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Jane Fonda's New Pregnancy Workout and Total Birth Program

Jane Fonda's New Pregnancy Workout and Total Birth Program

by Femmy DeLyser, Jane Fonda, Lynn Houston

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
California nurse and childbirth educator DeLyser, who helped deliver one of Fonda's children, has written a follow-up to Jane Fonda's Workout Book for Pregnancy, Birth, and Recovery , offering new exercises and information on all stages of pregnancy planning, pregnancy, birth and infant care. The author conveys familiar basic knowledge on fitness and nutrition, urging the elimination of toxins from one's life and the birthing procedure. Good advice is given on choosing medical care for the mother-to-be and on where to give birth. Some counsel, however, is opinionated or impractical: asking the local supermarket to carry organically grown produce for mothers-to-be may prove ineffective, as may the appeal to find a labor room where windows can be opened to increase the availability of the ``proper ratio of negative to positive ions.'' In the same vein, making the hospital labor room ``a more attractive place for your baby's birth'' frequently cannot be done. Some instruction on infant care is controversial (such as suggesting that a colicky baby be taken to a chiropractor or osteopath familiar with infants for spinal adjustments and massage). Photos not seen by PW. Major ad/promo; author tour. (Nov.)

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