Jesus Lives Devotional: Seeing His Love in Your Life

Jesus Lives Devotional: Seeing His Love in Your Life

by Sarah Young
4.5 20

Hardcover(Leather Bound - Gift)

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Jesus Lives 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jesus Lives is a wonderful pocket-sized devotional written by Sarah Young. I was originally introduced to Sarah Young through her other book Jesus Calling. Jesus Lives is written in a different style, but is just as much an amazing and encouraging devotional! Rather than the format of a daily devotional, Jesus Lives is broken up by category. You can easily look up all relevant devotional writings by category in the table of contents, which directly aligns with themes throughout the life of Jesus. Feeling worried, fearful, full of anxiety, or lacking of faith? These issues and so many more are addressed with how Jesus would respond and encourage us to do the same. Jesus Lives is a fantastic devotional, and I highly recommend it!
ALBooknut More than 1 year ago
I have most of Sarah Youngs' Books and I am always amazed by her insight, clarity and powerful devotions. Sarah Young is always a part of my daily devotions and she never fails to bring something of value to my life.
Cehsja More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book from Book Sneeze to review. It's not for every audience. Some may find this book controversial as Ms. Young writes it from Jesus' POV. But the words she writes are based on inspiration that she felt Jesus was telling her at the time of writing, and on the Bible, and as a strong Christian reading it, it was very enlighting and though provoking. The book is in the form of a daily devotional... It would take approximately 6 months if you read one each day (I read it all in a day or two as I was reviewing it) On the back of the book it says that when you read the book "Your spirit will overflow - alive, awake, and joyful" and this was definately true. I absolutely loved it. Each days reading consisted of one page written by Sarah in Jesus' POV and then a second page of related Bible Verses. 4 of 5 stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Jesus lives" is a very hard to put down book and very helpful. it is a very inexpensive leather edition that address`s different situations that people face in there life and has wonderful scripture and comments by the arthur sarah young who is a missionery and awnsers can be found to peoples storms and tough situations that they face on a day to day basis courage and hope can be found in this wonderful book and it would make a great gift for a friend or family member.
JPropst More than 1 year ago
It amazes me how each days message seems to be what I need for that day. Each morning I can't wait to read the days inspiring message. I like how Sarah Young wrote it in the first person, it's like Jesus is speaking to me personally.
GPC78 More than 1 year ago
Will order again from you.
BlessedIndeed More than 1 year ago
Sarah Young hears the Holy Spirit talking to her through God's Holy Word. All three of her "Jesus books" are enlightening, bringing you more and more and more aware of living in God's presence.
HappyHermit35 More than 1 year ago
I must say this wonderful Gift Devotional was just uplifting and is an exceptional source of encouragement and wisdom. I would recommend it for young and old alike. With 180 Devotions arranged by topic, Sarah young really helps you explore Jesus and his presence in your life. This book really addresses a variety of different topics and questions you may have. It is really enlightening and I found that If I started the day of with it , and followed up with the bible its self that I could really feel Jesus with me , and find comfort in him throughout the day. I truly enjoyed this devotional and would willingly give one to my mother , baby sisters and anyone old enough to read. It truly is uplifting.
Anonymous 4 months ago
This book has given me peace and comfort many times over the years. It is a blessing for sure.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoy reading this every day.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
quilldancer More than 1 year ago
The world specializes in separation and losses. How comforting it is to know that nothing can separate us from Jesus' love. Jesus Lives is Sarah Young's follow up book to Jesus Calling. It is a devotional guide unlike most others. The devotions are short two-page readings. The first page contains a two or three paragraph reminder or promise from the Bible. It is written as though Jesus were speaking. The second page presents the Bible verses used to compose the reading. There are 180 readings in the book, and they are divided into sections based on the themes from Jesus' life and teachings: Adversity, Brokenness; Faith, Forgiveness, Grace, Hope, Joy, Love, Peace, Prayer -- and more. This is not a devotional to read only page-by-page, although surely that is recommended. It is also a devotional to keep and revisit, just as issues from these themes keep revisiting our lives. As we all know, the Bible is a living document and God helps us in our understandings in the light of our current needs. A scripture I read last week may seem much more relevant to me today then it did then. Jesus Lives will help connect scripture to the current needs in your life. Having said that, the fact that this book is written as though Jesus is speaking to me made me just a little uncomfortable. These aren't Jesus' words. Sarah Young wrote them. Also, I have been taught to be very careful of studying scripture out of the context in which it was written. Despite all of that, having looked this book over and carefully considered the writings and the scriptures associated with them, I believe that Sarah Young did an excellent job capturing the meanings and messages behind these scriptures. I would not suggest this book for the totality of one's daily Bible Study. It does, however make an excellent starting point for study. Especially if one is interested in or perusing the 46 themes from Jesus' life and teachings.
