The Crow's Boogie
  21. Lonesome Blues
  22. Basses Boogie
  23. Boilermakers Boogie
  24. Blackout Boogie
  25. Reetie Vootie Boogie

Disc 3

  1. Groovin' Boogie
  2. Barrel House Boogie
  3. The Key's In the Mailbox
  4. Richard Gets Hitched
  5. Slowly Goin' Crazy Blues
  6. Blues With a Feeling
  7. What's Happening
  8. Crow's Being Evicted
  9. Darlin' It's Just Like a Dream
  10. Butch
  11. Groove Juice (I Need It Bad)
  12. Two Timin' Baby Boogie
  13. Swing Man
  14. Two Timin' Baby
  15. No, No, You Can't Do Dot Mon
  16. Butch
  17. Inflation Blues
  18. Carlos
  19. Fish For Supper
  20. Jack Frost
  21. Fightin' Mama Blues
  22. Tatoe Pie
  23. Walkin' and Talkin' Boogie
  24. The Walls Come Tumblin' Down
  25. Evening
  26. Mumblin' Blues

Disc 4

  1. My Baby's Blues
  2. Kansas City Boogie
  3. Going Down Slow
  4. Feeling Low Down
  5. Suspicious Blues
  6. She Ain't No Saint
  7. Last Call Blues
  8. Graveyard Blues
  9. Worryin' Anyhow Blues
  10. Jump the Boogie
  11. Shufflin' Boogie
  12. Caldonia
  13. Jam Boogie
  14. Learn To Boogie Woogie
  15. You're a Glorious Sight
  16. Careless Love
  17. Time of Day Blues
  18. Going Home Blues
  19. The Howling Blues
  20. Jail House Blues
  21. Darkness Blues
  22. Inflation Blues (Can't Stretch It No More)
  23. Jimmie's Blues
  24. You're a No Good Woman
  25. When the Sun Goes Down
  26. Let's Get Together

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jack McVea   Primary Artist,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Lloyd Glenn   Piano
Buster Bailey   Clarinet
Leonard Feather   Piano
Melba Liston   Trombone
Charles Mingus   Bass
Betty Roché   Vocals
Marshall Royal   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Lucky Thompson   Tenor Saxophone
Irving Ashby   Guitar
Russell Jacquet   Trumpet
King Fleming   Piano
Gene Phillips   Guitar
Teddy Bunn   Guitar
Chuck Barksdale   Bass
Oscar Lee Bradley   Drums
Teddy Buckner   Trumpet
Red Callender   Bass
Frank Clarke   Bass
Call Cobbs   Piano
Joe Comfort   Bass
Maxwell Davis   Tenor Saxophone
Addison Farmer   Bass
Karl George   Trumpet
Paul Howard   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Karl Hyde   Drums
Joe "Red" Kelly   Trumpet
Joe Lewis   Guitar
Gene Porter   Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone
Rabon Tarrant   Drums,Vocals
George Vann   Drums,Vocals
Leo Watson   Vocals
Snooky Young   Trumpet
Wild Bill Moore   Tenor Saxophone
Bumps Myers   Tenor Saxophone
Sylvester Scott   Piano
Lee Young   Drums
Wichard   Drums
William Woodman   Tenor Saxophone
Bill Davis   Bass
John Alston   Tenor Saxophone
Red Mack   Trumpet
Mata Roy   Piano
Luke Jones   Alto Saxophone
Sammy Yates   Trumpet,Vocals
Little Arthur Duncan   Vocals
Crow Kahn   Piano
Jimmy Shackleton   Piano
Ram Ramirez   Piano
Charles Cook   Guitar
Estelle Edson   Vocals
Earl Hyde   Drums
Henry Tucker Green   Drums
Betty Hall Jones   Piano
Tommy "Crow" Kahn   Piano
Wilbert Baranco   Piano
Red Kelly   Trumpet
Buddy Harper   Guitar,Harmonica
Harold Morrow   Piano
Edgar Mason   Bass
Cappy Oliver   Trumpet,Vocals
Martin Gower   Alto Saxophone
John Shackleford   Piano
Jewell Grant   Alto Saxophone
Ulysses Livingstone   Guitar
Bob Mosely   Piano
Nina Russell   Organ
Joe Kelly   Trumpet
Joe Alexander   Bass
Jesse Perdue   Trumpet
Jack Wilson   Trumpet

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