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Jewish Participation in the Fire Service in the Second World War: Last Voices

Jewish Participation in the Fire Service in the Second World War: Last Voices


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Here, for the first time, is the account of the essential part played by Jewish personnel in Britain's Fire Service during World War II. Ever civic minded, British Jews from all social backgrounds were pre-war volunteers to be trained for dealing with the expected mass bombing of cities by the Germans. After war was declared, by 1940/41, many younger Jewish men and women volunteered or were called up to the armed services, while many who were too old or unfit for the military stayed on with the Fire Service. A considerable number of Jewish men and women played a major role in the civil defense of Britain. Some won bravery awards, including the only George Cross - the highest civilian award for courage - won by a London Fireman during the war. Many gave their lives; this is their story. Through the use of archival material, books, and personal 'Last Voice' interviews, the book has captured part of this extraordinary contribution of daring, effort, and suffering. Numerous, never-before-published photographs illustrate and illuminate the text. *** Librarians: ebook available [Subject: History, Military Studies, Jewish Studies, World War II]

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ISBN-13: 9781910383070
Publisher: Vallentine Mitchell
Publication date: 04/22/2016
Pages: 440
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

List of Plates ix

Dedications xvii

Forewords and Messages xviii

Prologue Martin Sugarman xxvi

Acknowledgements xxviii

List of Abbreviations xxxi

Introduction Stephanie Maltman Martin Sugarman 1

Roll of Honour 13

The Testimonies

1 Bergit Braach 45

2 Sam Chauveau 47

3 Leonard Clements 55

4 Harry Errington/Ehrengott, GC 57

5 Sidney Gabriel 67

6 Hyman Gilbert 69

7 Joe Gilbert 71

8 Manny Gold 73

9 Samuel Guttenberg/Godfrey 77

10 Sidney Hart/Hartz 83

11 Martin Hichberger 85

12 Renee Hurst née Gordon 87

13 Margaret 'Peggy' Jacobs née Joseph, BEM 89

14 Eric Kaufmann 93

15 Sylvia Kay(e) 95

16 Jack Krisman 97

17 Noel Landau, BEM 101

18 Leslie Leveson 105

19 Ben Levinson 107

20 Albert 'Bert' Levy 109

21 Renee Malin née Titton 113

22 Leonard Marks 115

23 Hyman Mesnick 117

24 Marie Morris née Garcia 125

25 Ruth Myers née Carne 127

26 Andrew Nunes Nabarro, GM 129

27 Abraham 'Alf' Nathan 131

28 Morris Nathan 133

29 Rudolf Peierls 135

30 Charles Poulsen/Paulsen 137

31 Lou Sherman 149

32 Reuben Wilner 153

Short Stories 157

Epilogue Charles Poulsen 181

Record of Honour 185

The Parliamentary Documents 321

Some of those who Served 325

Appendix 1 A Note on Other Fire Units 387

Appendix 2 Aspects of Anti-Semitism 389

Appendix 3 Attitudes to Aliens 393

Selected Bibliography 395

Index 397

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