by Jen Frederick


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ISBN-13: 9781523886098
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/04/2016
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 976,417
Product dimensions: 4.90(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Jen Frederick is the USA Today bestselling author of several romance series, including the Woodlands books and the Hitman novels. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, daughter, and one rambunctious dog. Visit her at

Shirl Rae is a seasoned narrator who can be heard on the Best Women's Erotica of 2006 compilation.

Marc Bachmann grew up in the Midwest, where his heart was lit up by the words of Shelley, Poe, and Byron. It is the thrill of his life to record books. Marc lives in the woods, where he records from home and enjoys reading by the fire with a glass of wine and playing with his dog, Bingo.

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Jockblocked 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really nice story. Loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this story!! So good!!
khulseman More than 1 year ago
Can the captain of the football team win the heart of the quirky driven girl who really sees through his bravado? If you love new/college adult stories that feature sexy sports stars with lots of steam then look no further than Lucy and Matty's story. This is book 2 of Ms Frederick's Gridiron series. This book stands alone as I can attest. The book was gifted to me from a friend in my reader group. After reading this story I definitely wanted to read the first, Sacked. Is it necessary? Nope. Jen Frederick's gives you a complete story and introduces the previous characters where you never feel lost. Did this story and it's characters connect with me? Well, to be honest no. But I'm definitely out of college and not have the issues these characters deal with. Was it an entertaining story that kept me moving through the pages? Yes, for a sports romance it kept my interest and entertained me with how Matty was going to convince Lucy to take a chance. Now, note the part that this is a sports romance. It's heavy on the sports and other college experience. Not bad but what was lacking in me to make a complete connection. This was a first time read for this established author for me. I recommend if you truly enjoy new/college adult romance books. 4.0 out of 5 stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this series and the Warriors
kimberlyfaye More than 1 year ago
I love my sports romances – especially when the sport in question is football – and Jen Frederick's Gridiron is quickly becoming one of my favorite series in the genre. Not only do I love the sports aspect, I have mad respect for the amount of stats and trivia that are worked seamlessly into the story. The feel and passion for football is so strong in these books. Since I'm a passionate football fan, that's one of my favorite things about it. But, these books are so much more than sports. They're great coming of age stories with characters you can't help but fall in love with. And, even more importantly, they're unique. The way common new adult "issues" are handled is often different in this series than in others I've read. (You know, like the characters TALK when there's a problem.) I adored Matt and Lucy together. Yes, he'd slept with a lot of girls in the past and it did make me cringe a little. But that all flew out the window when he met Lucy. The connection he felt with her was strong from the start and he treated her like gold. Matt totally hit my favorite book boyfriends list. He was sweet and sexy and had a bit of a dirty mouth (rawr!). He was passionate and driven when it came to football AND Lucy. It took me a little more time to warm up to Lucy. I mean, I got her. She was cautious and weighed the pros and cons. And, with her health problem, she had reason to. It even made sense that she was wary of Matt. His past wasn't a secret. There are photos all over the internet. She might've been quicker to believe he was the real deal if it hadn't been for her best friend, Ace. (I can't even get into this guy except to say he is one of the most loathsome characters I've had the displeasure of reading recently. I truly hope he never gets a book. I don't think I could/would read it. There are so many other amazing secondary characters who are more deserving, IMHO.) But, I digress. This is all about Matt and Lucy and how they really had it all together – feels, heat and even communication (*gasp*!). I fell so hard for these two and thoroughly enjoyed their story. If you're a fan of sporty, sweet and sexy new adult romances, the Gridiron series should absolutely be on your TBR. As I said above, it's quickly become one of my favorites in the genre. I can't wait for the next book! I'm ready for Jack's story and another look at some of these wonderful characters. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this story. Couldn't put it down!
