Jackie & the Starlites Meet the Bopchords: Golden Classics

Jackie & the Starlites Meet the Bopchords: Golden Classics

by The Bop Chords


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Jackie & the Starlites specialize in wild and unique doo wop. The songs are for the most part doo wop numbers, but the voice seems like it is being beamed in from Mars. Lead vocalist Jackie Rue doesn't so much sing a song as he acts it out using the broadest strokes imaginable. Like the Jerry Lewis of doo wop, he is overflowing with personality. Sometimes it gets in the way of the music, but mostly he brings it to life and blows any doo wop clichés away with the sheer insanity of his voice. On the slow weepers he breaks down into sobs; their big hit, "Valerie," finds him on his knees begging and moaning for the return of his girl; on "Aint'cha Ever Coming Home" he's in such pain that he has to stretch his words out into completely unintelligible nonsense. On the up-tempo tracks like "Seven Day Fool," he sings with an ear-to-ear grin like he doesn't have a care in the world. The 16 tracks here represent all you will ever need by this group, a mixed bag of slow and fast tunes, of course including "Valerie." After you finish laughing and crying your way through the best of Jackie & the Starlites, Collectables for some reason tacks on six tracks by the rather more mundane doo wop group the Bopchords. They pale in comparison to Jackie & the Starlites; most doo wop groups do. Fans of the genre need this CD.

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