Jason Willow: Face Your Demons

Jason Willow: Face Your Demons

by Gareth Mottram


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Kindle Book Review (5/5 Stars)My favourite part of the book was the rip-roaring, rollicking ending. Action? Man, yes!
"Demons are real. They killed your mother and now they want you. We can train you to destroy them... or you can run."
Martial artist Jason Willow and his family have been on the run from inhuman assassins all his life but no one will tell him why.
The attacks escalate and they are forced to accept the protection of a sinister figure from the past and the truth is revealed - demons exist and are secretly subjugating humanity. Jason's father was a hero in the hidden war against them, but swore he would never let his family face its terrifying horrors.
As Jason fights to survive in an isolated abbey school controlled by vicious gangs, Louisa Russof hits him - literally. Stunning, with curves to die for and martial arts as good as his own, Louisa swears she can tell him about his father's secret past.
And then there is his quiet, fiercely intelligent classmate, Violet Gray. While she's trying to steer him out of trouble, Jason begins to realize that Violet is in something way over her head and desperately needs his help.
To help protect everyone and himself, Jason defies his father to join a deadly training regime which begins to unlock incredible powers buried deep within him. But nothing in the abbey is what it seems and Jason must decide who to trust as the ripples of his growing abilities draw in the darkness that has stalked him since birth.
Jason Willow is packed full of hard-hitting martial arts and gun action, suspense and tightly controlled, supernatural powers. The high-octane elements are balanced by multi-skilled friends and lethal enemies embroiled in tangled relationships. The modern-day story plays out over such locations as a remote Scottish island, a high-tech abbey stronghold, a gang-controlled school and a hellish brewery town lost deep in the Yorkshire moors.

Reviews for Jason Willow

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award - Expert Reviewers Carving out believable relationships between siblings, especially brothers and sisters, isn't something I see done well in young adult fiction, but I think this author hit the nail on the head...... And then there is the mystery of the kids' father - what is his past all about? Is he a good guy or a bad guy?
ABNA Quarter Finals: Publishers Weekly Reviewer ...the exciting plot keeps the pages turning. The description of Jason's Gift is particularly original and the fight scenes are intense.
The SL - School Librarian magazine (U.K)"This exciting first novel is not for the faint hearted with menacing locations and action descriptions. Issues of bullying, violence, family loyalties, friendships and the battle between good and evil make this a fairly complex but exceedingly hard to put down novel..."
The Times Educational Supplement (Web Site - reader review)The fierce, often gruesome, battles suggest similarities with modern day computer games...
Amazon.co.uk: reader review...The images created are so vivid you become part of the scenery and feel like you are only a few footsteps behind the action... There is nothing typical about this book, the baddies get their fair share of success and the goodies also get their fair share of kicks in the face which leaves you shouting "noooooooo... you can't do that".
Amazon.co.uk: reader reviews"Jason Willow's quest to establish his true identity is one long roller coaster of action and suspense. Magnificent locations came alive with an ever-present sense of menace. The other characters, good and bad, were skillfully built upon as the story progressed and I can't wait to hear more of their story.""action packed and full of twists""really breathed life into this family""The author drew me in immediately""exciting and definitely very gruesome"

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ISBN-13: 9781723558528
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/27/2018
Series: Jason Willow , #1
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Hi. I'm a father of four fabulous kids and teacher of teenagers and primary school children. I've escaped from full time school to also work for an educational charity and write world famous (nearly) novels and design scintillating strategy games.

I've trained (badly) in various martial arts over the years but now I focus on the less painful pastimes of racquet sports and writing.

I started writing at about twelve, inspired by a fantasy series by Stephen Donaldson. In November 2007, I had 500 copies of my Y/A supernatural action novel JASON WILLOW printed the old fashioned way. Luckily, only half a dozen copies are still boxed up in my garage. I leapt onto the P.O.D. bandwagon as it took off and have released the entire trilogy of Jason Willow novels as both paperback and ebook.

I'm now working on BATTLE - an Anglo-Saxon fantasy series, filled with action, complex relationships and stunning locations. The books will tie into a revolutionary new card game I'm designing - you'll be able to recreate the skirmishes and battles in the stories using a wide range of beautifully illustrated cards as well as set up your own conflicts.

You can discover more about all of my books and games and catch up with the latest developments at garethmottram.com

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