by Douglas Smith

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BN ID: 2940148144373
Publisher: Douglas Smith
Publication date: 06/01/2011
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

"His stories are a treasure trove of riches that will touch your heart while making you think." --Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author"One of Canada's most original writers of speculative fiction." --Library Journal"A great storyteller with a gifted and individual voice." --Charles de LintDouglas Smith is an award-winning author of speculative fiction, with over a million words of fiction published in thirty countries and two dozen languages.He has won Canada's Aurora Award three times and has been a finalist for the international John W. Campbell Award, Canada's juried Sunburst Award, the CBC Bookies award, and France's juried Prix Masterton and Prix Bob Morane.Doug's book length works include:THE WOLF AT THE END OF THE WORLD (Lucky Bat Books, 2013) - Urban fantasy novelCHIMERASCOPE (ChiZine, 2010) - Finalist for the Sunburst Award, Aurora Award, and CBC Bookies AwardIMPOSSIBILIA (PS Publishing, 2008) - Finalist for the Aurora AwardLA DANSE DES ESPRITS (Dreampress, 2011) - Finalist for France's Prix Masterton and Prix Bob MoraneIn 2010, an independent film producer released a multi-award winning short film based on Doug's story "By Her Hand, She Draws You Down." Films based on his stories "A State of Disorder" and "Memories of the Dead Man" are also in the works.Website: smithwriter.comTwitter: smithwrtrSELECTED REVIEWS"Smith's writing, evocative yet understated, gracefully brings to life his imagined realms." -- Quill and Quire *Starred Review*"Smith paints his worlds so well that you are transported within a paragraph or two and remain in transit until the story ends." --Broken Pencil, The Magazine of Zine Culture and the Independent Arts"Echoes of Stephen King, Richard Matheson, and Clive Barker haunt the halls of Smith's work, but the end result is completely original, and always enthralling." --Cory Redekop"Douglas Smith is an extraordinary author whom every lover of quality speculative fiction should read." --Fantasy Book Critic"Smith is definitely an author who deserves to be more widely read." --Strange Horizons"I've yet to read a work of his that wasn't beautifully written, but more than that, his stories resonate with a deep understanding of the human condition as well as a characteristic wry wonder... Stories you can't forget, even years later." --Julie Czerneda, award-winning author and editor"An ambitious and adventurous new writer." --Gardner Dozois, author and editor"Smith is a master of beginnings ... some of the most well-crafted hooks you'll find anywhere: deft introductions to the characters and their not-quite-familiar worlds packed into just a sentence or two that draw the reader in. As for the endings ... Smith's tendency is to forego the shocking twist for endings that feel satisfying and right, a trade-off that I'll take any day." --Canadian Science Fiction Reviews

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Jigsaw 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chapter Four 'Where's Ivypaw?' I wonder. "You okay, Jaypaw?" My mentor, Foxflower, asks. "Yeah." I say, glancing back at her. I search the cats, then remember. Ivypaw's a medicine cat! I can never wrap my mind around that. I mean, she's just not very medicine cat-like. I look towards the Moon Rocks, the huge stones at the front of the clearing. Sure enough, Ivypaw's there. She's fidgeting and looking uncomfortable, but doesn't leave. I bound over to the medicine cats, dipping my head to them. "Hi. Can I, uh, speak with you, Ivypaw?" I stutter. "Sure." She meows, standing and padding after me. FrostClan and AirClan arrive, one after the other. Ivypaw and I weave through the crowd. A white shecat with silvery markings pads by. She stops when she sees Ivypaw. "Hey!" She mews. "Hi, Swanpaw." She mumbles. Swanpaw... Ivypaw's sister! Duh! We move on before Swanpaw can continue. Two AirClan apprentices are racing to some FlameClan apprentices. They slam into Ivypaw, who staggers and falls. "Oops!" One shecat giggles and races off. The tom pauses. "S-sorry." He stammers. "'S okay." Ivypaw grumbles, getting up and shaking out her pelt. The tom—pale gray with white paws—pads after the shecat and their friends, glancing back at Ivypaw. "You know him?" I ask. "Um, yeah. That's Onepaw." "Oh." Two warriors pad by, chatting and laughing. We move around a group of elders sharing stories. I pick up on a few words. "-then flames erupted from the Twoleg nest, and we bolted into the woods! The ghosts of the rogues haunt the place even now." An old tom missing an ear finishes. I glance back, intrigued. Then Foxflower's words rush back to me, and I press on. We reach the edge of the clearing, and pad into the forest beyond. When we're far enough away from the noisy Gathering, I stop. "What was the sign?" Ivypaw presses. "You didn't forget?" I'm stunned. "It's all I thought about! So, what was it? I can hardly sit still!" "THAT'S why you were so fidgety..." "No. I can't stand it when they talk about herbs. No offense." "It's kinda boring." I admit. "The sign, Jaypaw!" She snaps, lashing her dappled tail. "Oh, sorry. She saw six birds in the herb garden. Then six more joined them, and they all flew away." "What!?" Disappointment and anger flash across her face. "So you wanted to tell me about Foxflower's BIRD-WATCHING!?" "That's not all!" I snap. "A voice said, 'the six send twelve of their youngest to find the savior.'" "No. That can't be right." She shakes her head, her green eyes flashing. "Huh? Why not?" I don't understand. Of course it's right! "I... saw six fish in the stream. Six more came, and they all swam away." "And?" I press. I'm hanging on yto her every word—nothing goes unheard. "And then I heard those exact same words." I'm speechless. Ivypaw tilts back her head to watch the sky. "What's happening, Jaypaw? What do they want from us?" I wish I could answer her.