Jehovah's Jeweled Temple: A Textbook Study of Holy Scripture, Chapter 54:11-12 of the Prophet Isaiah

Jehovah's Jeweled Temple: A Textbook Study of Holy Scripture, Chapter 54:11-12 of the Prophet Isaiah

by Cara Savanna



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ISBN-13: 9781621363439
Publisher: Charisma Media
Publication date: 05/31/2013
Pages: 96
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Rev. Cara Savanna is a graduate of Regis Jesuit University and Fuller Theological Seminary. A licensed evangelist with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, Cara currently presents Christian wholeness retreats. She previously worked as a columnist for Christian newspapers, a leader and speaker with Aglow International, and an organizer of many parish-based ministries. She resides in Colorado Springs and is an energetic great-grandmother with a love for the beauty and reliability of Holy Scripture.

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii

Chapter 1 Jehovah Appeals to His Chosen 1

Historical overview; Jehovah-God wraps His Chosen in a secure covenant, and in every good and precious gift, yet many succumb to the allurements of fiendish foreign deities

Anointed Prophets warn and appeal to the Chosen. Unmoved, they fall prey to harsh consequences and a term of foreign exile

Compassionately, Jehovah sends prophetic promises of a restored future, and a secured hope

Offspring of the exiles return after several decades to their homeland and to challenges related to rebuilding the damaged area and holy covenant

Chapter 2 Jehovah's Master Blueprint: A Look at Each Dimension of the Rebuilt Temple/House 23

Now called Jews, the Chosen offspring are encouraged and assisted by prophets in the reconstruction of their homeland, their holy identity, and their place of worship

Readers enjoy a tour of Jerusalem's jeweled Temple features and discover their timeless significance and purpose

A second reconstructive work occurs; Nehemiah leaves palace life in Babylon to continue restoration of the homeland

Chapter 3 Jesus Enters the Temple 37

Jesus establishes the promised New Covenant. He is a new branch grafted onto a good olive tree

Timeless Blueprints-God's people constitute the jeweled mosaics of His House Church

Jesus sends His indwelling Holy Spirit to co-live and co-labor. Author's experiences of the miraculous are interspersed

God's people shine like lights in the world Isaiah and Paul-their messages intertwine So now … we BUILD

Bibliography 65

About the Author 67

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Jehovah's Jeweled Temple: A Textbook Study of Holy Scripture, Chapter 54:11-12 of the Prophet Isaiah 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jehovah's Jeweled Temple, by Cara Savanna is an amazing insight into the extreme value that Jehovah has expressed towards his people. This is made clear by the author who uses the very word of God to expound upon his promises and viewing his people as  "precious jewels." Each person is the temple for the Holy Spirit, and Jehovah adorns his temple with precious Jewels. Each person is different and just as each jewel is different, a Gemologist  will take a rough, uncut gem and painstakingly cut the  gem to have many facets which will reflect and refract the light. Jehovah, in like manner, makes each person a precious jewel,  not only reflecting light, but displaying the light of the Holy Spirit from within.  Sara Savanna has poetically provided a scriptural text discerning the plan of Jehovah's Jeweled Temple.