JavaScript Bible / Edition 6

JavaScript Bible / Edition 6

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JavaScript Bible / Edition 6

This book will cover the new powerful functionality JavaScript will gain with the release of fifth generation revisions of Internet Esxplorer and Netscape Communicator. The Gold Bible, will feature essential new JavaScript information, additional ready-to-use JavaScript applications and scores of additional JavaScript and Web page routines. This book will bring programmmers and non-technical professionals, including casual programmmers and scripters, painlessly up to speed on all aspects of mastering JavaScript. Key topics include programming fundamentals, JavaScript language elements and how to use them effectively, plus how to easily and efficiently add powerful new functionality to HTML documents and Java applets.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780470069165
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 04/09/2007
Series: Bible Series , #542
Edition description: REV
Pages: 1200
Product dimensions: 7.42(w) x 9.32(h) x 2.23(d)

Table of Contents

Part IGetting Started with JavaScript1
Chapter 1JavaScript's Role in the World Wide Web and Beyond3
Competing for Web Traffic4
Other Web Technologies4
JavaScript: A Language for All6
JavaScript: The Right Tool for the Right Job8
Chapter 2Authoring Challenges Amid the Browser Wars9
Duck and Cover10
Compatibility Issues Today11
Developing a Scripting Strategy14
Chapter 3Your First JavaScript Script17
The Software Tools17
Setting Up Your Authoring Environment18
What Your First Script Will Do20
Entering Your First Script21
Examining the Script22
Have Some Fun24
Part IIJavaScript Tutorial25
Chapter 4Browser and Document Objects27
Scripts Run the Show27
JavaScript in Action28
The Document Object Model34
When a Document Loads36
Object References39
Node Terminology41
What Defines an Object?42
Chapter 5Scripts and HTML Documents47
Where Scripts Go in Documents47
JavaScript Statements51
When Script Statements Execute51
Viewing Script Errors54
Scripting versus Programming55
Chapter 6Programming Fundamentals59
What Language Is This?59
Working with Information59
Expressions and Evaluation62
Data Type Conversions64
Chapter 7Programming Fundamentals, Part II69
Decisions and Loops69
Control Structures70
About Repeat Loops71
About Curly Braces76
Chapter 8Window and Document Objects83
Top-Level Objects83
The window Object84
Window Properties and Methods87
The location Object89
The navigator Object90
The document Object90
Chapter 9Forms and Form Elements97
The form Object97
Form Controls as Objects100
The Button Object102
The Checkbox Object102
The Radio Object103
The select Object104
Passing Form Data and Elements to Functions106
Submitting and Prevalidating Forms108
Chapter 10Strings, Math, and Dates111
Core Language Objects111
String Objects111
The Math Object115
The Date Object116
Date Calculations117
Chapter 11Scripting Frames and Multiple Windows121
Frames: Parents and Children121
References among Family Members123
Frame Scripting Tips125
About iframe Elements125
Controlling Multiple Frames--Navigation Bars126
References for Multiple Windows128
Chapter 12Images and Dynamic HTML131
The Image Object131
The javascript: Pseudo-URL137
Popular Dynamic HTML Techniques137
Part IIIDocument Objects Reference141
Chapter 13JavaScript Essentials143
JavaScript Versions143
Core Language Standard--ECMAScript144
Embedding Scripts in HTML Documents144
Browser Version Detection148
Designing for Compatibility155
Language Essentials for Experienced Programmers158
Onward to Object Models161
Chapter 14Document Object Model Essentials163
The Object Model Hierarchy163
How Document Objects Are Born165
Object Properties166
Object Methods167
Object Event Handlers168
Object Model Smorgasbord169
Basic Object Model170
Basic Object Model Plus Images171
Navigator 4-Only Extensions171
Internet Explorer 4+ Extensions173
Internet Explorer 5+ Extensions177
The W3C DOM177
Mixing Object Models192
Standards Compatibility Modes (DOCTYPE Switching)198
Where to Go from Here199
Chapter 15Generic HTML Element Objects201
Generic Objects201
Chapter 16Window and Frame Objects359
Window Terminology359
window Object366
frame Element Object462
frameset Element Object468
iframe Element Object474
popup Object480
Chapter 17Location and History Objects485
location Object485
history Object501
Chapter 18The Document and Body Objects509
document Object510
body Element Object576
