Jagged Temptation (Gender Transformation Erotica)

Jagged Temptation (Gender Transformation Erotica)

by Gregor Daniels

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Two friends possess a magical glass shard, which is capable of sending their minds to any living person of their choosing. However, the downside is that repeated usage blurs the line between their real identities and those of the girls they've been inhabiting. In the end, the two boys will have to choose whether or not to fight the urges, or to ultimately give in to the shard's power. Permanently.

Length: 14,700 words

This work of fiction contains adult material and explicit scenes with erotic descriptions. Themes include gender transformations, inhabiting bodies, taking over lives, a dark ending, mind corruption, and other perverted fantasies. For mature audiences only. All characters over 18 years old.


Allen rushed to the bathroom. When he first stepped into the gaze of the reflection's eyes, he almost expected to see Sarah's body staring back. Her long hair would be there, swirling around a fast-moving and frantic body. Her bosom would be large and proud, stretching out her tank top to the maximum. And below that, she'd be every bit a woman as she had always been, with wide hips and a fantastic backside to make all the boys drool.

Instead it was the same old boy looking back, oily hair and a big nose. His shirt was dark and oversized, and his pants had stains in them from the week prior. Allen's hopes fell right then at the sight of his old reflection, and then he blinked several times, forcing his mind to return to the reality that it had known for so long.

"What?" Peter asked, rushing to the bathroom and standing under the doorframe. "What is it? You just bolted all of a sudden."

Allen touched his cheek. "God, it seemed so real!"

"Well, it is real," Peter reasoned.

"No, I mean, it actually felt like I was really her. Like, it was my life instead of Sarah's. It was my body and my clothes. It was my boyfri �"

"Hold on," Peter interrupted. "What exactly happened this time? I thought you were with the other cheerleaders."

"I was," Allen replied, still remembering the events as if they had happened a second ago. "Everyone was gone, and I dressed in her clothes, and then Derek was waiting outside in his car. He touched me."

Peter took a step back. "Okay, I think that's enough time with the shard for now. It needs to recharge or something."

"He wanted me."

There was prolonged silence after that. Peter had never seen his friend so aghast in his entire life. Usually he was the first person to crack a joke about anything, like when the girls in the cheerleading squad had taken a tumble during one of their routines. Now, the boy was staring at himself in the mirror, unblinking, and looking as if the blood had rushed from his face.

If Allen squinted, he could almost see the girl looking back, blonde hair framing his face, and his blue eyes darkened by the shadows underneath his brow. Yes, if he squinted just enough, his facial hair was completely gone, and that boring male body was actually a girl wearing plain clothes.

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