Jeanne X: Book II an Answer

Jeanne X: Book II an Answer

by D Hedricks, JeanneX


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Susanna wrote her thoughts plainly inside the front cover of her teaching textbook. "Knowledge is the foundation for enlightenment. Philosophy is the interpretation of knowledge. Experience authenticates philosophy." Susanna is just one of Jeanne's ancestors that inspires her to seek an answer in her darkest hour. In this second book in the Jeanne X series, her life makes yet another turn into the unknown. Except this time, she unlocks the mysteries that plagued her marriage... with a little help from her family. One avid reader said, "A masterful blend of eras that escorts Jeanne and the reader on a journey through time to uncover an answer."

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ISBN-13: 9781453894958
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/09/2012
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

For those of you who read Jeanne X's first Book I: a Cry, you already know the author's name is an alias for a woman who wished to remain anonymous until her children were grown. That wait is over. The fictitious Jeanne X may step aside with the publication of Book II: an Answer in order to reveal the actual author; D. Hedricks.

Over the past decade, in a small Florida town on the Gulf of Mexico, Ms. Hedricks raised her two children without the aid of their father. She is an architectural designer by education, creating amazing interiors for local businesses and residential clients.

When the recession hit her industry hard in early 2009, Ms. Hedricks found herself unemployed, and she needed new creative ways to provide for her family. So, in the late evenings while her children slept, she began to write short stories of the hard times she and many of the people from her generation had faced and how they persevered. She shared these stories with a few professionals in the mental health industry. Impressed with her work and believing that Ms. Hedricks' mentoring could make a difference, they encouraged her to expand on her stories and share them with a wider audience.

D. Hedricks threw out all the standard literary categories and created a work that spans the interests of many readers; from pure entertainment enthusiast to clinical psychotherapists, as well as, theology and history buffs. And though the topic surrounds the influences of addictions on the family, D. Hedricks' wider examination of the human condition makes her stories relatable to everyone.

The Jeanne X Book Series consists of:
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Jeanne X Book II an Answer
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