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Jerry Junior

Jerry Junior

4.5 4
by Jean Webster, Jean Webster

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Jerry Junior


Jerry Junior

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Dodo Press
Publication date:
Product dimensions:
6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)
Age Range:
1 - 17 Years

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Jerry Junior 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was Firepaw then, a young warrior apprentice with as much happiness as a queen gazing upon her newborn kits. My friend, Petalpaw, and I were climbing a tall tree. We were Clanless then, just following our paws and hoping to become great warriors. Once we reached the top of the tree, I looked at Petalpaw standing out on the farthest branch gazing out over forest, forest and more forest. I suddenly realized how beautiful she was, and forgot about being a warrior to chase my dream with Petalpaw. It lasted a while. Eventually, I confessed to her I loved her. She was a little surprised until she told me she was the same about me. We lived happily for several moons until we arrived at Twolegplace. Among the group of cats that sheltered us, there was particularly one cat Petalpaw kept glancing over at, Sheer. He was a muscular tabby tom, and something about him did seem alluring. Anyhow, I decided that Petalpaw and I were old enough to be named. So, we were Firestorm and Petalshine. We were both happy until Petalshine kept going off with Sheer. He kept stealing her from me! Eventually, it got to the point where Talshine almost never talked to me. We had been so close! I tried to reason with her, but she was absolutely chrmed by something about Sheer I didn't quite get. Then, one night we were sitting together for the first time in moons gazing up at the stars. A couple days later, agan under the stars, she told me she wad going to have kits soon. I was so exorbitantly happy for her I forgot to wonder whether she was carrying mine or Sheer's kits. I was just so excited. The kits were birthed on the night of a terrible storm. The wind howled, and blustered. Rain fell in downpours. Then, I heard something I never should have. Sheen's saying to Petalshine about 'how lovely our kits are.' The word 'our' made my heart skip a beat and my body go numb. I couldn't believe she betrayed me. So, later, Sheen came out of the den and cpnfronted a hissing, spitting, hate-filled version of myself. He said that Petalshine told him I wasn't good enough, and he would rather be with Sheen than with me. He sneered and laughed. I was fed up. All the anger I kept, bottled up inside me, I spewed out. I lunged for his throat and caught him by surprise. I, with my warrior training, quickly nullified his attempts to fight back and pinned him down easily. I shouted terrible, terrible things at him. I could sense Petalshine looking on, and Iet Sheer go along with wounds and left my trust in hr with the night winds. I left that night, alone. A few days later, I got word Petalshine had been murdered and the kits abandoned. But grief and anger prevented me from returning. I went on. I decided to change my name and become a medecine cat, so that I could forget my past. And, mostly, I have. But I will never forget that Stormy night when betrayal crackled in the air, kits were born, and I made the fateful choice to leave her... grief still tugs at my heart, but much less forcefully. I have a Clan now, a home. But I wll never forget Petalshine, the good and bad of her. I am Firesky, ValorClan Medecine Cat.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"No......i....mustsnt....no. No......nooo....must... not....no... No sleeping......no.......i.....im.....im....falling.....NO!.....im....falling....into....their trap.....i.....i...i mustnt.....fall.....sleep.....sleep......" My body was cold, and limp. They put me into a crystal ball. I could only think, nothing else. And see. Wires were everywhere. They slid under my eye lids, under my skin, twisting, turning, throuh my muscles, and nerves, enabling me to see, and control what was coming. Days, and weeks i was a test, testing whether or not i could survive in a tiny ball. I hate to admit it, but they were geniuses. I litterely ran on oil. Sooner or later, they put me, a tiny pup uncased in a blue ball with wires crowding my nervous system, into a wolf-like machine. The first M.M.D. Mental Machine Dog. <br> What i tried to do, the M.M.D did. I struggled to break from my ball and wreck the machine, but to no avail. I was useless, but my machine body wasnt. Being a test wasnt easy. I constantly attacked my scientists, but i was not given a way to kill. Something they put in me prevented extreme harm. Soon, they had made another M.M.D. Eventually, a pup was put into another ball, this time tinted pink instead of blue. They tainted with wires and a little more advanced technoligy. We are only pups, and the pup who was with that M.M.D soon died at their hands. I remained the only M.M.D. Perhaps if they kept the model the same, i could have more to talk and relate to. But i was alone, and was the alpha of the A.I.W-Artificial Intelligence Wolves. They were dumb, but worshiped me and were powerful. <br> We were on a daily patrol. Being the alpha of of our 'pack' i always made sure that no unnessisary harm came. But i was often beaten. How can a machine be beaten? Well your forgetting my nervous system was hooked up to every limb and muscle. I could feel pain. Soon, back to the lab to tamper with nature and machinery. Our world, was cruel, and although i had an increased life-span, i knew i wouldnt last long. <br> Soon, i was outdated and sent outsode the city to rot and freeze, or to burn and die. The M.M.D2 replaced me. As horrible as it sounds, im glad it happened. Our year is 3099, and the world jas no regonized end. But i wish it would end soon for me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Pain By Diana Dillon Lightning, Strikes the unsuspecting And now I need protecting, From the sky that's falling No way of deflecting The pain that's coming for me It's too late to say sorry Without you I can't see But it's too late to say sorry My brother's being hunted My sister's hopes are sunken My parents, both in coffins The pain, no way to stop it Oooh Fire overtakes my home Leaving me sad and alone Too late, the seeds of pain are sown, Good bye...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Running, running far from her. <br> My eyes gleam red, the red of the cursed. The red of blood. The red of my broke heart. <br> "Nightclaw!" I can hear her call my name, but I dont want to be able to. I want to be deaf, so I may never hear her sweet voice. <br> She'll never find me, with the night of no moon upon us, and this heavy rain, no one would ever spot my black pelt. She would never see the tears that streamed down my face, coming down just as hard as the rain. <br> My paws slip in the mud, and I fight to gain control, but Im sliding, like a Twoleg who is just learning to skate. <br> "NIGHTCLAW!!" Her voice is louder, she's gettig closer! I need to get away! <br> "Nightclaw." Suddenly, shes in frot of me. How could she? Wasnt she behind me? I try to back up. "Nightclaw, you need to stop running. Whats wrong?" <br> Whats wrong? I practically burst out laughing. My heart twists, seeing her face full of sympathy. "Youre still alive, thats whats wrong." <br> "W-what do you mean? Come on, I-I can help you." Her compassionate green eyes shimmer in the darkess, contrasting with my red. <br> "I DONT WANT YOUR HELP! I DONT NEED YOUR HELP!!" My eyes slit in anger, and I glare at her. Then...a smile appears upon my face. "And I can fix the problem..." I unsheath my claws. "On my own." And I leap at her. <br> (next results for more chapters)