Jane of Austin: A Novel of Sweet Tea and Sensibility

Jane of Austin: A Novel of Sweet Tea and Sensibility

by Hillary Manton Lodge


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“Know your own happiness. You want nothing but patience - or give it a more fascinating name, call it hope.” 
― Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

Just a few years after their father’s business scandal shatters their lives, Jane and Celia Woodward find themselves forced out of their San Francisco tea shop. The last thing Jane wants is to leave their beloved shop on Valencia Street, but when Celia insists on a move to Austin, Texas, the sisters pack up their kid sister Margot and Jane’s tea plants, determined to start over yet again.

But life in Austin isn’t all sweet tea and breakfast tacos. Their unusual living situation is challenging and unspoken words begin to fester between Jane and Celia. When Jane meets and falls for up-and-coming musician Sean Willis, the chasm grows deeper.

While Sean seems to charm everyone in his path, one person is immune – retired Marine Captain Callum Beckett. Callum never meant to leave the military, but the twin losses of his father and his left leg have returned him to the place he least expected—Texas. 

In this modern spin on the Austen classic, Sense and Sensibility, the Woodward sisters must contend with new ingredients in unfamiliar kitchens, a dash of heartbreak, and the fragile hope that maybe home isn't so far away.

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ISBN-13: 9781601429346
Publisher: The Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/13/2017
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 291,190
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About the Author

Hillary Manton Lodge is the author of the critically acclaimed Two Blue Doors series and the Plain and Simple duet. Jane of Austin is her sixth novel. In her free time, she enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, graphic design, and finding new walking trails. She resides outside of Memphis, Tennessee with her husband and two pups.  She can be found online at www.hillarymantonlodge.com.

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Jane of Austin: A Novel of Sweet Tea and Sensibility 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
DreeReads More than 1 year ago
Romance-themed books are one of my favourite genres. This romantic novel that took a modern spin of Austen’s Sense and Sensibility grabbed my attention from start to finish. This is my first time reading Hillary Manton Lodge work so I’m excited. This book, despite basing on the notable Austen’s work, has its own redeeming qualities. In my opinion, the author did a remarkable job with the character development particularly for Jane Woodward. She is a co-owner of a tea shop with her oldest sister Celia Woodward, a reliable sister, a bit tempered, and a little whiny when Celia suggested they moved to Texas. But that is because she hates to settle into new environment. Thankfully she did not fuss much and from there, her character grew so much. Callum, in the other hand, is a retired marine with PTSD who lost his left leg and a father. He is a responsible man and loved by his friends. From the moment these two met, despite their initial impression on each other, I acknowledge that sparks. But there were many ups and downs before their relationship could progress. So the story line of this book was slow-paced. However, the author had her way in her writing that my attention never astray and I did not feel bored from start to finish. There are several pairings was focused on such as Jane’s friendship with Callum, Jane’s relationship with Sean as well as Celia’s relationship. I was excited and looking forward to see who will end up with whom that I finished this book in matter of hours. In this book, the sisterly connection between the Woodward sisters was perfect in the beginning. They loved each other especially their kid sister, Margot whom they took care of. But because one sister hides secret while another becoming more evasive and withdrawn, neither Celia nor Jane wants to work out their differences. It is what I learn from this book, communication. Miscommunication is one thing but not communicating at all is another matter, especially as the Woodward sisters bond are to die for. Bonus point here, there are many recipes included in this book at the end of each chapter. I am happy that I’ve got both romantic story to read and recipe to try out. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from NETGALLEY. The opinions in this book that I have expressed are my own.
BethErin More than 1 year ago
This book exceeded my high expectations and was well worth the wait! Front and center in this story is a sisterly trio that won me over from the first page. The relationship Jane shares with her older sister Celia and younger sister Margot is grounded by a rare variety of unconditional and sacrificial love refined and strengthened by hardship and shared grief. I love them! Through financial uncertainty, new adventures, and heartbreak, these quirky and loveable characters have earned a place among my all-time favorites! I’m so excited to dive into Lodge’s Two Blue Doors series and eagerly anticipate future books as well! I requested the opportunity to read this book through the publisher. The opinions expressed are my own.
