Jack Sheppard Vol III (of III)

Jack Sheppard Vol III (of III)

by William Harrison Ainsworth, G-Ph Ballin (Editor)


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About an hour after the occurrences at Newgate, the door of the small back-parlour already described at Dollis Hill was opened by Winifred, who, gliding noiselessly across the room, approached a couch, on which was extended a sleeping female, and, gazing anxiously at her pale careworn countenance, murmured,-"Heaven be praised! she still slumbers-slumbers peacefully. The opiate has done its duty. Poor thing! how beautiful she looks! but how like death!"
Deathlike, indeed, was the repose of the sleeper,-deathlike and deep. Its very calmness was frightful. Her lips were apart, but no breath seemed to issue from them; and, but for a slight-very slight palpitation of the bosom, the vital principle might be supposed to be extinct. This lifeless appearance was heightened by the extreme sharpness of her features-especially the nose and chin,-and by the emaciation of her limbs, which was painfully distinct through her drapery. Her attenuated arms were crossed upon her breast; and her black brows and eyelashes contrasted fearfully with the livid whiteness of her skin. A few short, dark locks, escaping from beneath her head-dress, showed that her hair had been removed, and had only been recently allowed to grow again.
"Poor Mrs. Sheppard!" sighed Winifred, as she contemplated the beautiful wreck before her,-"Poor Mrs. Sheppard! when I see her thus, and think of all she has endured, of all she may yet have to endure, I could almost pray for her release from trouble. I dare not reflect upon the effect that her son's fate,-if the efforts to save him are ineffectual,-may have upon her enfeebled frame, and still worse upon her mind. What a mercy that the blow aimed at her by the ruffian, Wild, though it brought her to the brink of the grave, should have restored her to reason! Ah! she stirs."

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About the Author

William Harrison Ainsworth (4 février 1805 à Manchester, Angleterre - 3 janvier 1882 à Reigate, Angleterre) est un romancier historique anglais. Alors qu'il complète sa formation en droit à Londres, il rencontre l'éditeur John Ebers, gérant du Her Majesty's Theatre. Ebers introduit Ainsworth dans les cercles littéraires et d'arts dramatiques, ainsi qu'à sa fille qu'il épousera.
Ainsworth a tâté de l'édition, mais a préféré se consacrer au journalisme et à la littérature. Son premier roman a été Rookwood en 1834, qui met en vedette Dick Turpin. Une série de 39nouvelles suivra, la dernière publiée en 1881. Ainsworth est mort à Reigate le 3 janvier 1882.

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