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Jesus Christ Warrior: Jesus Fought Satan and his Demons in the Invisible War that Spanned a 100 Billion Years from the Big Bang to the Collapse of the Universe and Won.

Jesus Christ Warrior: Jesus Fought Satan and his Demons in the Invisible War that Spanned a 100 Billion Years from the Big Bang to the Collapse of the Universe and Won.

by Stanley Ole Lotegeluaki


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Jesus Christ has always existed in the infinite past with the Father and the Holy Spirit. They are the only ones in Physics who have no beginning or end. Jesus has been creating infinite universes and infinite beings throughout infinity. But we the human race know Him as the humble carpenter or fisher of men. Jesus created the human race a 100 billion years ago. Satan and his demons were not created before the Big Bang, but we the good sheep existed with Jesus before the Big bang in a previous universe. Then after billions of years we became bored as sheep and Jesus decided to spice up our lives by asking us to volunteer for adventure or a war in another universe. We did not know what War was, but Jesus explained it as Good vs Evil, Flesh vs Spirit, Love vs Hate, Truth vs lies, Angels vs demons, Sheep vs goats, Jesus vs Satan. It was going to be called The Invisible War. It started out after the Big Bang when Jesus mixed our good Angels with Satan's angels,and after the war started in heaven it spilled onto a planet called Earth, then we Sheep were inserted into the battle to fight Satan, demons and goats on the earth planet or battle ground. We as sheep were blind and could not see the angels of Satan, and we were not able to tell who was a goat and who was not. As sheep all we had to fight Satan and his demons and goats was our faith. We were physically blind from seeing the other side, but we could use the Holy Spirit a force Jesus gave us to spiritually see our enemies. We as sheep followed a plan called the Bible, which was written Trillions of years ago before we were created or ever came to this earth. So we as sheep volunteered to come to this earth in The Great Volunteering. Our names were written in a book called The Book of Life. That way at the end of the war no sheep would be lost and no goat would be saved. We all agreed to come to this earth to fight a 100 billion year war in our present universe- from The Big Bang to the Collapse of the universe. So the battle started in Genesis at creation- the Big Bang, then after heavens battle, where Jesus saved all the good Angels who were mixed with Lucifers angels, the battle spilled to the earth. Humans were created, then after Satan seduced Adam, there was the flood. Jesus called Abraham and Jesus created the nation of Israel. Jesus led Israel for a time, then He came down and saved the human race at the Cross. Then there was a 2000 yr Tribulation, then Jesus returned for the Second Coming. Jesus threw Satan into the Bottomless Pit for sinning and killing the Sheep for 1000 yrs or 40 billion years until Blue shift when the universe started to collapse. Jesus led His sheep for that long as they conquered the universe. After the 1000 yrs, Satan and his demons were released and they contaminated Christ's perfect universe. There was an Intergalactic civil War throughout the universe in space ships as Sheep fought goats and the Beast 666. Revelation Chpt 19 records the battle. Also Ezekiel chpt 38, 39 records the battle that took place around 40 billion AD+/-. in blueshift. Those who died were teleported to 2000 Ad+/- to welcome Christ on a planet called earth- the original earth. Those who lived in the war went on to eat from the captured loot from the war until the collapse of the universe. After the universe collapsed- those written in The Book of Life from before the Big Bang were saved, and anyone not written in The Book of Life was thrown into the Lake of fire- the imploded universe. Jesus gave us rewards and medals at Judgement day- for fighting in the Invisible war that spanned a 100 billion years. Also New universes were given to the nations- billions of universes- actually the Church owns a googolplex universes for the human sheep Kraal. Jesus won the Invisible war and we lived happily ever after in New Jerusalem. WE NEVER COMPLAINED OF BEING BORED AGAIN. JESUS CHRIST IS A GREAT WARRIOR AND A LOT OF FUN.

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