ARS8 More than 1 year ago
Jane of Austen by Hillary Manton Lodge was a contemporary retelling of Sense and Sensibility that taught you all about tea and Texas. The author did an excellent job of making characters generally described as unlikeable, loveable- and the others were purposely kept as annoying as ever! It was also interesting to see the familiar story unfold in contemporary ways, with young women trying to start over the family business, a too-charming musician winning everyone’s hearts, and an injured former marine getting back into civilian life. There was lots of wry humor and lessons on how to properly prepare tea thrown in too. For a non- Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen retelling, I heartily recommend this book. I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.
agadams More than 1 year ago
Jane of Austin is a lovely book about 3 sisters and their lives together. They experience family problems as well as issues with their love lives. The story tells how they deal with the adversities in their lives all the while being there for each other as sisters. It is a sweet romance story of life, love and hope. I highly recommend this book.
LGHudson More than 1 year ago
USensational!! I've read a few modern takes on the classics and some were good, some were way too modern for my personal tastes and only a few were exceptional. Jane of Austin is one such exception!! From the first word to the last it is sensational! The characters are rich and believable. You want to join in and interact with the three sisters. You want to help them when their hearts are broken (plenty of that), comfort them when they uproot and move from their quaint Tea Shop in San Francisco to re-establish their lives in Austin, TX, yell through the book at them to realize what's going on around them so they can make wise decisions with their business choices, friend choices and boyfriend choices. This is really such a great book!
MJK108 More than 1 year ago
“It’s good to have dreams. But sometimes dreams change, or take different forms, or you go down a path and realize that while it’s not the beach, you really like the forest.” -Jane A delightful read for the summer! This unique variation of Sense and Sensibility set in modern day Austin, Texas is a fun, light read. The lives of three sisters, Celia, Jane, and Margo, takes another intriguing turn when necessity forces a change of residence from their native San Francisco to Austin. The city of Austin, lights years different in terms of culture and lifestyle, offers the girls an opportunity for a new start. Join this intriguing trio of sisters as they set out for Austin and try to move their tea business, plants and all, along with them. The older two, Celia and Jane, each have their own love issues with which to contend, in addition to raising their teenage sister. The girls have character, charisma, and charm. The book is a poignant story full of family, romance, and the meaning of sisters. If you’ve read Sense and Sensibility, you’ll see the similarities. As a bonus, some wonderful recipes for the amazing baked goods discussed in the story are sprinkled throughout the book. Don’t miss this fun summer read! This copy was received from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for an honest review. The above thoughts and opinions are wholly my own.
CameraCourt More than 1 year ago
Sisters. Tea. Texas transplants. Tacos. Music. Scones. A heroic yet humble veteran. BBQ. The crazy complexities of family…. ALL INFUSED WITH JANE AUSTEN. Hillary Manton Lodge’s new release, Jane of Austin, is a feast for the voracious reader and fan of contemporary romance and classic literature alike. A contemporary retelling of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, this book delves deeper into the emotional complexities of Austen’s personas while maintaining a humorous and modern atmosphere. I think it’s beneficial to know a few of the main points of Austen’s classic, Sense and Sensibility, a movie/series adaptation of it, or even some of her other works to fully appreciate the brilliant aspects of Jane of Austin. I’m not an expert by any means, but I greatly appreciated the nuances of the story more having seen the Sense and Sensibility film and read it a loooong while ago. With Jane of Austin, Hillary lends her own originality to the structure of a classic. She maintains the focus of a sisterly bond, the story of uncertainty in the face of circumstance. But a new light is shined, in many ways: what if Marianne was just as emotional and dramatic, but an introvert? Elinor, still as logical and caring, an extrovert? And, how had Colonel Brandon’s previous life experiences shaped him into the quiet hero? What hardships had he endured for such perspective? These are just a few of the ways Jane, Celia, and Callum Beckett are brought into focus through Hillary’s lens, sharpening formerly overlooked elements and delightfully expounding on others. This novel is distinctly Hillary’s voice, though. Having read her previous AMAZING “Two Blue Doors” series, I recognize the slight humor, sarcasm, and honesty of her tone. It pairs unbelievably well with the natural wit of Austen’s story for laugh-out-loud moments, especially when conversations between the sisters involve the youngest, Margot. On that note, the sisterly dynamic is BRILLIANT! The extremes of such relationships are accurately shown… from the camaraderie and familiarity stemming from a shared history to the clash of personalities and disillusioned disagreements. Most of all, the moments of care and support of one another, the bond of family, and even the rhythm of working together were my favorite parts of seeing Jane and Celia together. And oh, the romance! Callum Beckett is the ultimate selfless and steadfast hero. The familiar juxtaposition of Jane caring for Sean (the Willoughby character) is there, while Callum and his unrequited love plays out in a very plausible way. Callum’s veteran status and penchant for reading aloud just up the attractiveness. Oh, and have I mentioned he’s tall, dark, and handsome!? I’m still not sure why it takes Jane so long to notice ;). Jane of Austin is a fresh and original twist that delightfully emphasizes the strength of family and home, which can sometimes be people instead of a place. This is the type of novel that ends with a happy sigh and a craving for tea and scones. I’m enamored with the way the combination of Hillary’s skill and a contemporary setting reveal how absurdly interconnected life and relationships can be — in a very Austen-Esque way. Sincere and hearty thank you to the publisher/author for the complimentary review copy. This review is my honest and enthusiastic opinion.
