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Special Lieutenant Jewels Enbran, a human telepath unable to shield her mind from thoughts, uses telepathic anchors who protect her vulnerable mind. Her current anchor, Colonel Jeremy Lingley, is nearing burnout. An alien race is seeking an alliance with Earth and the pair are assigned the mission of discovering the aliens' secrets.

Crown Prince Dex LoudRoar is a Gatoan warrior and a royal with a terrible secret. His people wage a constant war against their enemy, the Lupinious empire. But the tide of battle is turning and his people seek help from a new source: the humans of Earth.

With an interstellar war looming, Jewels and Dex seek salvation for their planets and find their destinies changed forever.

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ISBN-13: 9781449502072
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/18/2010
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Lakisha Spletzer is a native of Virginia but currently lives in Florida.

When she's not writing, she can be found reading stories from authors Elissa Malcohn, K.L. Nappier, and Piers Anthony, to name a few.

The adventures rattling around in her head drive her to put pen to paper so that she may share them with others.

She describes her writing style as a blend of her favorite genres.

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Jewels 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Meszim on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I discovered the Adopt an Indie website, and I thought I gave it a shot. I love science fiction, so I picked up this book. Attention: spoilers.First, I must say I expected a science-fiction story. Telepaths, aliens, warriors, space war ¿ what else it could be? Actually it is more. It is a paranormal romance science-fiction book. Yes, there are telepathy involved, but in a higher level than just ¿talking with your mind¿. Yes, there are aliens in the book, though it is funny that cat-like aliens fight with dog-like ones. And yes, there are space ships and war, though that part could last longer for my taste.Being a man, I¿m not expert in romance (didn¿t I say this earlier?), but as far as I can tell, the romance worked just fine. At the end, I believed that the human woman fell in love with the cat prince, and their love and desire became fulfilled.I liked that the telepathy was taken to a higher level. Those characters possessing this ability, not only communicated with each other, but could apply bigger mental forces. I found the mental shielding mate role interesting.I missed some more sci-fi, though. But I know it¿s just me, being science-fiction fan.There is one thing I should mention: there were too much telling instead of showing. I would have appreciated more showing during action, it would make the book more dynamic and enjoyable.I give three stars. This is just because I¿m fan of pure sci-fi. If you like romance and paranormal stories more, you may give it better rating.
C_M_Brown More than 1 year ago
Set in Earth's future this sci-fi adventure/ romance, Jewels, written by Lakisha Spletzer, is an interesting read. Taking readers into a very different future for Earth. One filled with telepathy, military rule (Psi-Ops), advanced technology and caught up in a war between two alien races. The Gatoen Empire, (a race of feline creatures) and a wolf species similar to werewolves from the Lupinious Nation. Jewel, the MC in this story, is a valuable commodity for Earth's telepathic military. She has never known freedom, being brought up by the authorities and used as a weapon because of her abilities. Her only contacts in her life, have been her "Anchors," who help to ground her abilities and keep her in check and her doctor. She finds a connection, which evolves into love, in an alien feline man, when her new mission involves being part of the greeting party to welcome the Gatoen Empire to Earth, in Dex, the prince of the visiting aliens. Jewels is a mix of deception, a struggle for power between different factions and is entwined inside a love story as the telepaths band together to save Earth. This refreshingly, intriguing story is a fun read.
Daky26 More than 1 year ago
It was an easy read, well developed characters and an interesting concept. I enjoyed it through and through. I would recommend it to any Sci-fi, and YA reader. For 99 cents on Kindle it was most definitely worth the cost and I would have easily paid more for it. This is the second book of the author that I have read and am looking forward to the next one of hers I pick up.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Duchess-Maeve More than 1 year ago
Check out this new writer of scifi/fantasy genre. Good character development, fast paced plot, and inventive species. Hard to put down. Looking forward to the next volume!