Job Card

Job Card

by Maurice White


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ISBN-13: 9781456716691
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/21/2011
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

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Job Card

By Maurice White


Copyright © 2010 Maurice White
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-1669-1

Chapter One

Job card

This is a story about a man named Hutch that worked as a driver for a local trucking company doing interior demolition out and around the city for big or small companies that owned their own buildings.

Hutch has worked for this trucking company a good number of years since meepbo (the boss) took over from his former partner Michael Gitano. Being a good hearted hard working big man with a sense of humor with the strangest luck, not knowing it was about to get more crazier than ever filled with car chases, fights, women and even shootings. All behind one of three untraceable credit cards with unlimited spending ability and some bottles of cologne he found in a lab. Starting with the gold-capped one makes women mad at the man that wares it. The black capped one makes women afraid of the man that wares it, and last is silver-capped one makes women very horny for the man that wares it. All the cologne are activated by the mans heat and sweat, and the more he heats up and sweats the stronger the scent plus affect is on women and maybe other female species.

With out knowing how and what he really took from the building, Hutch did not know what kind of trouble these things would get him and his friends into.

From being chased by men that want to kill him and take the credit cards for themselves, he also winds up dodging a greedy deranged spiteful ex-girlfriend with issues about all man in her life.

Hutch gets involved with three beautiful women( Donna, Erikaa and Janet) and they all wind up fall in love with each other( him and the three women). The ex girl friend feeling vengeful about it and because she tries to change Hutch into a what she wants him to be, in between all the parties at his house and them going out to clubs, bowling and doing other things he gets into not by his doing.

Conspiring wanna be mobsters Markola and his psycho cousin Mario, that want to take that credit card from Hutch and use it for themselves. Since they found out about the credit card shaving unlimited spending ability and they try everything they can to get their hands on that credit card.

Kidnapping one of the ladies(Donna), to shooting Hutch in an car chase. Only things is Hutch does not know why they are chasing him like in the beginning, until one of the three women let in on why they're chasing him showing the amount on the credit card because they thought he was hiding his wealth.

They tell Hutch this is what these are after him about, all the while trying to deal with the job and the crazy things on it and the worker that has the biggest issues with him( Moniram).

From Moni the kiss ass informer who tell the boss everything about everyone, to the bosses daughters getting a whiff of the cologne and having sexual desires for him any time any where, the story get wilder and wilder and has one of those burning questions.

What would you do if you got hold of an unlimited spending ability untraceable credit card and didn't know it in your normal life.

This one of three stories find out what one hard working honest big hearted man would do with such a thing, and try to figure out how it mixes with his family and friends plus work place.

This story is based on some of the things that Hutch has gone though in real life but some of the names and situations have not been changed but enhanced to protect the insane.

Written by Hutch maddness( Maurice white)

This story is dedicated to those special people that came to me at a time in my life when things wasn't so great but with their help this couldn't be possible. They all knew that strange things always happens to me so they told me that I should one day try and write about it in a story so to them I dedicate this story. My mother Betty white, my brother Derrick, and my sons Reese Rj and Steve Lt, and Maurice.

To my always will be daughters stuffing and squirt( Evelaine and Evelynn) and especially to my brothers

Starting with Larry , Steve, Gerard, Norland, Criss,


He's helped me by always checking on me and telling to keep with and don't give up on a dream no matter what. For his love of daughter Alex, and all the people in his life especially his mother and sisters, cousin Dolwin, the saying he taught us all! FFCF- FAMILY FRIENDS COME FIRST!

To my second mom mable bey and my second father Mr. ernie bey. To my sister and brothers -cousin: connie, (twins)sherri and terri - keith, derrick, Cordell, Robbie, lil-ernie.

To the brothers D.M 4.L GRAN DRUNKEN MASTERS 4 LIFE, Jazz, Dave, Steel, Derrick, Doug, Dougie, Mac, C-man, D-train, Byron, la-Machine, Tyrone, Maddness, Goodie, Drea, herb.

Associate D.M ::

Tyson, tone, ja, dakim, love god, nappy red, me-2, Joey hope, p-wile, Gary, and others.

Old friends like brothers: Gerard Mcgriff, Steven battle, Norland and criss fungoland Junior, celwen, paul, mike. Dread Tunkey James

You never know what lies under your nose or even in the very city that you work in.