christokes More than 1 year ago
I have always enjoyed a well written sports romance. Jockblocked hits all the markers for a well rounded and fun new adult sports romance. This genre is so much fun to read. Romantic stories are better when you add in another theme, and in this case, sports adds so much. In a story about athletes, you get a glimpse into a new dynamic. There is a team, a family by choice that is bound together by a common love and goal. There is dedication, adrenaline, and cocky, fun-loving characters. Jen Frederick does a great job of blending the romantic elements with the sports elements set in a new adult world. There is emotion, drama, and angst that gives the reader a fun and intriguing book that you want to read. The characters in this book are spot on. Matty is the epitome of the cocky athlete with the world at his finger tips. When a challenge presents itself in the form of the beautiful Lucy, he finds a drive to something different and exciting. On the surface these two characters seems like complete opposites and the story starts to seem like a classic opposites attract tale. But the more you read, the more you being to see their similarities. The differences only attract them to one another and the similarities cause a common ground to grow on. Matty and Lucy are two fantastic characters that represent their role in the genre so well. He is the unapologetic athlete with the world at his beck and call, but Jen makes him into something deeper the more you read. Lucy is the uptight leading lady, but she evolves into a woman who learns confidence in who she is and striving to hold onto and go after what she wants. Jockblocked is a story brimming with humor, passion, steam, and personal growth. I loved watching these two main characters grow together and, more importantly, seeing them learn things about themselves that allowed them to grow individually. This book bands together an unruly cast of characters and when I finished reading, I was so excited for more from this series. Not only are the main characters fantastic, but all the secondary people you meet are intriguing and deserving of the spotlight in their own right. I am hoping for many more stories in the Gridiron series and getting to see glimpses of Matty and Lucy in the future!
Shadowplay4u More than 1 year ago
Raw. Irresistible. Ravishing. Jock Blocked is one of those books that will capture your attention and heart before you realize what is happening. It will silently wrap its delectable passion around you and then seep unknowingly into your heart until you are completely overwhelmed and irrevocably head over heels in love with this story and its superb characters. Reading a Jen Frederick story is like having your own unique spa day coupled with a beautifully romantic evening with your significant other while being showered with a love so deep and lasting that you know you will never be the same again. Whatever you do, please don’t miss out! Matthew can only see amazing things in his future. All he needs to do is to play his heart out, train like a mindless animal, and listen to his coach as if his life depends on it. He enjoys every bit of the adoration of his fellow students, sponsors, and fans. All of his needs and wants are offered even before he can voice them. There are no worries or concerns in his life until coach sends his peaceful, fun life into a wild tailspin. Out of nowhere, he is issued the command to take on more responsibility and cares than he wants to. If that’s not enough to deal with, fate hands him an angelic, feisty beauty that takes his breath away and awakens his slumbering heart. When he tries to ask her out, she does the impossible and flat out denies him. With his mind in utter disarray, he falls back to what he does best – he puts his entire being into wearing her down and convincing her to give him a chance. Will Lucy take a crazy and inconceivable risk in giving Matt a chance, or will she teach him that some risks aren’t worth it even if the reward would be like Heaven on Earth? Lucy and Matt truly blew me away with their journey. It was wild, uncontrolled, and raw, but it was life in its purest form. Life cannot be planned and reformed into our perfect fantasy. I will give you points in trying, but good luck in making it stick. The stunning reality is that the complete surprise that life is proves to be the sandpaper that smoothes out our rough edges and wipes away the protection of childhood to allow us to shine brilliantly and offer our irreplaceable gifts and abilities to a world that would be sorely lacking without them. Watching Lucy and Matt step out of their comfort zones to discover who they really are was both heartbreaking and exhilarating! There is nothing like finding your place in the world and also opening your life and heart to those around you. You are never truly the same again, and that’s a good thing. Dare to become more and in the process watch how much your view of yourself and the world will change. Jen Frederick is a marvelous gift and a magnificent author that has touched my heart and life in a way that I will feel for years to come. She is a beautiful human being and a marvelous crafter of words. I have enjoyed the few books from her that I have had the privilege to experience and enjoy. To read one of her books is to give up your heart at the beginning of each story and enjoy the thrilling and extraordinary rollercoaster that she takes you on. You will never regret a moment that you spend savoring her out of this world talent. I encourage every reader to pick up one of her books because you will never be the same again.
