Japanese Candlestick Charting: A Contemporary Guide to the Ancient Techniques of the Far East

Japanese Candlestick Charting: A Contemporary Guide to the Ancient Techniques of the Far East

by Steve Nison


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ISBN-13: 9780735201811
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/28/2001
Edition description: 2ND
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 294,327
Product dimensions: 8.22(w) x 11.12(h) x 1.01(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Steve Nison is the foremost leader of the art of using candlestick charting as an analysis tool in studying market trends and making investment decisions. He owns and runs Nison Research International, a firm that provides technical advisory and on-site seminar services to major financial firms. He is a highly sought-after speaker who has presented his techniques to thousands, including members of the World Bank and the Federal Reserve.

Table of Contents

About the Authorxi
Chapter 1Introduction1
What's New in This Book2
Why Have Candle Charting Techniques Captured the Attention of Traders and Investors Around the World?2
Who Is This Book For?4
Some Background5
What Is in This Book?7
Some Cautions8
The Importance of Technical Analysis11
Chapter 2A Historical Background15
Part 1The Basics21
Chapter 3Constructing the Candlestick Lines23
Drawing the Candle Lines25
Chapter 4Reversal Patterns31
Umbrella Lines32
Hanging Man38
The Engulfing Pattern42
Dark-Cloud Cover49
Piercing Pattern55
Chapter 5Stars61
The Morning Star62
The Evening Star66
The Morning and Evening Doji Stars70
The Shooting Star and the Inverted Hammer74
The Shooting Star75
The Inverted Hammer77
Chapter 6More Reversal Patters81
The Harami Pattern82
Harami Cross83
Tweezers Tops and Bottoms87
Belt-Hold Lines93
Upside-Gap Two Crows95
Three Black Crows97
Three Advancing White Soldiers99
Three Mountains and Three Rivers103
Counterattack Lines109
Dumpling Tops and Frypan Bottoms114
Tower Tops and Bottoms119
Chapter 7Continuation Patterns125
High-Price and Low-Price Gapping Plays136
Gapping Side-by-Side White Lines139
Rising and Falling Three Methods142
Separating Lines150
Chapter 8The Magic Doji155
The Northern Doji (Doji during Rallies)158
The Long-Legged Doji (Rickshaw Man), the Gravestone Doji, and the Dragonfly Doji161
The Tri-Star170
Chapter 9Putting it All Together173
Part 2Convergence181
Chapter 10A Cluster of Candles187
Chapter 11Candles with Trend Lines193
Springs and Upthrusts199
The Change of Polarity Principle205
Chapter 12Candles with Retracement Levels213
Chapter 13Candles with Moving Averages217
The Simple Moving Average217
The Weighted Moving Average219
The Exponential Moving Average219
Using Moving Averages219
Chapter 14Candles with Oscillators225
The Relative Strength Index226
Computing the RSI226
Using the RSI227
Moving Average Oscillator229
Computing the Moving Average Oscillator229
Using the Moving Average Oscillator229
Computing Stochastics234
Using Stochastics234
Moving Average Convergence-Divergence237
Constructing the MACD237
Using the MACD237
Chapter 15Candles with Volume241
Chapter 16Measured Moves249
Breakouts from Boxes250
Swing Targets, Flags, and Pennants255
Chapter 17The Best of the East and West: The Power of Convergence263
Glossary ACandlestick Terms and Visual Dictionary269
Glossary BWestern Technical Terms279

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