EmilyAnneK17 More than 1 year ago
After their father's business scandal, Jane and Celia Woodward find themselves without a home and with a younger sister to take care of. So they start a tea shop that does very well for years, until the new landlord of their shop ups their payment to higher than they can afford. With nowhere else to go, the sisters decide to start over in Austin, Texas with the help of their mother's cousin. As you may have guessed from the title - Jane of Austin: A Novel of Sweet Tea and Sensibility - this book is a modern retelling of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. Of course the author HAD to put them in Austin, Texas, to make the pun. But I still like the title, and the cover is absolutely stunning. Jane, the younger sister, is the main character. She is a lovable individual, snarky and sarcastic but passionate and deep. She and her love interests - the overlooked ex-soldier and the chivalrous Texan - take center stage. They are well-developed and enjoyable to read about. Several of the others seemed like static characters, and their personalities were played up to make them quite humorous. A few of them could have used more depth, and yet, adding depth to some would have taken away the lightheartedness of the tone. I can't say much about the plot. It is a retelling of a classic! I loved the original, and I love this modernized version. As a note, in between many of the chapters there are recipes for whatever food or drink was served within the previous chapter. Tea is a major theme is the book and shows up frequently in recipe form. I haven't tried any of the recipes yet, so I can't speak on how good they are, but I love the idea of tasting what the characters taste. It adds one more of the five senses into the story. I enjoyed Jane of Austin and recommend it to fellow Jane Austen fans. I received a complementary copy of this book. All opinions are my own, and I did not receive compensation.
jebsweetpea More than 1 year ago
Nutshell: Have you read Sense and Sensibility? Well, modernize that to present day and you have this great book! Jane and Celia Woodward find themselves in a bit of a pickle due to their father's choices at work. Their last name has been tainted, and while their father flies off to another country to continue his life, these sisters are now the guardian's of their youngest sister and need to find a course of action and fast! They decide to open a tea shop...how hard can that be? After years of success and making a promising name for themselves, the building is handed over to new management and they find themselves on a new adventure, heading for Texas where a cousin lives. Floundering in their personal relationships, Jane with her new boyfriend and Celia with her broken heart, these sisters learn what it really means to be a family and put family above all else when hearts are broken. Between cousins, new boyfriends, and a man who loves Jane, but she is off-limits, follow this story of the Woodward family to find out how their lives become better than a cup of tea. Pro's: An exceptionally light and easy read that makes you feel all sorts of goodness inside by the time you are done. Lodge did a fantastic job spinning this classic in to modern day-ness. With a light-hearted plot that keeps you engaged all the way through, this book will be one you will want to keep on your shelf and re-read down the road. Also, the recipes at the end of each chapter!! I will be making some of these...I'm a sucker for recipes! Con's: Not many! There wasn't a whole lot of characters to keep straightened out and the plot was light and simple. Jane's jump from one guy to another was a bit abrupt, but so goes classics and the time-era this story was originally set in. :) Recommendation: A definite yes! I'll be pulling out the original to read too as this was such a fun story! If you enjoy Jane Austin, you will enjoy this! WaterBrookMultnomah sent me this complimentary copy to review for them. Opinions expressed are my own.
CaraPutman More than 1 year ago
This was my first book by Hillary Lodge, but it will not be my last. This is the story of three sisters and their journey from the Bay Area to Austin when they have to restart their lives again. One sister is running, the other is trying to keep up, and the third is still in high school. The story is also the story of two heroes: one truly heroic and the other almost an anti-hero. Jane owns a tea shop with her sister Celia, and one day she'll finish school. Right now keeping her sisters together is what matters, even if that requires a move across the country to Austin. Since her dad's fall from grace, her life has been about creating a stable environment for her younger sister. Then they lose their lease; hence the move. Things don't go very well, but they do find themselves surrounded by a small community of family and a couple friends. There are interconnections between the characters that touch all areas of their lives. I'd tell you more, but no spoilers. Instead, this is a story perfect for readers who love a book that will pull them in with rich relationships. The recipes are almost with the cost of purchase alone. I cannot wait to try a few of them!
