Jewel of the East

Jewel of the East

by Victoria Vane
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Jewel of the East 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
2_PMVH More than 1 year ago
A Reformed Fairy Man Whore begins 2 deeply scarred, inside & out, people together & sprinkles his slightly sleazy PIXIE DUST! Simon aka "Sin" Singleton is a 2nd son with 2 BFFs DeVere & Ned, & 2 passions, writing tawdry poems & loose woman. After another night of feeding his endless lust, he is rudely awaken by his Mama! YES that right, standing with not a stitch on him & then he is forced to have yet another speech by Papa, Baron Singleton, but instead of a lecture he is giving a 1 way ticket & an officer's commission to the wilderness called America, to fight under his Uncle Thomas. In America, Simon fought for 9 long years, until he met the wrong end of an "nonexistent" American (American are always so resourceful) cannon. When he does wake up, he has a mutilated hand, is captured & held in filthy & inhuman conditions for 6 long years. Now he is back in England, but in his own personal HADES because he can't stand to be touched & has lost the 2 things he loves most, writing & woman, so he has locked himself away. Simon is either saved or doomed, when DeVere & Ned walk back into his live & plan to heal him even if it kills him. Salime is the mysterious veiled courtesan of London & she was raised in a harem & only allows 1 night of her services per patron, ever! She has had a waiting list longer than most men packages, but lately all her patrons never show & she discovers that the evil Kitty has been masquerading as her, with all her missing clothes, pillows & props. Salime is a woman of many secrets, but her veil covers more than just her face & when Kitty unveils her face, she is unwanted again. She knows of only 1 man who will help her because DeVere owes her. So the reformed Fairy Man Whore, DeVere, brings to 2 lonely, scarred & damaged souls together by putting Simon & Salime in his Arabian Harem Paradise, the DeVere House. She tempts him slowly back into the world with her jasmine scent, Turkish coffee, smoldering eyes above her mysterious veil, sensual Arabic poetry, scandalous dance moves & true understanding of things lost. Simon slowly begin to want to be a better man for her, so he has a bloody shave, bath, actually dresses like a gentleman & begins CRAVES Salime touch. When these 2 do get down & dirty, they light DeVere House on fire with drawn out fiery kisses, scorching caresses & HELLO solar flairs of desires EXPLODE! Soon all masks, or in this case veil, fall & Salime is humble & honored by him as he touches, caresses & accepts her scarred face with his scarred hand (I had an ugly cry) & she was hooked, but fought back the unwelcome feelings. Simon falls hard for her, but she says she has no heart to give him. As with a good romances, they are torn apart by situations, but how far will Simon go to reclaim Salime? Can Salime find her heart before it's too late? Will Society accept them? How will the reformed Fairy Man Whore use his slightly sleazy PIXIE DUST? This the last of the Devil DeVere series book & I am such a romance trailblazer that I have read only Book #1 & now book #5. The 1st book was sex on a HILARIOUS stick, but this book broke & mending my slightly singed romance heart. Ms. Vane created a deeply wounded inside & out Simon & Salime, who both have lived through their own personal HADES! Poor Salime is a heroine who thrived on her many unfair adversity for her own survival. Now Simon has a great troublemaking earlier life, but war ripped away his true passion, writing & woman, he returned as a shell of the man he used to be. Ms. Vane took the bull by the horns (couldn't resist the cowboy reference) & poured her own blood, sweat, tears & libido on overdrive to craft a precious & cherished family heirloom, which are Simon & Salime! Now it would not be a Devil DeVere book without 2 things, HILARIOUSNESS & scenes that active your PLEASURE CENTER! Only Ms. Vane would have a Mom interrupt her son's SEXcapades, reuse the courtesan's name of Kitty & any book with Fairy Man Whore has me ROFL & scaring my reading buddy, Simba, & his hurtful claws. I use great expressions like PULL THE FIRE ALARM, FIRE EXTINGUISHERS WORTHY or even FLAME RESIST UNDIES REQUIRED, but now of these express the shivers & quivers that curled my toes & the butterflies I ate with my much needed Reeces! I think that says it all! Ms. Vane added some great lines like how Salime would say, "Couch me" instead of bed me & she showed a REFORMED DeVere & Diana with their new life which proves that reformed rakes make the best hubbies. So I must give Ms. Vane my top score of 5 fingers up & 10 toes for this sexy heart wrenching & healing romance read. This ARC given for my honest review.