*John 6: 66, Eternity with The TRINITY vs eternity with the beast: The Pearliest PEARL

*John 6: 66, Eternity with The TRINITY vs eternity with the beast: The Pearliest PEARL

by Father Yours


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On this PEARLIEST PEARL of wisdom and more...

Beloved reader, ANYONE AND EVERYONE is invited to know this booklet and of whatever age. It is a doctrinal and somewhat autobiographical booklet mainly of nonfictional incidents, miraculous and so providential, and with a short section of a fictional dialogue. It is a spiritually ecumenical inspirational booklet.

The cover of The Last Supper is original and portrays the actual Holy Grail kept in Valenica, Spain.

It is hoped that this booklet will be translated well and in any and all languages even to reach even millions, God-willing.

It is great to have it historically begin in this "Year of Faith."

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ISBN-13: 9781491762547
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/15/2015
Pages: 778
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*John 6:66, Eternity with The Trinity vs Eternity with the Beast

By Father Yours


Copyright © 2015 Father Yours
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4917-6254-7



"GOD IS GOOD, GOD IS GREAT, anyone may know that it's no mistake!"

PPLLEEAASSEE absolutely NEVER be branded by the name or 666 number of the beast nor ever worship him in any form. Learn from the John 6:66 Gospel verse for greater assurance of salvation: from the Last Supper to the one in Eternal Heaven. Let no 'trial or tribulation' compel you to "worship the beast and his statue" or to get that 666 mark "on the hand or forehead" as hell can be had (Rev. 14: 9-11). Whether one is more of a St. Judas Thaddeus or a Judas Iscariot (tho far better a 'holy Jude Thad' to be had) do have the Last Supper the best you may in this life - in love with true WISDOM as any day may be the last.

"There is need for shrewdness here: if anyone is clever enough he/ she may interpret the number of the beast. It is the number of a man, the number 666" (Rev 13:18). Amen, amen it's far better to be YYYEEYYY in Heaven at the everlasting Wedding Banquet than to risk never getting there. You don't won't to be aaagghhh(!) forever in hell and by having the mark of that human beast who definitely will come and worse than Nero or Hitler -- or bin Laden, and even a King Hunneric who had 4,966 Christians martyred in a Libyan desert in 484, including Bishop St. Cyprian and Bishop St. Felix (a semi-paralyzed elderly bishop).

Our Divine Creator wills wonders and wonderment. Both with His creation and especially the eternal Heavenly glory of our Triune God. Amen, amem. When winds or breezes flow through trees and their foliage it's like the H.S. reminding us of oneness with Christ in capacity to suffer, too, via the H.S. Indeed, trees can thereby appear saluting, waving, reminding us of the charity of God's love from the Cross, in Biblically related ways (the H.S. like to 'wind'), especially to anyone open to faith. Even Jesus's last word was that of His 'Spirit' and from the Tree of His Cross. He commended it into His ABBA's 'Hands' so to speak (mainly meaning the Father's Divine Being and Fatherhood in Heaven). Too, waves in streams, pools, rivers, seas, and oceans (besides mere rivulets) can remind us of the H.S. not only in Genesis but at Baptisms, sprinkling of Holy Water, and more, even as "God's spirit hovered over the water" (Gen 1:2) is almost the very first sentence of the Bible on the Creation. The H.S. as primary Author (Inspirer) of all the Bible is shown by St. Augustine of Hippo to go with streams: (italicized from Ezek 34:13) "I shall feed them in streams [...] the streams of the gospel message" (OoR p. 1098). "He who believes in me, as the Scripture has said, from within him shall flow rivers of living water. But he said this about the Spirit [...]" while referring to Jesus and believers in Him (Jn 7:38-39). Too, air flowering/flowing/fluttering about with flowers can remind us of how the H.S. with Mary is beautifully waving, loving, blessing, caring, etc. God Himself came once as a flaming bush (symbolic of Mary's love during the Incarnation, etc.). Connectedly, air through smaller (bushes, etc.) dimensions than trees can remind us of the H.S. with Joseph. Joseph's known as 'the Branch of the Lily' (by that blossom sign that he was the one to espouse Mary), and bushes oft have branches, not merely stems or twigs. Certainly also of Christ, any air movements over fields of wheat, sorghum, milo grains can remind us of the Epiklesis of the H.S. at Mass, and of 'Totus Christi' lifetimes: notably of oustandingly long-lived Apostle John who especially was a minister of the Host.

The Apostle John principally stands out with St. John the Baptist of 'Holiest Johns.' With the same priesthood, St. John Vianney – patron of priests – connects. Too, by 'nominal signal grace,' the great Immaculate Heart devotee St. John Eudes, as even Eudes goes more nominally with Eucharist. There, this part added right on 7/11 – memorial too of St. John of Bergamo, a martyr in 681 who was a bishop for 24 years, and where pope St. John 23rd had also been (when a 'province,' tho also a city now). By the way, a great hymn in the early morning, etc., to go with this H.S. outdoors lifestyle is this well-known one: 'O Breath on me Breath of God.'

One day Father Yours was travelling on a #666 road marker to visit a friend, a road not far from Priest Road. [Another 'nominal signal grace' connect with that #666 mark of the beast is St. Sindulphus (a holy hermit in France). How? Not only did he die c. 666 (660 AD), yet his name calls us not to be stupidly in sin (a 'dufus').] Here's a photo of one of the signs on that road then and now, in case you may doubt that such a road # existed in the path of Father Yours. Farm Road is a shorter designation of a 'farm-to-market' (FM) road and mainly a two-lane paved highway for better connections between rural farm areas and towns. County roads (CR) or highways (CH) are under the county highway department, distinguishing them from Farm Roads, Interstates, etc. The US State of Texas stands out as a major state with Farm Road designations, with its first Farm Road set up in 1937. WOW – our very first American Pope in history, I just now found out, was born that very year of 1937.