Bringingupbooks More than 1 year ago
I am trying to diversify my reading a bit lately and this was the perfect opportunity for branching out. A modern twist on a Jane Austen style plot. I was wondering how this could work and not be a mirror image of the story, but the author does a great job of modernizing and making the story unique, while also giving a nod to the tried and true Sense and Sensibility plot line. The book is written in first person from the point of view of both Jane and Callum. I liked the dual point of view! It offered variety and a chance to experience the story from the other side periodically. I admired Celia, Jane and Margo for pulling together and making things work when things became difficult. I have to say that I enjoyed Callum’s character the most. He was dealing with a lot of issues due to his injury and it allowed the reader to see his struggles and form a connection with that character. I feel like I was instantly rooting for Callum. Contemporary romance fans will really enjoy this novel. If you are looking for a book with romance, relationships, heartache and manly heroes to the rescue then you will not be dissapointed!
Sophia-Rose1 More than 1 year ago
When their father embezzles and has to leave the country, three sisters determine to move on with their life enduring the bad reputation he left them, the loss of their tea shop's home in San Francisco, a move to Austin, Texas, and life's disappointments. But they have each other and that's what counts. I adored this contemporary retelling of Jane Austen's classic Sense & Sensibility that tells the story of the love and losses of three sisters. It grasps the spirit and essentials of the classic while telling a modern story about a large colorful and engaging cast of characters. Jane of Austin splits its narrative with Jane and Callum taking turns telling their separate stories and how the two stories merged. The focus is also split between the story of family and romance. Jane is the middle sister. Between past losses of a mother's early death, a dad's desertion, and her own strong nature, eccentric love for tea and music, she is not good with people, but against the odds she believes and gives love a chance. She spends much of this book growing because she is faced with love and loss, struggles with change, and struggles to understand even those she loves the most. I cheered her on as she came into her own. Callum is a little older and a war-weary veteran Marine with survivor's guilt. He was something of a lone wolf because his dad favored his older brother and his older brother shut him out while betraying Callum's first love. He is just such a beautiful generous, quiet hero-type as he picks up the pieces of his life and attempts to carry on learning that family is not always the one you are born into. He falls for Jane and unselfishly bows out because he sees her interest in someone else, but he protects her and the others anyway. And his Great Dane, just ahhhh, loved seeing this retired service dog find a home, too. The emphasis on the sisters' relationships as they figure out life was a nice extra layer to the contemporary romance. Celia breaks up with a boyfriend and quietly struggles even while working to reset her life in Austin, Margot is a senior in high school and must adjust from the move from San Francisco to Austin, and then Jane who wonders if they will ever find home and keep their sisterly closeness. The writing was lovely and I enjoyed getting all those song references and the recipes at the end of each chapter. Foodies and tea aficionados will find this book satisfying. All in all, it was a sumptuous and engaging, gentle and sweet story of love, life and family.
iStudyScripture More than 1 year ago
Jane Austen has some of the most loyal, dare I say, obsessive fans. I feel the need to disclose that I do not attain to such fandom. However, I have read and enjoyed most of her books, Sense and Sensibility among them. In my basic familiarity with the original I was able to make a few direct connections to Lodge’s work. For instance, I fully expected Sean Willis to be a cad and Jane to eventually turn her affections towards Callum. The author retains enough elements of Austen’s work to label her novel a re-telling while creating a totally modern, relatable, and witty story of her own. Though romance is not my go-to genre, I loved the “fall, heartbreak, and knight in shining armor” type rescue in this book. I count Jane of Austin as my introduction to Hillary Manton Lodge and I’m impressed. Her dialogue drew me into each conversation as if I were standing in the room. She also does a beautiful job of assigning her characters distinct personalities. While I’ve met people who are as calm and collected as Celia, I identified more closely with Jane’s focused, loyal, sarcastic, occasionally irritable, and totally introverted ways. She made me laugh! Furthermore, the book is peppered with recipes I am eager to try. Read eager as we drove to three grocery stores searching for frozen cranberries—eager. It’s interesting to note that in a book labeled contemporary Christian by its publisher, you won’t read about these sisters going to church, praying through a crisis, or surrendering their lives to Jesus. Instead, you’ll find a fairly chaste romance and a story that celebrates the bond of sisterhood. I think you may also grow to admire the gregarious family members in Austin who abound in love and hospitality. I found that despite the lack of elements I usually associate with Christian fiction, Jane of Austin is definitely a book I will read again. I received a copy of this book for free, a favorable review was not required of me. All opinions expressed are my own.
