James Penney's New Identity and Other Stories: James Penney's New Identity, Other Side of the Mirror, At the Drop of a Hat, and Diplomatic Constraints

James Penney's New Identity and Other Stories: James Penney's New Identity, Other Side of the Mirror, At the Drop of a Hat, and Diplomatic Constraints

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Lee Child's debut novel was Killing Floor, a first- person narrative introducing his series character Jack Reacher, and although clearly a fast-paced thriller it shared characteristics with the classic limited-universe Western. Child’s second book, Die Trying featured third-person narration and a classic high-stakes, multi-strand thriller structure. But, in its first draft, that structure went one strand too far. There was a character—James Penney—who had an appealing introduction and back story, but who clearly didn't have any valid place to go. So it wound up on the metaphorical cutting room floor until…

The Other Side of the Mirror by Eric Van Lustbader Lustbader wrote the story after one day re-discovering The Outsider, by philosopher/novelist Colin Wilson, in his library. The Outsider had been a seminal book for Lustbader, reading it again he found new meaning in his own work, which is reflected in The Other Side of the Mirror, a story about a spy— an outsider, if ever there was one—and the terrible toll secrecy and lies take on him. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be outside society, or if that's precisely how you feel, this story is for you.

Hunt for Dmitri, The by Gayle Lynds Gayle Lynds wrote her first novel, a modern espionage thriller, Masquerade, in the mid- 1990s. The heroine, Sarah Walker, was a magazine journalist who had the misfortune of having an uncle who was the notorious assassin called the Carnivore, although she did not know this at the time. The Coil, is novel about the Carnivore's only child, Liz Sansborough. A former CIA operative, Liz had played a pivotal role in Masquerade.

At the Drop of a Hat by Denise Hamilton In 1993, Hamilton was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to teach journalism in Macedonia. Hamilton widely toured the South Balkans and fell in love with the small, quirky nation of Albania, which at that time was just emerging from fifty years of communist isolation. As Hamilton writes in At the Drop of a Hat, there were few ways in and out of Albania but she managed to hitchhike into Tirana with some Albanian journalists she met at a conference on beautiful Lake Ohrid, at the Macedonia-Albania border.

Diplomatic Constraints by Raelynn Hillhouse While researching her second novel, Outsourced, Hillhouse came across a little-known event that kept nagging at her. She knew her main character, Stella, had somehow been involved in an incident that marked the first time the United States was targeted by fundamental Islamic terrorists. Two weeks after American hostages were seized in Iran in 1979, the U.S. embassy in Pakistan was over-run by Islamic extremists, razed, and two Americans and two foreign nationals lost their lives. This all-but-forgotten incident was actually a key event in the origins of modem terrorism, and was pivotal for Stella, whose life would become entangled in the complex struggle.

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LEE CHILD is the author of ten Jack Reacher thrillers, including the New York Times bestsellers Persuader, the Barry Award Winner The Enemy, and One Shot, which has been optioned for a major motion picture by Paramount Pictures. His debut, Killing Floor, won both the Anthony and the Barry Awards for Best First Mystery. Foreign rights in the Jack Reacher series have sold in thirty-nine territories. Child, a native of England and former television writer, lives in New York City, where he is at work on his eleventh Jack Reacher thriller.


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James Penney's New Identity and Other Stories: James Penney's New Identity, Other Side of the Mirror, At the Drop of a Hat, and Diplomatic Constraints 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Short stories are a good way to check out new authors. This is a CD collection. I give it four stars because it's so helpful to me to find this sort of collection when I'm searching for authors I haven't read before. I will absolutely search out the Jack Reacher novels because of Lee Child's short story in this collection - a prequel of sorts. I will avoid anything else by Denise Hamilton, based on her moronic heroine. Eric Van Lustbader's story is wonderfully detailed, although the style is not to my taste - but if a movie comes out based on his works I would consider it. Raelynn Hillhouse's story is crisp and enjoyable and I'll look for more of her work. Gayle Lynds' story is interesting, though forgettable and rather loosely woven.