Jocko Willink: A Biography

Jocko Willink: A Biography

by Matt Freeman


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For Jocko Willink his unique approach to life goes further than his name. After serving 20 years as a Navy SEAL, Jocko became privy to the elements of success bound in the recesses of everyone's drive. Given Jocko's prestigious background, one would be remised to dispute any of the leadership qualities now presented by the retired Navy SEAL. But how does one find their drive? What elements truly compose the strength of one's drive? For anyone struggling to find out who they truly are or for the average individual overcome by apathy and laziness, Jocko's principles of success will be the change necessary to turning their life around.

Born on September 8, 1971, Jocko Willink was born in Torrington Connecticut to John and Robin Willink. In Torrington, John Willink was a teacher at Wamago Regional High School where he was the coach for both the middle school and varsity basketball while also teaching tennis. Growing up in a family centered on sports, Jocko exhibited true athleticism from a young age and excelled in the family's sport of skiing. Surrounded by two other sisters, Jocko learned from a young age how to distinguish himself from his sisters through masculinity, a trait no doubt leading to his intense career as a SEAL. During his elementary years, Jocko recalls being somewhat of a rogue son that enjoyed causing trouble.

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