Jesus the Ex-Con: One Man's Journey from Life Sentence to Abundant Life

Jesus the Ex-Con: One Man's Journey from Life Sentence to Abundant Life

by Scott Smith
Jesus the Ex-Con: One Man's Journey from Life Sentence to Abundant Life

Jesus the Ex-Con: One Man's Journey from Life Sentence to Abundant Life

by Scott Smith


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Short Description:
From Bible college to life in prison. Scott takes readers through an emotional roller coaster from his addiction to porn at only nine years old to nearly murdering a relative and all the ominous details from his time in prison. But this book isn't entirely dark. There's an amazing plot twist when Scott meets an unusual ex-con named, Jesus. Get ready for a wild read that you'll never forget. Ever.

Long Description:
In August 1999, Scott Smith enrolled in Bible College with aspirations to become a minister for Jesus . . . Wait! That's not actually true. He only attended for the girls.

A few years later, after engaging in a string of criminal activities, Scott found himself in a much different institution after being sentenced to life in prison-and the only "girls" were the HIV-positive transvestites.

Within the first few days locked behind 60-foot high walls, Inmate #461419 quickly realized he wasn't prepared for the rampant gang violence, corrupt guards, and suicides. He was in a new type of hell on earth that his religious textbooks never mentioned.

In this captivating memoir, Scott takes readers behind the walls by sharing entries from his secret prison journal. He also reveals the intimate details that led to his life sentence.

In Jesus the Ex-Con, you will laugh, cry, and even wince, but it is not entirely dark and sinister. You will also encounter a miraculous plot twist when Scott shares how he met an unusual convict who taught him how to escape the hell he created for himself.

Although his story is filled with drama and pain, it's also laced with hope and redemption-and it will touch every reader's life! Get ready for a true story you'll never forget!


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ISBN-13: 9781523495535
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/23/2016
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

SCOTT SMITH is a graduate of Valor Christian College (Columbus, OH), Indiana Christian University (Noblesville, IN), and Jackson State Prison (Jackson, MI). He holds earned degrees from two of the three institutions.

After his release from prison, Scott worked his way from a minimum wage job at a local sandwich shop to managing a Christian bookstore. He eventually landed his current position as a certified biomedical technician which provides for his family and allows them to minister to others.

At present, Scott and his wife, Raven, oversees Ambassadors United (, a unique ministry dedicated to the advancement of Jesus' reputation in the earth, as well as ending human trafficking in the Greater Houston Area. Scott and Raven, along with gifted team members, embark on special high-risk incursions to offer physical, mental, emotional and spiritual freedom to those held captive in extremely dark situations. Their incursions take them to some of the roughest parts of Houston to minister to drug dealers and addicts, prostitutes, pimps, and Johns, as well as to sex workers in brothels and everyone in between.

Additionally, Scott ministers to inmates in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice prisons, equipping inmates to live victoriously in Christ and find lasting freedom from addictive behaviors. His life mission is to bring all people, especially society's outcasts, into a close union with Jesus Christ so they can find their true purpose and experience an abundant life.

Scott has appeared on Daystar Christian Television and has been featured in various magazines, as well on various radio programs. He has written five books, Cracking the Wine Case: Unlocking Ancient Secrets in the Christian and Drinking Controversy, Mystery God: How Homosexuality, Abortion, and Radical Islam Will Usher in the End Times, a children's book called, God Loves to Color, Too!, Unbroken: Finding Heaven When Life Hurts Like Hell and a book co-authored with Raven called Receiving God's Cape: Unlocking Supernatural Power for the Believer.

Scott and Raven have been married for 15 years and have four amazing children.

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