Everyday people go on the nine to five. Some one like the local garbage man may have his life changed from the ordinary to something unusual in just a blink of an eye or being in the wrong place at the right time

Posing the question what would you do with three unlimited funded untraceable black credit cards!

4:30am Hutch gets up to do the long drive into another brough so he can punch in and get the dirty looks from his co-workers. The only who drives a truck that has a music system in it out of a company fifteen drivers, the only black driver in a all Italian company. Moni- short for Moniram. A foreman that works in and outside on the job for the demolition company. The boss (Meepbo) refers to him and Hutch as brothers, even though Hutch is 6'3and 287lbs of mass and muscle. With a very good sense of humor, kind heart and very generous but a master at rigging and pulling pranks with anything around or at hand.

Moni is 5'6 and 168lbs Guynese man, has a nack of being in the right place at the right time and running back to tell the boss their every move, or will black mail the person to get something from them and tells the boss anyway what he found out.

The day starts with a phone call to the demolition company where Hutch works about a big job to be done.

They need the company to clear out this eighteen story office building in Manhattan in 90 days.

When the company dispatched Hutch( driver of the garbage truck) and Moni (foreman of the work crew) to start work on the building, they didn't know that it would be the wildest time there and beginning that would change Hutch's life.

The job is located in manhattan on chambers street off Broadway, near the mayor office close to Brooklyn Bridge. Not knowing that it was a secret science professional military operations building, that some how Hutch's company got called instead of the the state to do the job of interrior demolition on the building

Because the compay has the name of state and city demolition, some one in the state department got the name and information wrong for the job to be done and called the company they work for to do the job.

Once they got the call, Hutch and Moni was dispatched to start work on the building.

Like always Hutch gets there first and starts to over look the building and what they have to do there.

Waiting for Moni and the crew to show up and once they have arrived, their giving badges to walk around the building and have access to some of the bathrooms and elevators.

Waiting outside for them to starts bringing down the stuff from the building to be crushed in the garbage truck , Hutch decides to take get dressed for the task ahead.

Putting on his coveralls with the sleeve cut off them so they don't get snagged on anything and clipping on his I-pod, with his shades on to keep the sun out of his eyes and make him look cool.

This twenty story builing needed its interior redone floor by floor and with the work crew of forty five men, all labors from the local union hall and two garbage packer trucks to crush and take away the debris.

Moni and some of the junior foremen take the crew in the building and start bring down material.

Hutch and the other driver inspect the stuff that comes out the building and notices all the good things that are coming out of the building in some of the containers there in.

The security guard told Hutch he had to crush everything they bring out to the truck so that way no one would get their hands on vital material.

As the day wen on Hutch would take some of the heavier things and throw them in the truck with out help from the crew, it would have a lot of women and men looking at this big strong man lifting heavy things.

Once near the truck he would throw them in with a loud boom or thump, then crushing it using the packing power of the trucks big blade to crush, with people watching him stand by the thing that would get crushed.

Showing off he'd lifts desks and conference tables over his head as women walked by, then having it in his truck while it's being crushed he would listen to his music grooving while making his job look real easy.

More and more containers would come out to the truck with things from the offices as the day went on.

There would be time when people would watch Hutch crush up some of the biggest thing that came out of the office building, but each time it peaked his curiosity about what kind of building he was working at.

Taking a good look at the building from the outside and seeing that it has no name and no windows either only an address number with big vents for air, Hutch decides to investagate the building from himself.

Waiting for the right time to go in the building, Hutch talks to one of the labors that he knows and get him to give up his badge so that Hutch could walk in the building pass the security guard with no problem.

Once incise he gets on the elevator and goes up thinking would find the bathroom on his own being nosey.

The elevator car stopped on one of the floors and Hutch got off thinking that he could find the bathroom on his own without asking anyone there.

Seeing some men come of a room he thought it could be the bathroom he was looking for, but as he tried the door it wouldn't open for him.

Looking at the door and seeing the letters HCA-mensroom not knowing it means High Clearance Agents.

The only thing he was really looking at was the last word mensroom and wanted to use it before he bust.

Hutch was about to leave when the door opens up again and when the man came out of it, he waited for him to go out of sight and ran to stop it from closing hoping to catch it open to see what's in there.

Going in Hutch sees it looked like normal rest room, first looking at himself in the mirror and thinking about which stall he should use to go to the bathroom.

