James Prosek: Ocean Fishes: Paintings of Saltwater Fish

James Prosek: Ocean Fishes: Paintings of Saltwater Fish


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ISBN-13: 9780847839070
Publisher: Rizzoli
Publication date: 10/09/2012
Pages: 184
Sales rank: 766,081
Product dimensions: 7.36(w) x 10.22(h) x 0.98(d)

About the Author

James Prosek made his authorial debut with Trout: An Illustrated History, and is a contributor to the New York Times. He also cofounded the conservation initiative World Trout with Patagonia owner Yvon Chouinard. Robert M. Peck is a curator and senior fellow of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Christopher Riopelle is curator of post-1800 paintings at the National Gallery, London. Peter Matthiessen is a National Book Award–winning novelist and nonfiction writer.

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From the Publisher

“... a gorgeous book with full-page spreads (and pages and pages of details) of the artist’s portraits of sea bass, marlins, yellowfin and bluefin tuna and more. But in addition to the lovely, really intense depictions of fish (treated as if they were known individuals and, now dead and sorely missed) the book is also a great read. Essays..give context to the subject of fish as living things that bring joy to fishers.

“A must-have for everyone from the art lover to the saltwater angler, OCEAN FISHES is a treasure from our vast and mysterious seas.” ~The Manual.com -The Essential Guide for Men

What Prosek asks you to do is to open your eyes to the beauty of the world, and then think of how ephemeral that beauty is, and how death is always there amidst the beauty. At a time, in winter, when most of us will be indoors and few of us will be out with nature, spending some time with  Prosek is good for the soul.” ~The Art Blog.org

"Prosek, who is a naturalist and adventurer, but also a very good writer and painter, has traveled the world fishing its oceans, and in Ocean Fishes paints a picture, in words and images, that is beautiful and yet alarming. As the publisher says, this book contains the author’s “quiet conservation statement.” ~Publishers Weekly

“James Prosek’s latest project, Ocean Fishes, presents a range of big game fish—sailfish, bonefish, blue marlin, barracuda—in dazzling close-up, with a directness at odds with the genre’s history of artful subterfuge. The fish are life-size and alive in their glistening particulars. Prosek, an expert fisherman who has written and illustrated several books on aquatic life, handles his medium—watercolor; appropriately—with masterful delicacy, capturing the rose blush of the speckled cod, the pearly gills of a barracuda, the Yves Klein-blue iridescence of the swordfish.” ~Town and Country

“The book represents Prosek’s goal to paint the ocean’s most pursued sport fish in life size...The resulting paintings are of fish that seem lifted from the water and slapped onto the pages during that time, as only an angler knows, when a fish has all of its living color.” ~GardenandGun.com

"Artist and author James Prosek spent the last three years traveling the fringes of the Atlantic Ocean, from Cape Cod to Cape Verde, landing fish and watching them get caught by hook, net, and—in the case of a swordfish and a bluefin tuna—harpoon. The result is a stunning series of images, currently on display at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. For those who want to take the fish home, the paintings have been reproduced in a gorgeous art book." ~Outside Magazine

"Prosek gives us a privileged place on the deck, a view ordinarily glimpsed only by fishermen, and brings us closer to seeing the fish than any of his contemporaries: he literally 'captures the moment.' The final result is a volume of faithfully reproduced images...that is both a reference guide as well as an art book that can find a home in any fishing library or on a coffee table....searching for gift possibilities...Ocean Fishes is a no-brainer." ~Midcurrent.com

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James Prosek: Ocean Fishes: Paintings of Saltwater Fish 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a beautiful achievement by James Prosek! He has managed to bring the colors of the sea to life for the casual observer. This book has already made a perfect gift for anglers, artists, and good friends who simply deserve a beautiful book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JO-Reynolds More than 1 year ago
I am a fisherman and love having a book that captures the magical beauty of a fish as it is pulled from the ocean. I have never seen anything else like this. James Prosek captures each fish perfectly. Each fish is shown in its entirety and then there are pages focusing in on all the rich details--beautiful! While the book will strike a chord with any angler, it is also the ideal gift for nature lovers, art lovers, and those who live--or wished they lived--by the sea. Highly recommended. If you liked Prosek's "Trout," you'll love his "Ocean Fishes"!