kgagnon More than 1 year ago
This second novel in the Gridiron series is a beautiful friends to lovers romance! Matthew "Matty" Iverson is the sexy, popular linebacker for the Warriors. He is riding the high of a championship when Coach asks him to step up and be a leader and new team captain. Matty has always had fun and is not happy about being the responsible role model. But one night he was feeling restless and finds himself at the campus coffee shop where he meets Lucy "Goldie" Washington. She is so different from all the jersey chasers who throw themselves at him. She is smart, witty, kind, and dismissive of all his advances. Instead of being turned off by her rejections it invigorates him and only makes him want her more. Lucy's whole life is about risk assessment and keeping herself and her heart safe. Busy preparing for Mock Trial, she tells herself she doesn't have time to date, especially someone like Matty. Lucy only dates safe, boring men and Matty was anything but. I loved how Ms. Frederick took the time to let their relationship grow and develop so that when they finally came together it was genuine, honest and explosive. I really liked them together and found they were more alike than opposites. The secondary characters added fun and tension giving this story so much intrigue and depth. I thought the conversations and trash talking with Hammer was adorable and hilarious. This was a fun, engaging, and steamy romance with so much heart! I loved it and can't wait for more Gridiron.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this story! I appreciated the way this story moved along, the openness of the characters, and that the angst that does come about isn't held onto for long but is worked through in a realistic manner. Some of my favourite scenes involved Lucy and her roommates - they were really a great group and obviously held a lot of affection for each other and had each other's backs. Plus, there were lots of laughs as the girls dish on everything. Equally, Matty's relationship with his guy friends, especially his defense side teammates, gave a lot of laughs and some cringeworthy moments too, as Matty starts to realize that it's time for him to put his player behavior to rest if he wants to have a relationship with Lucy. They were really a fun match, Lucy with her ideas of how to minimize risk combined with Matty who has always done what he wanted without necessarily thinking of the consequences.. But the best part is that they learn from each other. Lucy realizes that taking chances doesn't have to end in heartbreak, and Matty learns to make better choices. They both make mistakes, there is no doubt about that. But they learn from them too, and they own up to them, which is even more important if you want a relationship to succeed. And while they are doing all this learning, let's not forget that they are having a pretty stellar sex life! Matty's got skills, and Lucy is happy to be on the receiving end (though she tries not to think of the women that have come (haha) before her). She has to trust that his past will stay in the past, and that he's mature enough to put that reputation behind him. Of course, that doesn't mean that it's not going to be trotted out by Ace, bitter over her burgeoning relationship with Matty. Ace was definitely a third wheel in the story, a complex character who has been Lucy's best friend since childhood, but is increasingly making decisions that show he's not valuing that friendship the same way she does. They've always had a pact that he'd stay clear of her friends, and she'd stay away from his football teammates, something that has changed now that she's met Matty. He's bitter about the changes coming for the team, and he takes a lot of that out on Lucy, to her disappointment. The reader is left with the feeling that it's going to take some work to redeem his character. His presence is definitely the instigator in a lot of the tension of the story, but it goes without saying that without him, the story wouldn't have been such a page turner as we wait to see what Lucy will do with the complicated situation she finds herself in. Lucy's mock trial was of great interest to me. I loved seeing the behind the scenes look at this, and the dynamics of the team of college students that she's put together to try to win the regional championships. I thought it made for an interesting side bar to the typical college experience that most stories focus on. And of course, we get lots of football - what happens in the locker room, the practices, the influence of the coach, the psychological aspect of the game - it's all there and make for an interesting background to Matty's character. Both Lucy and Matty have some definite ideas of where their future will be at the start of the story, ideas that evolve as they spend time together. Overall, I found this to be a very entertaining and surprisingly educational story, with a sexy opposites attract romance. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series! 4.5 stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I wasn't so sure i was going to love Matty. In the first book, he was funny but too much of a manwhore that I couldn't picture a girl who could get past it. Lucy was that girl. Loved her especially since she made him chase her. They had great chemistry making the sexy times better. The side characters are great making me excited for the next book.