J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis, The Rousseaus #3 (The Blueberry Lane Series, #14)

J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis, The Rousseaus #3 (The Blueberry Lane Series, #14)

by Katy Regnery

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Katy Regnery's New York Times bestselling Blueberry Lane series continues with The Rousseau siblings!

If the best man and maid of honor are both single, it's practically an unwritten rule that they should pork.

…so begins a rocky acquaintance between Jean-Christian "J.C." Rousseau and Libitz Feingold at the wedding of J.C.'s brother and Lib's best friend. While manslut best man J.C. is surprised when maid of honor Libitz soundly spurns his advances, his curiosity is piqued. The girl he couldn't have becomes the only one he wants.

So, when he finds a seventy-year-old portrait in the attic of his sister's mansion that bears an uncanny resemblance to the prickly gallery owner, he enlists her help in solving a mystery seven decades in the making. Traveling from Philadelphia to New York to Marseille, a couple who started off as enemies will discover that even cynics can find true love…and mortal man is no match for destiny.


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BN ID: 2940152731330
Publisher: Katharine Gilliam Regnery
Publication date: 11/21/2016
Series: Blueberry Lane Series , #14
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 135,444
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About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katy Regnery started her writing career by enrolling in a short story class in January 2012. One year later, she signed her first contract, and Katy's first novel was published in September 2013.

Forty books later, Katy claims authorship of the multititled New York Times and USA Today bestselling Blueberry Lane Series, which follows the English, Winslow, Rousseau, Story, and Ambler families of Philadelphia; the six-book, bestselling ~a modern fairytale~ series; and several other stand-alone novels and novellas, including the critically acclaimed, 2018 RITA© nominated, USA Today bestselling contemporary romance, Unloved, a love story.

Katy's first modern fairytale romance, The Vixen and the Vet, was nominated for a RITA® in 2015 and won the 2015 Kindle Book Award for romance. Katy's boxed set, The English Brothers Boxed Set, Books #1–4, hit the USA Today bestseller list in 2015, and her Christmas story, Marrying Mr. English, appeared on the list a week later. In May 2016, Katy's Blueberry Lane collection, The Winslow Brothers Boxed Set, Books #1–4, became a New York Times e-book bestseller.

Katy's books are available in English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Turkish. Her books soon will be available in German and Hebrew.

Katy lives in the relative wilds of northern Fairfield County, Connecticut, where her writing room looks out at the woods, and her husband, two children, two dogs, and one Blue Tonkinese cat create just enough cheerful chaos to remind her that the very best love stories begin at home.

Connect with Katy:

Website: http://www.katyregnery.com

E-mail: katy@katyregnery.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KatyRegnery