Leaning on the wall he pushes a tile and it goes in as the door for the last stall opens up and he walks over to it and sees there's nothing incise besides a toilet bowl and paper that looks normal to him.

Going in and closing the door behind him this section of wall flips open and there are thee black credit card for the taking, but Hutch looks around like if there was someone playing a joke on him.

Not sure of what he should do, opening the stall door and the cards go backing in the wall as he leaves the stall, thinking about it he goes back and opens the stall door again he find the card not there.

Puzzled he doesn't see them and wondering where did they go and having second thoughts he should've taken them. He remembers he first pushed in a tile on the wall which made the stall door open so he feels the wall again to try and find that one spot to see where he pushed in the tile which made the stall open then he could go in and close the door to make the credit cards come out. Franticly he goes over the whole wall and then he finally get's the spot where the tile went in and the last stall opened up again.

Going in closing the door seeing them come back out and taking one at first and then thinking about it he takes all three and puts them in his pocket, about to hurry up and leave he looks at the toilet while in there he uses the toilet and leaves his own present special kind of present that gives for a while.

Leaving out the HCA mensroom and heading up to see where he could find Moni and tell him that he's going to dump the truck.

Hutch sees one of the men that work there telling a labor to put one of those computers in the containers that lines the hall waiting to go out to be dumped outside one of the offices.

Seeing one of the office workers there he asked could he have the computer since they was going to throw it out, the man told Hutch he could have the stuff just as long as it's not anything marked to stay there.

after he found Moni saying he was going to dump his truck, Hutch took the container with him down to the truck. Outside he pushes the container to the front of his truck, putting the computer in the front with him.

He gave back the badge to the worker so he could leave to dump the truck so he could be back before they went to lunch.

Dealing with the traffic Hutch manages to get where all the trucker stop and have a quick bite to eat at the lunch truck that all the truckers stop at before dumping their trucks.

There he sees one of his good friends Gerard and he was telling Hutch about one of the ladies that got away from him the other night and what he would do to have a good time with a beautiful woman.

Chowing down a couple of dirty water dogs with everything plus a energy water, they talk abit before he goes to dump his truck.

Like always at the dump site they let Hutch get in front of most of the truck there because they like him better than most driver that come there and he brings them water or juice, even icecream on hot days.

The scale woman likes his sense of humor when he come there because he cheers her up no matter what type of bad day she goes through, telling him all the time he never seem to have a bad day and brings that with him when he comes to see her even though he dump his trash there and leaves her wanting more.

They laugh at the way she says it to him and for the rest of the day she has a good time at work.

Now that his truck was empty Hutch hurries back from queens to manhattan so he could be there before they went to lunch, that way he could see all the working women come out for lunch around the buildings.

He handles the truck like his own personal little sports car as he flies through the tunnel and to come out and deal with all the yellow taxi cabs and black Lincoln continetal cab drivers there in the city.

Hutch teaches some of the cabbies there how not to make a big man who drives a big truck mad at them and show them how not to cut him off and give him the finger.

Making it back in time as the other truck was full and about to pull off for the dump, he pulls in the other drivers space infront of the building as he leaves then turns up his music.

Lunch time and all the people that work in the offices come out for lunch or to take that much needed break from the office building.

Hutch and some of the men that work with him sit out in front of the building listen to the music coming from his truck and just watch the fashion show of women about to begin as they took their lunch breaks.

Watching all the women parade from one spot and another to get what they wanted to eat, Hutch and some of the workers make comments and judge what women look like and how tight the outfit they had on was.

After lunch was over they work steady till it's time to go home. Once at home Hutch does what he always do, empty out his pocket and take a shower to get ready because friends had called said that they were coming over to plan what they was going to do for the weekend.

Checking his phone message hearing who's coming and who can't make it, he sits out the beer like he always do and get his writing pad for ideas. He knows there's one more day of work before the weekend, as he greets them at the door first one in is Jazz, then Dougie, C-man, 2Soon, Steel, Mac, Dee, Goodie, La-Machine, Herb, Tys and Tyrone and Doug with D-Train, followed by dream, they want to hang out for that night.

Even though they knew he wouldn't and gave them a hard time about it because he rather wait till Friday.

So after small talk they went on their way and told Hutch till Friday and the drinking begins.

The next day Hutch comes in early and get his truck and is told he's got to go back to the same assignment in manhattan and that building.


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