TreeWalker Object586
Chapter 19Link and Anchor Objects591
Anchor, Link, and a Element Objects592
Chapter 20Image, Area, and Map Objects601
Image and img Element Objects601
area Element Object621
map Element Object624
Chapter 21The Form and Related Objects629
The Form in the Object Hierarchy629
form Object630
fieldset and legend Element Objects646
label Element Object648
Chapter 22Button Objects651
The button Element Object, and the Button, Submit, and Reset Input Objects651
checkbox Input Object656
radio Input Object663
image Input Object669
Chapter 23Text-Related Form Objects673
Text Input Object674
password Input Object689
hidden Input Object689
textarea Element Object690
Chapter 24Select, Option, and FileUpload Objects695
select Element Object695
option Element Object713
optgroup Element Object714
file Input Element Object717
Chapter 25Event Objects719
Why "Events"?719
Event Propagation721
Referencing the event object740
Event Object Compatibility741
Dueling Event Models742
Event Types745
NN4 event Object747
IE4+ event Object753
NN6+/Moz/Safari event Object773
Chapter 26Style Sheet and Style Objects793
Making Sense of the Object Names794
Imported Stylesheets795
Reading Style Properties795
style Element Object796
styleSheet Object798
cssRule and rule Objects807
currentStyle, runtimeStyle, and style Objects810
filter Object837
Part IVJavaScript Core Language Reference847
Chapter 27The String Object849
String and Number Data Types849
String Object851
String Utility Functions873
URL String Encoding and Decoding876
Chapter 28The Math, Number, and Boolean Objects877
Numbers in JavaScript877
Math Object883
Number Object886
Boolean Object890
Chapter 29The Date Object891
Time Zones and GMT891
The Date Object892
Validating Date Entries in Forms904
Chapter 30The Array Object909
Structured Data909
Creating an Empty Array910
Populating an Array911
JavaScript Array Creation Enhancements911
Deleting Array Entries912
Parallel Arrays912
Multidimensional Arrays915
Simulating a Hash Table916
Array Object Properties916
Array Object Methods918
Chapter 31Control Structures and Exception Handling931
If and If...Else Decisions931
Conditional Expressions936
Repeat (for) Loops936
The while Loop940
The do-while Loop942
Looping through Properties (for-in)942
The with Statement943
Labeled Statements944
The switch Statement946
Exception Handling948
Using try-catch-finally Constructions950
Throwing Exceptions953
Error Object957
Chapter 32JavaScript Operators961
Operator Categories961
Comparison Operators962
Equality of Disparate Data Types963
Connubial Operators965
Assignment Operators967
Boolean Operators968
Bitwise Operators972
Object Operators973
Miscellaneous Operators976
Operator Precedence978
Chapter 33Functions and Custom Objects981
Function Object981
Function Application Notes988
Custom Objects994
Object-Oriented Concepts1003
Object Object1006
Chapter 34Global Functions and Statements1009
Chapter 35Body Text Objects1023
blockquote and q Element Objects1023
br Element Object1024
font Element Object1025
h1...h6 Element Objects1028
hr Element Object1029
label Element Object1033
marquee Element Object1034
Event Handlers1039
Range Object1039
selection Object1061
Text and TextNode Objects1068
TextRange Object1074
TextRectangle Object1101
Part VAppendixes1105
Appendix AJavaScript and Browser Object Quick Reference1107
Appendix BJavaScript Reserved Words1121
Appendix CAnswers to Tutorial Exercises1123
Appendix DJavaScript and DOM Internet Resources1139
Appendix EWhat's on the CD-ROM1143
End-User License Agreement1243
Part VIBonus Chapters
Chapter 36HTML Directive Objects
Chapter 37Table and List Objects
Chapter 38The Navigator and Other Environment Objects
Chapter 39Positioned Objects
Chapter 40Embedded Objects
Chapter 41XML Objects
Chapter 42The Regular Expression and RegExp Objects
Chapter 43Data-Entry Validation
Chapter 44Scripting Java Applets and Plug-Ins
Chapter 45Debugging Scripts
Chapter 46Security and Netscape Signed Scripts
Chapter 47Cross-Browser Dynamic HTML Issues
Chapter 48Internet Explorer Behaviors
Chapter 49Application: Tables and Calendars

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JavaScript Bible 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
JimJJ More than 1 year ago
Although JavaScript frameworks are becoming more popular, sometimes you don't need everything they have to offer. This book has everything you've ever wanted to know about JavaScript. It also includes bonus chapters and examples.