Job Interview Tips for People with Not-so-Hot Backgrounds: How to Put Red Flags Behind You!

Job Interview Tips for People with Not-so-Hot Backgrounds: How to Put Red Flags Behind You!

by Caryl Krannich, Ron Krannich


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Here's the book that speaks to millions of individuals who have difficult but promising backgrounds. It examines how to best prepare to answer sensitive job interview questions. Shows how to provide honest and positive answers that demonstrate you are the most promising candidate despite your background.

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ISBN-13: 9781570232138
Publisher: Impact Publications VA
Publication date: 02/28/2004
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 6.11(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.38(d)

Table of Contents

1What Employers Want in Today's Job Market1
Fictitious Backgrounds, Cautious Employers2
The Truth About You3
Positive Workplace Characteristics4
Predicting Your Best Behavior5
Employee Who Shows Up for Work5
Employee Who Gets Along With Co-Workers6
Employee Who Follows Orders7
Employee Who Listens to Instructions8
Employee Who Is Trustworthy9
Employee Who Will Stay With the Company9
Employers Want the Truth About You11
Think Like the Employer11
2People With Not-So-Hot Backgrounds13
Red Flag Days14
Risky Business16
No Experience17
Poor Grades17
No Diploma or Degree17
Been Fired18
Job Hopper18
No Focus to the Jobs Held19
Poor References19
Criminal Record20
Test Your Knock-Out Potential21
Identify and Deal With Your Red Flags22
3Clues Employers Look for to Determine Successful "Fit"24
Looking for Hiring Clues25
Verbal Exchange25
Nonverbal Cues26
Comparing Verbal and Nonverbal Messages27
Appearance and Dress27
Tone of Voice and Eye Contact28
Facial Expression28
Body Language29
What's Your True Message?29
Ask Yourself30
4Turn Red Flags Into Green Lights32
Identify Your Personal Red Flags33
Questions That Follow Red Flags38
Prepare to Lower Your Red Flags39
Get Rid of the Red Flag(s)42
Plan the Gist of Your Explanations43
5Prepare to Meet the Employer's Needs: The Verbal Exchange45
Research the Company and the Job46
Match Your Goals/Strengths to the Employer's Needs47
Prepare to Complete an Application or Test48
Prepare for Questions50
Questions About Your Personal Life51
Questions About Your Education52
Questions About Your Experience52
Questions About Your Accomplishments and Work Style52
Questions About Your Goals and Motivation53
Questions About Your Future Goals/Plans54
Practice for the Interview54
Ask Yourself55
6Nonverbal Behaviors That Meet Needs and Exceed Expectations56
Manage Your Physical Appearance and Dress - Men57
Manage Your Physical Appearance and Dress - Women58
Make Your Body Language Say Positive Things About You59
Eye Contact and Facial Expression61
Vocal Expression62
Your Total Nonverbal Message62
Ask Yourself63
7At the Interview: Wow the Interviewer64
Good Preparation Wins65
Last Minute Advice65
Entering the Office and Waiting for the Interviewer67
As the Interview Begins68
During the Interview76
Listen for Underlying Messages and Questions69
Dealing With Questions About a Difficult Background71
Accentuate the Positive72
Ask Yourself73
8Avoid 35 Common Interview Errors74
It's a Very Stressful Time75
Mistakes You Shouldn't Make75
9Challenging Questions and Sample Answers85
101 Questions You May Be Asked86
Unexpected and Wacky Questions91
Behavior- and Situation-Based Questions93
Red Flag Questions and Issues94
Poor Grades95
No Diploma97
Were Fired98
Job Hopper100
No Focus to Jobs Held102
Poor References103
Abused Drugs or Alcohol109
Questions You Should Ask111
Ask Yourself112
10Close and Follow Up the Interview114
Respond to a Job Offer115
Close With No Job Offer ... Yet116
Send a Thank You Letter117
Ask Yourself119
11When You Need Help Along the Way120
Alternative Career Services121
Locating a Certified Career Professional128
Dealing With Difficult Backgrounds128
Useful Books and Websites129
Ask Yourself131
The Authors137
Career Resources139

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