Craisin93 More than 1 year ago
Each day greets you with a glorious challenge: Will you trust in Jesus' unfailing love? Though the world specializes in separations and losses, the Bible says that nothing in all creation can separate you from Jesus' love. Have you experienced His presence in your hardest times? Do you enjoy Jesus' love for you in this very moment? He is closer than the air you breathe. Jesus Lives is a devotional book filled with topics ranging from adversity to emptiness all the way through worry and worship. The book is laid out with a simple topic at the top of the page and then a message from God as though He himself was speaking directly to you regarding this particular situation. On the adjoining pages lie scripture references from the Bible. This book is a highly recommended one because so often people come to us with a variety of issues impacting their lives both in positive and negative ways. We are asked for advice and sometimes we can't always find just the right thing to say. This book does just that. In the Table of Contents are listed various situations you may find yourself or a friend in and offers just the perfect advice to uplift, encourage, and motivate people to find hope and faith in their circumstances. I received this book from Thomas Nelson publishers to review and once again would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a quick and easy reference book to life's problems.
Jogina More than 1 year ago
Jesus Lives is an inspirational devotional that focuses on God's compassionate presence. Written as if Jesus wrote the words and supported by bible verses, each entry dares you to draw closer and closer to the Savior. The book includes a guide to the various themes of each entry, making the book a great reference tool. Themes include attitude, depending on Him, forgiveness, prayer, thankfulness, trials and many others. Although some may feel uncomfortable reading words written as if the author is Jesus when it is not the bible, Young admits that the Bible is the only "infallible Word of God." When I received this book from Thomas Nelson as part of their book review program, I wanted to sit down and read this book in one sitting. However, many of the devotions were so influential that I read more slowly, allowing the bible verses to make their impact. I highly recommend this book - especially as a gift. The beautiful padded hardcover and compact size make it an attractive addition to any nightstand, purse or car - wherever you may need an encouraging reminder of God's love and grace.
PJtheEMT2 More than 1 year ago
As a member of the Thomas Nelson Review Blogger program , I had the opportunity to review Sara Young's devotional book, Jesus Lives. I was pleasantly surprised at the extent of this book's reliance on scripture. Each topic/ page is supplemented by two or three complimentary biblical verses. The topics such as : brokenness, trials, trust, worry, heaven and idolatry are relevant in today's society. What makes this book even more practical is the fact that each verse is explicitly written out. Additionally, the theme of each verse is interwoven within the text of the devotional passage. This book is truly a great resource. It brings to life biblical passages. Theologically and doctrinally this devotional is consistent with the message of the bible. This book will stand the test of scrutiny of any theologian. Yet, it is simple enough to be appreciated and understood by new Christians, and the secular reader as well. Biblical truth is not watered down- this is not just another "feel- good" type of motivational book. While, motivating and encouraging to the reader, this book does not water down the message of salvation, nor does this book dismiss the reality or the purpose of pain and suffering which is indeed, a fact of life in this imperfect and sinful world.
HTwitchell More than 1 year ago
Jesus Lives by Sarah Young is hands down the most life-altering carry-along book I've ever seen or owned! A truly splendid addition to a gift for any woman or even as a stocking stuffer. Anyone who needs or just wants to hear of our Lords infinite love for them will be blessed by Jesus Lives. It's love talk will bring you to tears of joy! Jesus Lives is written in themes that are sprinkled throughout the book rather than each topic grouped together. Some of those themes are abiding in Him, brokenness, condemnation, grace, freedom in Him, Resting in Him, hope, peace, thankfulness, trust, victorious living, worry, and worship. For each two pages there is a theme, then one page is a love talk from our Lord to you and the next page is 2-5 scriptures (in varying translations) opening your eyes to those things in His Word. If your anything like me, I opened this book up couldn't stop reading it! It's beyond refreshing to hear of the Lords love for us in a personal way. Each time it brings me to my knees in humble worship. This book will be in my purse for years to come! I'll be armed with the word for encouragement to myself or others at a moments notice. Now a treat for you! A sample of what's inside Jesus Lives..... Theme: Attitude In My Presence you have infinite approval. You often judge yourself on the basis of what you see in the mirror, even though you know how fickle and shallow that ever-changing image is. You tend to be equally enslaved to viewing yourself through the eyes of other people, rigorously evaluating your personal performance and almost always feeling displeased with something you've said or done. "Enslaved" is an appropriate word. You are indeed a slave when you try to measure yourself through any perspective but Mine. Evaluating your worth based on how you look, to yourself or to others, is always a trap. It's as if you are sifting sand in a search for gold- looking only at the grains of sand filtering through the sieve, while ignoring the priceless nuggets that remain. The gold represents the eternal part of you: your soul. It is invisible to everyone but Me, the One who plans to spend eternity with you. Though invisible, a well-nurtured soul can actually improve your appearance: As you rest in the certainty of My unfailing Love, your face glows with the Joy of My Presence. My approval of you is infinite because it will continue forever. It is based entirely on My righteousness, which is yours for all eternity. When you look in a mirror, try to see yourself as you truly are- arrayed in perfect righteousness, adorned in glowing approval. Now on the right hand page are the following verses written out: Psalm 90:14 Psalm 21:6 Isaiah 61:10 .... What did I tell you?! It's a life-altering, heart-changing, soul restoring compilation of love talk because Jesus Lives! Three Hundrend Fifty-Nine pages of pure Truth for the changed life. Better hurry up and get yours!
