Jefferson Davis and His Cabinet

Jefferson Davis and His Cabinet


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Jefferson Davis and his Cabinet
A study of the American Civil War must include a look at the men who made the policies that drove armies in the field.
Jefferson Davis and his Cabinet is an account of the life of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. It is also a multiple biography of the entire team of men that he put together to lead the Confederacy.
This biographical book about President Jefferson Davis and the men in his Cabinet fills a void in Civil War literature. It provides a new and easy reference to the lifes of the politicians who pulled the levers behind the curtain in the South and who are themselves as important as the military leaders on the battlefield.

When Jefferson Davis became the provisional Confederate president in 1861, he formed his first cabinet. Since the Confederacy was founded on states' rights, one important factor in Davis' choice of cabinet members was representation from the various states. He depended partly upon recommendations from congressmen and other prominent people, and this helped maintain good relations between the executive and legislative branches. As more states joined the Confederacy there were complaints when there were more states than cabinet positions.
Once the war began, there were frequent changes to the cabinet. Many men served in multiple positions. Before the war ended, sixteen different men served in the Davis Administration. Only Stephen Mallory, Secretary of the Navy, held his position throughout the existence of the Confederacy. Judah Benjamin held three different cabinet posts. Five different men served as Secretary of War.
The account of the lives of Jefferson Davis and the men who made up his cabinet provide a fascinating look at the people and the politics of the Civil War.

About the Editor
Joe Mieczkowski is a Civil War living historian and educator. Having received his Bachelor's Degree from Salem College and his Master's Degree from Pennsylvania State University, Joe's education provided the foundation to support his 37 year career with the Social Security Administration. He retired from federal service as the Area Director in Harrisburg, PA.

Joe is an Adjunct Professor for local community colleges, teaching courses in various aspects of American History, including Rival Teams, The Lincoln and Davis Administration. While doing research for a battlefield program Joe realized there were few succinct sources of information concerning the Civil War Cabinets. He decided to create a book on the topic.

He is a Licensed Battlefield and Town Guide for the Gettysburg National Military Park, and is a Past President of the Gettysburg Civil War Roundtable.
Joe is a resident of Fairfield, PA, where he lives with his wife, Chris.

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