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JAMP© & The Resolution of the Glitch: Book 1

JAMP© & The Resolution of the Glitch: Book 1

JAMP© & The Resolution of the Glitch: Book 1

JAMP© & The Resolution of the Glitch: Book 1


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Picture the scene:
You're having a run-of-the-mill day, doing your grocery shopping, when someone says something directed toward you and your children who are whining about something or another for the hundredth time that day. You're overwhelmed, but those words catch your attention immediately. You're triggered - fuming on the inside like a boiling cauldron waiting to explode.
This isn't uncommon for you as you regularly find yourself in a reactive state. Whether it's past trauma or an unpleasant experience that makes you revisit this triggered frame of mind, you often find yourself feeling powerless. You're angry, annoyed, afraid, sad, or just downright overwhelmed with all the mental chatter that you deal with on a regular basis.
You're living in the glitch.
The truth of the matter is that we all have a glitch that we contend with. These patterns of reactivity that then lead to certain behaviors keep us stuck in a circle instead of allowing us to move through a natural spiral. One where we can revisit past pain without getting sucked back in. One where we can see our past experiences through a different lens.
In JAMP© & The Resolution of The Glitch, we'll be walking you through the steps to:
  • Identify the glitch;
  • Acknowledge what it's tied to;
  • Work through it using the principles of JAMP©.
You don't have to sit in neutral for the rest of your life. You can unlearn certain ways of dealing with trauma - both the original trauma and the self-induced trauma that occurs when you relive the past.
Many people will spend their entire lives living in a memory of what was and trying to make sense of it. They essentially miss out on their present and their entire future by weighing themselves down with this mental baggage. Here's the reality:
  • You didn't deserve what happened to you that made you this way;
  • You probably had no control over what happened in your past;
  • You DO have control over what you do next.
Come with us and let's take your power back. The future is yours to create without the immense weight of The Glitch.

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Publication date: 10/04/2022
Pages: 158
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