Jesus in the New Universe Story

Jesus in the New Universe Story

by Cletus Wessels



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Jesus in the New Universe Story by Cletus Wessels

At the center of the Christian tradition stands the figure of Jesus Christ, a Palestinian Jew who lived two thousand years ago. The background of his story is a story of creation, which emerged in the ancient Jewish tradition. The story of Adam and Eve, their expulsion from Eden, and the subsequent "history of salvation," is familiar to all Christians. But how does this story fit in with a new cosmological story -- the story of an emerging universe popularly known as the "New Universe Story"? Many Christians are disturbed by the apparent contradictions between the old story of faith and the new story of modern physics. Father Wessels's challenge is to maintain the underlying reality of the biblical story of Jesus while reinterpreting that story through the lens of an "emerging" universe.

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ISBN-13: 9781570754654
Publisher: Orbis Books
Publication date: 03/28/2003
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.06(w) x 9.14(h) x 0.52(d)

Table of Contents

The Story of the Universe1
The Everything Seed: A Story of Beginnings5
Part IThe Foundational Stories
1.The Human Story in Three Stages11
Stage 1The Childhood of the Human--Physical Development14
Stage 2The Adolescence of the Human--Ego and Mental Development18
"Man Becomes God"26
Stage 3Adulthood--Spiritual Development29
Re-membering and Re-integrating31
Wholeness and Inclusivity33
Power and Service37
The Wisdom of the Ages40
Summary and Conclusions44
2.An Emerging Universe47
God in an Emerging Universe47
The Theory of Holons48
The Quantum Nature of Being53
The Characteristics of the Emerging Process55
The Emergence of Human Consciousness57
Revelation in an Emerging Universe59
A Definition of Revelation60
Depth Psychology and Revelation63
Symbols and Revelation66
Salvation in an Emerging Universe71
Part IIThe Biblical Stories
3.The Resurrection of Jesus85
The Genesis of the Story86
The Women in Jerusalem86
The Disciples in Galilee88
Certain Learned Disciples90
The Stories--Resurrection Narratives94
The Conversion of Paul94
The Emergence of the Synoptic Gospels99
Eschatology--The End Times105
4.Resurrection: A New Depth of Consciousness111
Dissipative Structures: Death and Resurrection111
Life after Death117
Dying and Near-Death Experiences117
The Implicate Order and the Quantum Self121
Resurrection: A New Depth of Consciousness127
The Resurrection of Jesus128
A New Depth of Consciousness131
5.The Story of Jesus141
The Infancy Narratives144
Discovering a Mission146
Baptism: Religious Experience of God146
Desert: Clarifying the Mission147
Synagogue: Announcing the Mission148
New Dimensions of the Mission149
It Takes a Gang to Make a Messiah149
Jesus and the Judean Social Map153
The Coming of a New Age158
The Centrality of the Reign of God162
Jesus and the Reign of God163
The Reign of God in an Emerging Universe167
6.Who Is Our Savior?170
The Genesis Story of the Fall171
Original Sin in the Catholic Tradition177
The Origin of Sin in an Emerging Universe180
Does the Human Race Need a Savior?186
7.The Journey to a High Christology193
The Pre-Existence of Christ195
The Son of God195
The Letters of Paul and the Wisdom Tradition197
The Johannine Community204
Jesus in an Emerging Universe211
The Presence of God211
The Divinity of Jesus213
The Uniqueness of Jesus218
Final Thoughts222

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