Jerome, A Poor Man

Jerome, A Poor Man

by Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman


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ISBN-13: 9781722170868
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/04/2018
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.38(d)

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isfactorily examined, and that Abel Edwards might still lie there. " Ever since I can remember anything, I've heard that pond in that place 'ain't got any bottom," one old man would say, and another add, with triumphant conclusion, " If he ain't there, where is he ?" That indeed was the question. All solutions of mysteries have their possibilities in the absence of proof. No trace of Abel Edwards had been found in the woodland where he had been working, and no trace of him for miles around. The search had been thorough. Other ponds of less evil repute had also been dragged, and the little river which ran through the village, and two brooks of considerable importance in the spring. If Abel Edwards had taken his own life, the conclusion was inevitable that his body must lie in the pond, which had always been reported unfathomable, and might be, after all. " The way I look at it is this," said Simon Basset one night in the village store. He raised the index- finger of his right hand, pointed it at the company, shook it authoritatively as he spoke, as if to call ocular attention also to his words. "Ef Abel Edwards did make 'way with himself any other way than by jumping into the Dead Hole, what did he do with his remains ? He couldn't bury himself nohow." Simon Basset chuckled dryly and looked at the others with conclusive triumph. His face was full of converging lines of nose and chin and brows, which seemed to bring it to a general point of craft and astuteness. Even his grizzled hair slanted forward in a stiff cowlick over his forehead, and his face bristled sharply with his gray beard. Simon Basset was the largest land-owner in the village, and E 4 the dust and loam of his ownacres seemed to have formed a gray grime over all his awkward homespun garb. Never a woman he...

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