Teresa_Konopka More than 1 year ago
"Jesus Lives: Seeing His Love in Your Life" by Sarah Young is a tranquil gift book. There are close to 200 mini-devotionals that can either be read on a day-to-day basis or just in one sitting. Each one has a description on the left page akin to God speaking to the reader. This is comforting and not at all blasphemous to the reader; it is understood that Young's prose is more inspirational and not intended to substitute for the Bible. On the right page, there are three to four Bible quotations that directly correlate to the said topic. The verses sometimes repeat, and it is odd how they are not all taken from one translation. Nevertheless, readers will enjoy this little soft / hard covered book that will leave a smile imprinted on their face.
Drhodes More than 1 year ago
Jesus Lives by Sarah Young I eagerly anticipated reading this book, for I've had a lifetime fondness for devotionals. Though I wanted to like it, I found myself disturbed right off the bat by the fact that it was written as if by the Lord Himself, which proved a constant distraction. The thing is, I just couldn't imagine Jesus actually speaking words such as in this passage taken from page 44: You are feeling brokenhearted and bound: entangled in webs of discouragement. Pick up the pieces of your broken heart---scattered all around you---and bring them to Me. Place them on the white linen cloth I provide, and wait in My healing Presence. Sit still in My holy Light while I cleanse you from binding webs of discouragement . . . I don't know what is meant by the "white linen cloth." Though it has a lovely sound to it there is nothing Scriptural to warrant its inclusion in this paragraph. (Also, I couldn't help thinking that this paragraph sounds a bit New Age-y.) While it is true that the Lord is near to the brokenhearted, He does not coddle us. To those with whom He interacted during His earth life, His words had about them a holy directive bordering on sternness. He assured the woman taken in adultery that He didn't condemn her, and then went on to caution her to "Go and sin no more." To Peter, who had miserably denied Him three times, His words were, "Feed my sheep." There was no commiserating with his human weakness or sympathizing with his cowardice but rather, the command to move forward by engaging in what was to be his life's work. God is not so much concerned with our comfort or happiness as He is with the molding of our characters into the likeness of His Son. Jesus walked amongst the common people of His day, healing the sick and imparting words of truth. What He didn't do was to encourage self-focus by lingering to give attention to the minute details of an individual's life. This is not to say that He had no care for one's burdens and the reasons behind them, but simply that life lay not in the scrutinizing of one's failures or wounds but in following Him. Here is a passage from page 142: The best strategy for accepting yourself, even when you make mistakes, is living close to Me . . . There is a new movement today in Christianity, and it is that of substituting the word mistake for sin. While the Bible abounds with verses regarding sin, it is never called by any other name. A mistake is mispronouncing a word, or perhaps forgetting someone's name. A sin goes much deeper for it is a deliberate act of the will. Jesus did not suffer and die for our mistakes, but for our sins. I find myself uncomfortable with the presumption required in putting words in the mouth of our Lord. Rather than imagining what He might say to those in need of encouragement, surely such individuals would be better served by reading for themselves the words of Christ found in Scripture. Anything less than this is second-hand at best, and bordering on sacrilege. (Fortunately, the author (or publisher) of this devotional did provide Scripture with each day's reading.) This book lacks the substance of spiritual food, except for the Scriptures included with each passage, and which I found to be its only saving grace.