Jesse James: The Best Writings on the Notorious Outlaw and His Gang

Jesse James: The Best Writings on the Notorious Outlaw and His Gang

by Harold Dellinger


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ISBN-13: 9780762744794
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 05/01/2007
Edition description: First
Pages: 272
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About the Author

Harold Dellinger is a bookseller, small press publisher, and elected board member of the Friends of the James Farm. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri. 

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In Missouri [the Younger-James outlaws] rode into the towns and robbed banks in broad daylight; stopped passenger trains and, after emptying the express safe, "went through" everybody on board the cars...They murdered officers sent to arrest them, and, despite their plunderings and murders, so enlisted popular sympathy in their behalf that the reward of $25,000 for their capture remained unclaimed, though their whereabouts were well known...And had they remained in Missouri to the end of their lives doubtless they might with impunity have gone on with their raiding of railroad trains, and have been regarded with admiring pride by their fellow citizens of that Commonwealth. But they extended their field of operations to Minnesota, made their attack on the Northfield Bank, committed their dastardly murder of Heywood, and, to their wonderment, doubtless, they were not thereon hailed as heroic fellows who had gallantly gathered fresh laurels...

--From The St. Louis Globe Democrat, October 16, 1876

Table of Contents

Foreword   Harold Dellinger     xiii
Jesse James was His Name
Strenuous Americans   R. F. Dibble, 1925     4
Jesse James: My Father   Jesse James Jr., 1899     8
The Life Story of the James and Younger Gang and Their Comrades, Including the Operations of Quantrell's Guerillas by One Who Rode with Them: A True but Terrible Tale of Outlawry   Jim Cummins, 1903     11
Jesse James Was His Name: or, Fact and Fiction Concerning the Careers of the Notorious James Brothers of Missouri.   William A. Settle Jr., 1966     15
Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War   T.J. Stiles, 2002     19
A Terrible Quintette   John Newman Edwards, 1873     27
Rebel Gun   Arthur Steur, 1956     40
The Jesse James Poems: "Folk Tale"   Paulette Jiles, 1988     49
Who had Killed Many Men
Under the Black Flag   Captain Kit Dalton, a Confederate Soldier, 1914     56
Jesse James Was My Neighbor   Homer Croy, 1949     59
Wanted! "Jesse James: Robin Hood"   Arthur Winfield Knight, 1988     63
Outlaws of the Border: A Complete and Authentic History of the Lives of Frank and Jesse James, the Younger Brothers, and Their Robber Companions, Including Quantrell and His Noted Guerillas, the Greatest Bandits theWorld Has Ever Known   Jay Donald, 1882     65
The Life, Times and Treacherous Death of Jesse James   Frank Triplett, 1882     68
Speeches and Writings of Wm. H. Wallace   William H. Wallace, 1914     78
Collected Poems: "The Perils"   Max Douglas, 1978     80
Frank and Jesse James: The Story behind the Legend   Ted P. Yeatman, 2000     81
The Jesse James Northfield Raid: Confessions of the Ninth Man   John Koblas, 1999     90
Speeches and Writings of Wm. H. Wallace   William H. Wallace, 1914     117
Ozark Folksongs   Vance Randolph, 1980     120
Frontier Dust   John Lord, 1926     125
The Jesse James Poems: "Jesse Is Thrown Out of the New Hope Baptist Church"   Paulette Jiles, 1988     130
A Frontier Doctor   Henry F. Hoyt, 1928     132
The Romance of a Western Boy: The Story of Corse Payton   Gertrude Andrews, 1901     135
The James Boys: A Thrilling Story of the Adventures and Exploits of Frank and Jesse James$dAnonymous, circa 1882     139
And Laid Poor Jesse in His Grave
Jesse James Was His Name: Or, Fact and Fiction Concerning the Careers of the Notorious James Brothers of Missouri   William A. Settle Jr., 1966      146
The Secret Life of Jesse James   Arthur Winfield Kight, 1996     153
Good Bye, Jesse!$dKansas City Daily Journal, 1882     162
Collected Poems: "Coroner's Inquest Resumed"   Max Douglas, 1978     176
Adventures of a Tramp Printer   John Edward Hicks, 1950     179
Biography, Memoirs, Reminiscences and Recollections   John N. Edwards, 1889     182
Collected Poems: "The Personal Property Of"   Max Douglas, 1978     186
Message of Gov. Thomas T. Crittenden to the Thirty-Second General Assembly of the State of Missouri, at the Regular Session, Commencing Jan. 3, 1883   Governor Thomas T. Crittenden, 1883     188
Singing Rawhide: A Book of Western Ballads   Harold Hersey 1926     194
The Rise and Fall of Jesse James   Robertus Love, 1940     197
"Jesse James as Robin Hood"   Sam Sackett, 1980     205
Collected Poems: "The True Story of the Death of Charlie Ford"   Max Douglas, 1978     213
Speeches and Writings of Wm. H. Wallace   William H. Wallace, 1914     214
Wanted! "Zerelda James: At Jesse's Grave"   Arthur Winfield Knight, 1988     227
Missouri Bittersweet   MacKinlay Kantor, 1969     229
The Jesse James Poems: "The Last Poem in the Series"   Paulette Jiles, 1988     239
A Jesse James time line, including principal crimes attributed to the James-Younger Gang     241
Jesse James as he has appeared in movies and on television     249
Known and suspected members of the James-Younger Gang     251
Permissions Acknowledgments     253
About the Editor     258

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