Jesus Indeed: What Jesus Said About Eternal Life And Salvation

Jesus Indeed: What Jesus Said About Eternal Life And Salvation

by Joseph Torie

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‘Jesus Indeed’ aims to rediscover the message of Jesus, right from Jesus' words as recorded in the gospels, separating His teaching and words from the accumulated traditions and doctrinal additions that took place in the last two thousand years. It maintains that believers should follow the words of Jesus as revealed in the gospels above the words of any apostle, disciple, follower, religious authority, Christian pundit, or Christian organization in the cases that the words of those parties contradict, reverse or invalidate the words of Jesus. It provides examples from the epistles of the New Testament where such contradictions took place, including cases in which the apostle Paul contradicted the words of Jesus and resisted the guidance of the Spirit. The book claims that while every word in the Bible is true, not every word applies to those who believe in Jesus, but only the things He said that do.
The book tackles the difference between grace and promised rewards for good deeds, making clear the scope of each of them. It discusses the Saved and the Blessed and how both will receive eternal life, the former in Heaven and the latter in the future New Earth. Specifically, the book claims the words of Jesus show that the Saved (meaning those that are forgiven their sins, are accepted in Heaven as the children of God and receive eternal life) are in a different category from the Blessed that are rewarded for certain good deeds done in this life (which receive eternal life to be lived in the future New Earth).
It highlights that the words of Jesus show that God’s plan is to bless eternally not only the Saved believers but as many as possible included in that broad category the Lord called the Blessed. The Blessed include the Meek, who Jesus said will inherit the (New) Earth, the Merciful, the Peacemakers, those who helped even the least of His brethren and many others. “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved.” (John 3: 17).
Based on the teachings and parables of Jesus, the book clarifies the different messages and answers given to different groups and kinds of people. It identifies the individual and temporal contexts in Scripture, differentiating them from the universal and eternal message of salvation by grace, offered to all people of all generations.
It also claims that Jesus said several times that those of the children of Israel that keep the Commandments of their Law will also receive eternal life. for example, He told a ruler of the Jews that asked: "Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life? …He (Jesus) said unto him, 'Why do you call me good? none is good, save (except) one, that is, God: but if you will enter into (eternal) life, keep the commandments'" (Matthew 19: 16 and 17), meaning the commandments of the Law of Moses which had been given for the children of Israel. The book explains also why the descendants of Israel were put under the strict Law of Moses, but not their distinguished ancestors, Abraham and the Patriarchs, who instead were blessed immensely and purely because of their faith.
Moreover, ‘Jesus Indeed’ claims that as salvation is a gift received entirely by God’s grace and mercy towards those that believe Jesus is the Savior, even ‘mere’ believers will be saved. However, it brings out the exceeding additional blessings disciples and followers will receive as they have engaged in preaching the gospel to every creature.
The author neither belongs, nor identify himself, nor is associated with any Christian organization or denomination, nor tries to defend this or that school of theology.

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About the Author

Joseph have been writing for a few decades, first as a journalist, then as a freelance travel writer and finally, as a full fledge indie writer. He offers his books about Jesus, about spiritual subjects and about intelligent design FREE to download, as in "free you have received, freely give". His work focus on the words of Jesus and sometimes refer to other portions of Scripture, when needed for reference.
Joseph doesn't belong to or promote any particular religious group, association or church, but sometimes may comment on the views or practices of one of such groups, when discussing the teachings of Jesus. In the cases he commends one such group, it shouldn’t be understood as an endorsement of all their doctrines, practices or members, as the author is not qualified to do such thing. Only the Lord is the Judge of every heart. In the same way, if he criticizes one such group for some of his doctrines when compared to the words of Jesus, it shouldn’t be viewed as a blanket statement regarding the totality of their views, nor of the faith and dedication of their members.
He writes hoping the reader will benefit from the discussions and that you will be encouraged in your own search for truth and meaning in this life and in the next, based on the words of Jesus, the Savior. You may find other articles, blog and stuff in his website, josephtorieauthor-dot-com or by searching online for some of his older publications.

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