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/katharineregner/


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7211470.Katy_Regnery

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J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis, The Rousseaus #3 (The Blueberry Lane Series, #14) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the personal historical connections. Great read.
pegasus-one More than 1 year ago
love this series!!!!!!!
Lost-N-Love-N-Hopeless More than 1 year ago
The Rousseaus have not disappointed me yet. With each new couple and the encounters that experience I get more delight and enjoyment out of the family antics. This one sealed the deal and made Katy Regnery’s Rousseaus’ Family the place to visit for a mix of it all and then some. There were sexy sizzling foreplay, sassy banter, swoon worthy interplay, and a dash of sweetness, a spoonful of lust, a cup of hopefulness, and enough to get you to turn the pages all the way to the end. J.C. and Lib were just the cream of the topping spot. They had more going for them than against them. Neither wanted a relationship. J.C. was game for a wedding fling. Lib was not having it. But of course, fates had something more in mind than either one of them would have guessed. I just have to tell you. You will need to pick up this one and read it for yourself to understand all that was provided. There was something that just makes you stop and pause just to consume.
Crazybooknerd More than 1 year ago
J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis by Katy Regnery Blueberry Lane 3 - The Rousseaus #3 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ½ Katy Regnery’s writing is just wonderful. She brings out emotions and truly makes you feel how the characters are feeling. I found it refreshing how “grownup” J.C. acted. Ready to man up, apologize and do the right thing. I loved watching him process his feelings and come to terms with the fact that he did want more in life. I always enjoy when the womanizer finds the one to make him change his ways… but this time, I actual felt that his thoughts and emotions reflected a more honest dialogue about how it came about. Libitz was a strong, caring, smart, down-to-earth woman, and a perfect match for Jean-Christian. They had great banter, they fought dirty at times, which was kinda fun to watch, and even more so when they started falling for each other. I really enjoyed this story! This is book 3 in The Rousseaus - Blueberry Lane 3 series and even though I have not read the books that precede this one (other than one way back in the Blueberry Lane 1 series) I feel this book can easily stand on its own. I look forward to reading all the other books in Regnery's back list! *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review* The first two books in the Rousseaus series are: Jonquils for Jax, The Rousseaus #1 Marry Me Mad, The Rousseaus #2
SusanReads1 More than 1 year ago
Libitz and J.C. are the unlikely couple that can't seem to fight their attraction to each other. He is a self proclaimed anti commitment guy and she is the pixie he can't seem to get off of his mind. Jax finds an old family painting in her attic and shows it to J.C. because she feels it reminds of something or someone she can't place. He takes one look and the woman in the painting has a uncanny resemblance to the pixie occupying his every thought. They try to ignore each other and they seem to have a connection woven in and through part, snark and the hands of time. Did their story begin on a canvas in an art studio and become stitched into eternity on a train barreling toward freedom? Will J.C. the bachelor that wants lifelong freedom from commitment find true love with Libitz? Travel this romantic journey to experience their romantic journey and learn the beautifully woven history of the Bijoux Jolis.
SRSbook More than 1 year ago
"You’re my person,” he said. “You’ve always been my person. Long before I was breathing, you belonged to me.” JC - an independent man who swore of commitments at a young age because of his father who lives in philly close to his family Lib - a fun loving girl just living the city live in NYC. Best friends with JC now sister in law Kate JC and Lib first had a love hate relationship. But Kate made lib promise not to have a meaningless night with him because that's just how the two of them are, but it would mess up everything. She held true to that promise. JC and Lib both have the love for art; and end up going on a treasure hunt which is the cutest thing. I loved reading "watching" the feelings grow. I can't wait to find out more. What's the next book? What does Kate and the family say and think? What happens with the galleries. I WANT TO LEARN MORE!
anapjm02 More than 1 year ago
J.C. Rousseau and Libitz Feingold have nothing in common, but since the wedding of her best friend with his younger brother they cannot stop of thinking about each other and have a strong chemistry that is undeniable. Their story is beautiful and there is a lovely backstory that is all about art, romance in the Second World War that connects them through their families. This is the story about fate, an encounter of love and souls through time, it feels that they are bounded by kismet. Please read this book and you will adore their story!
SingingSecretary More than 1 year ago
As soon as I finished JC and the Bijoux Jolis, I suddenly felt so emotional over this story I just didn’t know where to start my review. Katy Regnery has returned us to Blueberry Lane in this 14th installment to the series with the story of Jean-Christian Rousseau and Libitz Feingold. The special connection these characters share through their love of art and specifically the painting J.C.’s sister discovers in the attic of her home really sets a special tone for this romantic love story. Not to mention the historic element Ms. Regnery delivers which makes this novel uniquely different than the others in this series drawing me in very deeply. Growing up watching the troubled relationship between his parents, J.C. has always lived his life never opening up his heart to any woman. Seeing the hurt in his Mother’s eyes after the never-ending indiscretions of his Father, he never wanted to be the reason for seeing that kind of pain in the eyes of a woman thereby leading him to live his life without love. But from the moment he met Libitz, J.C. felt an undeniable and intensive pull to her spirit that he had never before experienced. Libitz likewise had never felt a bond with any man’s heart. That is until the night she met Jean-Christian at her best friend’s wedding. Although they continue to verbally spar with each other that only serves to intensify the attraction they both feel, notwithstanding the passionate kiss they shared that night which intensely affects them both. Although desperately trying to discount the attraction they feel, neither Libitz nor J.C. is able to erase the visual images of that night. So when their lives cross paths once again two months later, both J.C. and Libitz realize they cannot continue to ignore the powerful gravitational pull between their spirits. But being aware of his lustful past, will Libitz ever truly be able to put her full faith and trust in Jean-Christian, and will J.C. ever be able to lay to rest his past and finally open up his heart completely to the one soul with which he may have always been destined to find his happily-ever-after? First and foremost, the historical element to this story was absolutely fantastic. That is not to say that the romantic aspects didn’t completely touch my heart, but the way Ms. Regnery intertwined the history and mysterious element the surrounded Les Bijoux Jolis was absolutely magical. The way it drew the souls of Jean-Christian and Lib together through their mutual love of art as well as their irrefutable passion for each other was beyond enchanting, as was the undeniable path on which destiny would lead them both. Though neither J.C. nor Libitz have ever experienced the emotional draw to any other soul as they have with each other’s, as they find themselves inexplicably drawn together through their mutual allure to the painting, they also begin to discover the deep connection to each other that they were destined to share for an eternity. Once again, Katy Regnery has delivered an absolutely fantastic story of love and passion. The enigmatic component to JC and the Bijoux Jolis coupled with the almost mystical and seemingly predetermined path these characters’ souls are meant to travel together unquestionably captivated my heart and my mind. Although I have loved each and every story throughout the entire Blueberry Lane series, the fate which exists and surrounds their lives demonstrates to me that Jean-Christian and Libitz were meant to find each
Honolulubelle More than 1 year ago
My Rating: 4.5 Favorite Quotes: It's not cold enough in hell for me to fall for someone like you. How many hearts had he broken? A million, she'd bet. Or more. And the funny thing was? If you asked him, he'd probably say, 'None.' He probably assumed that because he wasn't interested and made it clear, it staunched any interest or expectation on the side of his partners. Stupid, selfish man. Women didn't work like that. Her huge spirit was in such contrast to her tiny body, for a moment he wondered how she contained it. You said that people can change and people can choose. Well, I'm changing and I choose you. My Review: Katy Regnery has turned out yet another engaging, well written, and sweet-n-sexy story. This time, it involves a notorious playboy (J.C.) and a smart and savvy woman (Libitz) whose best friend has forbidden her to have anything to do with him. They start off on the wrong foot despite having a mutual attraction, but J.C. could easily stand for Just Casual, as that was the way he rolls with women, lots and lots of women. In addition to the enemies to lovers romance, the storyline also involved a bit of mystery and historical family research. I adored Libitz; she was feisty, smart, and true to herself. As always, Ms. Regnery's writing was amusing, relevant, saucy, and pleasantly entertaining.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
J.C. and Libitz are truly something special. There was an ethereal quality to their story. Through the highs, lows and in between, it was a foregone conclusion that the bond between these two could not be broken. The hand of fate had mapped out their journey in the stars. With J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis, Ms. Regnery reminded me why I love romance. The feeling I get deep inside my soul that renders me speechless and rocks me to my core. That is the heart of a dreamer. Katy Regnery saved the best Rousseau for last. Jax set the stage, Mad was the encore but J.C. was the main event. He kept me bewitched, bothered and bewildered until the bitter end.