Jews and Muslims in Lower Yemen: A Study in Protection and Restraint, 1918-1949

Jews and Muslims in Lower Yemen: A Study in Protection and Restraint, 1918-1949

by Isaac Hollander
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Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.

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Jews and Muslims in Lower Yemen: A Study in Protection and Restraint, 1918-1949

This fascinating microhistory unveils networks of extended interpersonal relationships between Jewish villagers and members of their Muslim surroundings in the decades preceding their 1949 departure from Lower Yemen. In a multi-layered narrative crafted from letters and legal documents in Arabic and an accompanying supply of Judeo-Arabic narratives, the book portrays how religiously subordinated individuals strove to pursue their interests without forgoing the protection of the dominant majority. At once shedding new light on both Jewish history and on rural Yemeni-Muslim history, the work provides a rare, pre-republican (pre-1962) portrait of rural life in Lower Yemen while positioning the Jewish community in the context of hitherto little-understood social, legal, economic and political systems.

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ISBN-13: 9789004140127
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 11/29/2004
Series: Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East and Asia Series , #96
Pages: 484
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 9.64(h) x 1.51(d)

Table of Contents

List of Illustrationsxiii
Preface and Acknowledgmentsxvii
Note on Stylexxi
Lexical Notexxii
Introduction and Plan of Workxxv
Chapter 1Sources and Method1
IThe Yemeni Document Caches1
IIThe Interview Notebooks17
IIIScholarly Sensibility and Textual Imagination24
Chapter 2The Framework30
IHeadmanship and the Jewish Village Community30
IIPlace (One: Lower Yemen)40
IIITribesmen, Zaydi Elite, Imams and Lower Yemen45
IVThe Shaykhly Territory53
VPlace (Two: al-Maqhaya)57
Chapter 3Foundations of a Working Hypothesis70
IThe Rise of the Shu`aybis: From "Days of Corruption" to Ottoman Administration70
IIThe Mutawakkilite Takeover of Lower Yemen90
III"Upper" Bilad al-Shu`aybi and the Mutawakkilite Takeover95
IV"Lower" Bilad al-Shu`aybi and the Mutawakkilite Takeover102
Chapter 4The Shaykh and the `Aqil118
IIThe Path to Headmanship123
IIIHeadmanship, Conversion, Adjudication, Security of Financial Undertakings: Shaykh Muhammad and his Jews138
Chapter 5Jizya Headmanship-and Hayyim Misha162
IIYusuf al-Jamal of Liwa' Ta`izz167
IIIAl-Jamal and his Villagers170
IVAl-Jamal and the Treasury174
VAl-Jamal and Other Contractors181
VIAl-Jamal and al-Maqhaya184
VIIJizya Collection in Qada' Ibb186
VIII"Confusion," or Change and Continuity: Salim "al-Darrab"189
IXHayyim Misha and Jizya Headmanship199
Chapter 6Yahya Hayyim and Jizya Headmanship202
IIDarrab's Debt202
IIIYahya Hayyim, Jizya Headman212
Chapter 7Towards a Conclusion: Supplanted Authorities and Reinterpreted Relationships222
IIThe Lingering Authority of Shaykh Muhammad `Abd al-Qawi223
III1944: The Rise of Shaykh Muhsin `Abd al-Qawi230
IV1947: The Death of Muhammad `Abd al-Qawi and the Succession Issue243
V1948: The Death of Imam Yahya and Another Reversal245
VISummary: Towards a Conclusion251
Chapter 8Bilad al-`Adharib and the Bani al-Munifi254
IBeyond the Home Territory: An Introduction254
IIThe Munifis during the "Days of Corruption"258
IIILaw and Order in Bilad al-`Adharib: Temporal Authority264
IVLaw and Order in Bilad al-`Adharib: Religious Authority279
VInterim Conclusion308
Chapter 9The Brink of Dhimma: Negotiating with the Bani al-Munifi of Bilad al-`Adharib311
IIThe Dwayd-Munifi Equilibrium313
Chapter 10A Threshold Crossed: Yahya Hayyim and Hajj Muhammad of Bilad al-Hayqi336
IIA Field Named "Maqlid"337
IIIA Field Named "Hijfar"350
IVA Hamlet Named "Masha`ib"371
Appendix AEpilogue413
Appendix BNotes on the Grain-Storage Function429
Appendix CGregorian/Hijri Years and Table of Events (1918-1949)435
Appendix DBibliographical Appendix438
IThe Documentary Sources438
IIThe Narrative Sources452

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