Jazz Lead Guitar Method

Jazz Lead Guitar Method

by Peter Gelling

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ISBN-13: 9781864691740
Publisher: LTP Publishing
Publication date: 01/28/2004
Series: Progressive Series
Edition description: Includes Audio CD
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 8.42(w) x 12.18(h) x 0.36(d)

Table of Contents

Using the CD5
Tuning Your Guitar5
Fretboard Diagrams, Tablature6
Approach to Practice8
Section 1Basic Jazz Sounds9
Lesson 110
The Major Scale10
Creating Your own Melodies12
Memorizing the Notes of the Scale13
Chord Symbols14
Solo - "Headstart"14
Lesson 215
Understanding Rhythms15
Note and Rest Values15
The Four Four Time Signature (4/4)15
The Whole Note and Whole Rest16
The Half Note and Half Rest16
The Quarter Note and Quarter Rest17
The Importance of Timing and Attitude17
Lesson 318
Eighth Notes18
Using Set Rhythms19
Lesson 420
More About Eighth Notes20
The Eight Rest20
Lesson 522
The Triplet22
Swing Rhythms23
Counting Swing Eighth Notes25
Lesson 626
Developing Rhythmic Control26
Improvising With Set Rhythms27
Lesson 728
Using Ties28
Ties Across a Bar Line29
First and Second Endings30
Solo - "Changing Seasons"30
Section 2Using the Whole Fretboard, Playing in all Keys31
Lesson 832
Scale Degrees32
Visualizing Scale Degrees32
Five Forms of Moveable Fingerings33
Lesson 937
More on Scale Forms37
Lesson 1040
Using the Scale Forms40
Playing What You Hear41
Lesson 1142
Learning all the Notes42
Notes in More Than One Place44
Position Playing44
Higher and Lower Versions of Notes45
Lesson 1246
More About Major Scales46
Tones and Semitones46
Major Scale Pattern47
Lesson 1349
Keys and Key Signatures49
Major Scales in all Keys51
Lesson 1452
The Chromatic Scale53
Enharmonic Notes53
The Key Cycle56
Lesson 1557
Finding Intervals on the Fretboard59
Lesson 1661
Identifying Intervals by Ear61
Intervals in Sequences62
Solo - "Blue Note Blues"64
Section 3Understanding Chord Progressions, Arpeggios and Modes65
Lesson 1766
Understanding Chords66
Chord Construction - Triads68
Lesson 1870
Arpeggios and Chord Progressions70
Improvising With Arpeggios71
Lesson 1972
Scale Tone Chords72
Major Key Triad Pattern73
Scale Tone Chords in all Keys74
Common Progressions74
Lesson 2075
Seventh Chords75
Major 7ths76
Dominant 7ths77
Solo - "Seven Seas"78
Minor 7ths79
Practicing Scales and Arpeggios79
Minor 7 Flat 5 and Diminished 7ths80
Lesson 2181
Scale Tone Seventh Chords81
Scale Tone 7th Pattern82
Scale Tone 7ths in all Keys82
Lesson 2283
The II V I Progression83
Other Common Progressions84
Solo - "Latin Satin"85
Lesson 2386
Mode Patterns88
Lesson 2489
Fingerings for Modes89
Lesson 2591
Modes Over Chord Changes91
Combining Modes and Arpeggios92
Solo - "Many Things in One"92
Jam-Along Progressions94

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