LJShuck More than 1 year ago
From the back book cover, "Know your own happiness. You want nothing but patience--or give it a more fascinating name, call it hope." Jane Austin, Sense and Sensiblity Two sisters, Jane and Celia Woodward, pack up their thriving tea shop after being forced out by the new owner who wants to update the shop to match the rest of the upscale neighborhood and, with little sister Margot move to Austin Texas to start again. The sisters are no strangers to starting over nor to hardship; years earlier, following the death of their mother, they lost their home and security when their father's business scandal became news. He leaves the country, and the sisters to pick up the pieces of their lives. In Austin, things are not quite as easy as they first thought it might be; they are having difficulty finding a shop that fits their style, an old fashioned tea shop. Every store front they look at is either too modern or not in the right neigh
LiteraryMusingsBlog More than 1 year ago
Jane of Austin follows the three Woodward sisters as their life is thrown out of control. Still grieving over the loss of their mother, they suffer through their father fleeing the country after his involvement in a scandal. In order to keep some continuity for their youngest sister Margot, Celia and Jane become her legal guardians. And to provide a livelihood, the two women decide to start a local tea salon. With Jane’s passion for tea and Celia’s business-savvy expertise, everything seems to be going well . . . until their landlords kick them out. Facing heartbreak, and completely out of other options, Celia sends desperate requests to contacts hoping to find a community that will support their exquisite tea and baked goods. When a cousin from Austin, Texas offers the sisters his guesthouse, they can’t help but accept. Moving to Texas seems like a good chance to start over, but when Celia and Jane can’t find properties worthy of their creativity, tensions rise. Everything takes longer than expected, and Celia and Jane begin to drift apart. Thankfully, Jane meets Sean - a member of a band, and a down home, good ol’ Texas gentlemen (equipped with a Stenson and everything!) But, she also catches the eye of Callum Beckett, a Marine turned civilian after an explosion in Afghanistan claimed his leg. Follow along as the Woodward sisters struggle to find their place in Texas and search for healing, while hoping not to lose each other in the process. In her spin on Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, Hillary Manton Lodge will make you fall in love with her characters. You’ll be rooting for the Woodwards as they settle in their new home, and you’ll learn a lot about tea along the way! A little romance, tension, and a few plot twist will keep you entertained through the entire novel. For Jane Austen fans, this spin on Sense and Sensibility as an Austen-esque style to it. Plus, it’s a quick read - perfect for summer!
StephanieTiner More than 1 year ago
Celia, Jane and Margot Woodward are as close as sisters can be. When their mother was killed in a car accident, their father became distant, and the three sisters grew even closer. When their father is investigated for embezzling money, he gives them a choice; they can come with him to the Caymans or they can try and make it on their own. That night they come up with a plan. Due to the scandal with her father, Celia has been fired from her job in finance, so Jane drops out of college and together they open Valencia Street Tea and raise their sister Margot on their own. Their shop is successful and allows them the freedom to do what they need to in order to raise Margot. When their landlord passes away, his nephew and his wife inherit his properties and decide to increase the rent. Unable to pay the inflated rent, the girls are forced to pack up shop and move. The last thing that Jane wants to do is leave her San Francisco tea shop, but when a cousin offers them his guest house, and being unable to find a new location in San Francisco, they decide to take his offer and head out to Austin, Texas. The move to Austin, and Celia’s breakup with her long-time boyfriend, has caused a strain on Jane and Celia’s relationship. When Jane falls for the handsome, charismatic, musician Sean Willis, things only become worse. While everyone is taken with Sean’s charm and natural beauty, there is one person who does not like him, Marine Captain Callum Beckett. Callum loved the Marine life, but after he lost his leg in an explosion and his father to a heart attack, it became necessary for him to return to civilian life and take over running his father’s chain of barbecue restaurants. This is another modernization of the classic novel, “Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austen. With a highly engaging plot line and a collection of characters you can fall in love with, you will soon be longing for a trip to Austin, Texas yourself. I must admit, I was happily surprised by how much I truly enjoyed this novel. I have been a fan of Jane Austen’s works since I first read Pride and Prejudice. This happens to be the second modernization of “Sense of Sensibility” that I have read this year and I must admit that I enjoyed this one more than the other. The correlation between the characters in this novel and the characters in Austen’s work is evident, however, this