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From an original review when the book was published in 1870:

"Jealousy, or Teverino, one of the best of George Sand's fictions; T. B. Peterson & Brothers, of Philadelphia, have brought out in a faithful and spirited translation, with a memoir of the author by Oliver S. Leland. There is great ideality and high imagination in this most fascinating romance, the actual heroine of which is a country girl, beautiful as an angel and pure as a pearl, possessing such a wondrous power over the birds of creation as we may imagine was Eve's before the fall. The character is most delicately sketched. Teverino himself, drawn with a bolder pencil, is the type of a class of clever people who "can do anything," but are deficient in the perseverance which alone executes the completeness of success. A brace of lovers, LPonce and Sabina, are cleverly designed, and the stout Curé we have met scores of times. It is a delightful book, and one of George Sand's happiest productions.
- Daily Times

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