Jesus Rediscovered: 10 Biblical Miracles Bedtime Stories

Jesus Rediscovered: 10 Biblical Miracles Bedtime Stories

by Mike Babcock


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About the book:
Does your little one like you to read him/her bedtime stories? The practice of reading bedtime stories to children before bed is a brilliant one as it offers a number of benefits. Not only do you get spend quality time with them, but you also get to impart some form of knowledge through the stories you read to them. The kids also develop a love for literature through this habit. "Mother Tell Bedtime Stories to Daughter" is a book that helps you gain all of the aforementioned benefits.

Authored by Mike Babcock, "Mother Tell Bedtime Stories to Daughter" is the story of a mother reading to her tired daughter at the end of the day. And guess what? All of the stories are about Jesus! If you want your children to grow up to be faithful individuals, this book will help you instill some of the beliefs. If you find it hard to make your kids listen to Jesus, "Mother Tell Bedtime Stories to Daughter" will help you out with that. Order your copy to find out more!

Summary of the book:
"Mother Tell Bedtime Stories to Daughter" opens with a scene where a mother is reading to her little girl the miraculous stories about Jesus. There are multiple short stories in this book, and all of them talk about the most impactful miracle stories. If you want your child to about the Almighty, this book is the appropriate tool as it is carefully designed to appeal to children. Some of the best stories in this book include Jesus' birth story, the story about the Great Haul of Fishes, the story where Jesus Stilled a Storm, the story about the Healing of the Leper, the story where Jesus cured the blind men and many more!

Beautifully written in language that is easy and appealing to children, "Mother Tell Bedtime Stories to Daughter" stands out from the other books in the genre because it is educational as well as entertaining. Filled with cute graphics for each of the different stories, the book is easy to connect to. The colorful pages are bound to attract kids, and the miraculous stories will them awe-struck and wondering. Don't be surprised if your little one keeps pleading for you to read "that book where the mommy reads to her daughter about Jesus!"

Mike Babcock is a faithful believer of God, and he believes that people should learn about the miracles of Christ from an early age. Each of these stories teaches your children to feel blessed for God watches over them every minute of every day. Order your copy today so that next time you struggle to find something to read to your daughter or son before bed, you will have "Mother Tell Bedtime Stories to Daughter" at your rescue. Every day is an opportunity for your child to learn and grow, and this book will help pave the right path for them. Hit the "buy" option now!

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Publication date: 05/23/2016
Pages: 28
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