story is unique in its own ways. The characters’ names have been changed but it is not hard to tell who is who. I was happy to see that, though these characters mirror the characters from “Sense and Sensibility,” they have their own personality traits that set them apart. I also liked how the author changed the situations of the characters to better fit the realities of the modern, American world. For instance, instead of being left penniless and reliant on their cousin or their father’s embezzled money, they started their own business and only went to their cousin when they moved out of state. It seems to me to be much more realistic in today’s society. I also enjoyed that some of the recipes that the book discusses are included in the novel. I have not, as of yet, been able to try any of them, but they do sound mighty good and I cannot wait to try them. I would recommend this novel to readers who enjoy a good clean culinary romance or anyone interested in reading an interesting and entertaining twist on a classic. I received my copy of this novel from bloggingforbooks.com. stephanietiner.weebly.com
thall5 More than 1 year ago
A delightful read from Hillary Manton Lodge of disappointments, heartbreaks, sisterhood, family, love, and sweet tea! When I first heard of this book's release, I knew I had to read it as I have always loved Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. And Hillary Manton absolutely did not disappoint with this modern twist! Great story line and characters. I also loved the parallels between the characters in this story and those of the original story. An absolute must read! I received a copy of this book from the author, but was not required to write a review. This is my honest opinion.
Teadrinker More than 1 year ago
Jane, Celia and Margot Woodward's lives are shattered when their mother dies and their father's business scandal shatters their lives. Jane and Celia, the older sisters, come up with a plan to make a living near their home in San Francisco while taking care of the youngest sister to bring a sense of normalcy to their lives. However, recent events put everything they have worked so hard for in jeopardy once again. This time, the sisters decide that they just need to start over in a new location like Austin, Texas. Jane of Austin follows the Woodward sisters as they start a new life in Austin near their cousins. With Jane's tea plants and their experience, the girls hope to open a new tea shop there. In the meantime, they make some new acquaintances in up-and-coming musician Sean Willis and former Marine Caption Callum Beckett. You'll have to read the book to find out how things work out with the sisters and these new men because I don't want to spoil the plot for anyone. To be honest, I have never read Sense and Sensibility. I wanted to read Jane of Austin because I love tea, and from my point of view, with that in mind, it was an immensely enjoyable read. I liked all of the tea references and all of the quotes at the beginning of the chapters. I enjoyed the story-line and there was even a curve or two I didn't see coming. Jane of Austin is published by a Christian publisher but there really isn't any mention of Christianity in the book except that one character wants to become a minister. However, it is a good clean, fun story which I enjoyed as a relaxing summer read. My one complaint about this book is that there is no index for the wonderful recipes that come in the book. While I haven't yet tried any of the recipes, the Pumpkin Scones with Chai Glaze and the Texas Sheet Cake with Black Tea Glaze look especially good to me. I also like that there is a Readers's Guide with discussion questions for a book club to use. While this book is lighthearted in some ways, there are also a lot of relationship issues going on between the characters that would make for good discussion. I highly recommend this book. I received Jane of Austin from Blogging for Books. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This novel sneaks up on you. It begins as a quiet little story, then you find yourself charmed by clever allusions and endearing characters. The true value of this book, however, comes from the author's relationships with her Austenian characters. The novel is written from the point of view of the characters who may not be chosen for their voice, and the way Lodge evaluates and enlivens those voices is fresh and familiar all at once. A pleasant and delicious read for the modern audience.
Fallbrookfamily More than 1 year ago
My favorite part of this story was the witty dialogue, and now I also have a craving for some tea and scones! I love how the author brought the characters to life and how their emotions felt true to life. I gave this book four stars because I was a little disappointed at how "conveniently" everyone was connected. All in all it was a great story—one I would definitely recommend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you like Jane Austen (and you should) and fresh Austen adaptations (and you should), then Jane of Austin will be right up your alley. Familiar with the story of Sense and Sensibility, it was fun to figure out just how Lodge was going to set the story and play it out. The characters were familiar and cozy, although I will say I liked Lodge's Jane more than Asten's Marianne. Overall, a fun modern twist on a classic