Jacques Derrida

Jacques Derrida


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ISBN-13: 9780826462817
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 09/15/2005
Series: Live Theory Series
Edition description: ANN
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.38(d)

About the Author

James K. A. Smith is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Calvin College, Michigan.

Table of Contents

Exergue: A Work of Mourningxv
Introduction: Derrida's Other/An Other Derrida1
0.1Demythologizing 'Derrida': On Myths and Monsters1
0.1.1The Cambridge Affair4
0.1.2The New York Review of Books Affair7
0.2Demythologizing 'Deconstruction'8
0.3The Lens of Alterity: Deconstruction and the Other13
1Words and Things: Phenomenology's Other16
1.1In the Beginning was the Word16
1.2Writing: The Very Idea18
1.2.1'Away with the Body': Why Socrates Didn't Write18
1.2.2Husserl's Archaeology of Geometry19
1.2.3Deconstructing Euclid23, Incarnation, and Objectivity23 the Word was made Flesh: Writing and Incarnation25
1.3Talking to Oneself: The Critique of Husserl27
1.3.1Husserl's Theory of Signs27
1.3.2The Sounds of Absence: Speech and Transcendence30'Phonocentrism' and 'The Metaphysics of Presence'31, Thought, and Community: The Semiotic Conditioning of Consciousness34
1.4Writing Speech: On Language, Violence and the Other as Other38
1.4.1Levi-Strauss: Structuralism as Ethnocentrism40
1.4.2Rousseau: The Other as Necessary Supplement42
1.4.3Arche-writing and Differance: Why 'There is Nothing Outside of the Text'43
2The Other (as) Literature: Critical Literary Theory46
2.1Philosophy's Others: Literature, for example47
2.1.1Making Room: Literature and the Future of Philosophy47
2.1.2The Secret Politics of Literature51
2.2Post Cards from the Edge: A Metaphor for Metaphoricity54
2.2.1The Irreducibility of Metaphor: or Why Plato Never Gets out of his Truck54
2.2.2Post Cards: Performing the Metaphor57
2.3Reference to the Other: Interpretation, Context and Community61
2.3.1Reference and the Ethics of Interpretation61
2.3.2Context and Community as Interpretive Guardrails62
3Welcoming the Other: Ethics, Hospitality, Religion65
3.1Deconstruction as Justice: A Legal Hauntology66
3.1.1Opening Borders: Asylum, Immigration and Cities of Refuge68
3.1.2Opening Ourselves (to Offence): Forgiveness Without Condition71
3.1.3Opening Europe to Its Other72
3.1.4Opening the Academy: The University to Come73
3.2Religion as Hospitality: Levinas and Kierkegaard as Proto-Deconstructors75
3.2.1'The relation to the other, that is to say, justice': Levinas76
3.2.2Every Other is Wholly Other: Kierkegaard's Abraham80
3.3The Politics of Deconstruction: The New International and the Democracy to Come84
3.3.1Conjuring the Spirit of Marx85
3.3.2What Are We Waiting For?: The Enlightenment to Come88
4Derrida on Others: Others on Derrida92
4.1Feeding on Others: Derrida and the History of Philosophy94
4.1.5Other Others98
4.2Others on Derrida: Responses to Deconstruction99
4.2.1American Reception: The Yale School99
4.2.2German Reception: Habermas and Gadamer99
4.2.3Anglo-American Responses: Analytic Philosophy102
4.2.4After 'Postmodernism': Eagleton, Zizek, Badiou103
5Authorship, Sovereignty and the Axiomatics of the Interview: Derrida 'Live'104
After Derrida118
Works by Jacques Derrida120
Select Books and Articles on Jacques Derrida in English125
Name Index151
Subject Index154
Index of Derrida's work157

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