A friend near that road shared that a famous tornado knocked everything flat in his territory, although his statue of St. Michael the Archangel mysteriously neither fell nor was damaged. Amazing how the only Catholic Church just down from my friend's rural house is the one of St. Michael the Archangel. It is on a nearly parallel road from Farm Road #666 on 4th Street. Quite amazing too is that my friend was invited by his family to share with Father Yours about what they had been recently beholding. He felt too skeptical to want to try to share on such. As the home visit was ending, he felt moved to share on it: that when he was a boy a famous witch had hung herself on a tree on that FR #666. Too, she was seen but in large owl form with her face on it! That owl back then was about 7 feet tall and famously known as a 'lechusa.' It had actually swooped down upon him and even lifted him up. He shared that she had returned again after many years of absence, and just over the last few days. Well, as Father Yours was finally leaving, driving up one county road from that farm house to the juncture with that Farm Road #666, believe it or not he saw the tall owl about a mile away at the intersection. There was no traffic, and the owl flew up and even poked its beak into the driver's side of the car of Fr. Yours, causing it to go right into the oncoming lane. Thanks be to God there was no traffic. Its face had human-like eyes of concentration, yet very gloomy, and wanting evil to be done. That 7 foot owl had to return back to that intersection as Father Yours continued back onto his lane, still alive, and thanking God that there was no traffic. How amazing that St. Michael's Church is only about one mile from there, that the FR is #666, and that his friend had just shared about what then crossed into my path, capable of killing me, although Divine Providence did not allow the evil to go that far. Too, a United Methodist Church is right on FR #666, and only about one mile down from the lechusa attack. There was a detour one night, months before, where I saw a whole group of such owls out in the country either on the same Farm Road or another one in the dark that night: I heard the hefty flapping of wings and saw a whole witchy group of them. This whole encounter, and with others asking for house blessings due to similar phenomena, soon led up to a whole Divine Design that birthed this very book. It had to do with a fishing trip and then a whole new ministry (prison help), which the H.S. counsels to do, especially in the Gospels. (Just today, God amazingly led me to offer extra helps to Mark, a needy person. Also, after sharing with him about John 6:66, God then led Mark to initiate talk about the very same Farm Road sign in his life! Mark even told me how certain occultic beast-worshipers went and hauled off two of the 666 Farm Road signs near his homestead, and at least twice.)

Rarely would a brother priest doubt the encounters Father Yours would share about when exorcising or encountering a fallen angel. Yet one later asked Father Yours for forgiveness after discovering such realities later in his priesthood. Why dare to share about such strange stuff? Some things can be thought of as merely psychological in origin, until the reality crosses your path as clear as any life-long sane person beholding extra-natural forces for the first time, whether supernatural (of God) or preternatural (of good angels or of evil ones), and having NO DOUBT WHATEVER of what was apparent to the senses: for eg., with fallen angels, as even far more evident (and typically dangerous) than merely mosquitoes or wasps stinging your arm. Just doubting out of any prejudice serves not. Never invite a demon to prove its existence, for you surely can actually learn (and harmfully) in time that fallen angels (devils) do exist: you'd never want the trouble or worse that they cursedly can bring into lives. One lady begged me to bless her home due to a demonic ape raping her periodically. When I found the Sacred Heart of Jesus image in her home laying in spider webs and dust, she agreed to clean it. After 'enthroning' it in her home, inviting her to phone me once per week, she'd repeat each week that it never attacked her again. How amazing, too, when certain Christians came to ask a favor from Father Yours. They needed their house blessed, but they said that their pastor was against such. So, they came for holy water at our Church, invited me to walk with them to their home, and reported in there on witchy phenomena that related to what Father Yours had experienced on FR 666. The mother's adolescent son shared that the witch-owl tried to scratch his eyes out. The mother said that her cousin was into witchcraft, and they saw her face on that owl. The Spanish word "lechusa" refers to an owl, yet in some Hispanic cultures, even also to a witch-owl. Now, who'd dare believe that there is a devil and that some can be possessed? Wouldn't you 'have to see it to believe it'? It depends. Likewise, what in the world is this witch-owl? Hispanics were informing priests in that territory that the owl was far larger than any owl, and that the face of the owl would be of a known or unknown person (if even of a family member) that was into witchcraft. Surely as a book of witchcraft invites evil powers to do things, they can do them as specified in the hexes of such text, by opening the door to such malevolent powers (as in that Hispanic one for witch-owls). Later in Mexico God had me exorcise so many demons one night that a little boy commented that it was like what he saw in some movie. God inspired me to order the devils to repeat that Mary is their best female friend, and then closing with the Lord's Prayer they all left that victim lady in peace, after she and her live-in mate had vomited instantly over that line on Mary: shared years later with the President of the International Exorcist Committee who said that he'd use that extra liberating one-liner on Mary, too.

Now on a fishing trip that led to prison ministry and the John 6:66 discovery ... With this great Bible verse of a 'Prince of the Apostles' (Paul) right on a chapter # easy to associate with Apostles -- Hebrews #12 -- we see that we have more than just clouds that witness to something. We also have "so great a cloud of witnesses" (Heb 12:1 - KJB) that even some holy names can directly associate with that verse: a St. Theodoret of Cyrrhus, Syria besides too a St. Cloud. Also, we have saints sometimes come together with events that can involve clouds. While I don't know of any saints that did on that day in 1988 of the Eucharistic ostensory that I saw glorified in the sky (except for its connection with Mary, the Queen of saints), there was a great saint who very gloriously, clearly, and greatly came into my life back in 1998. His wondrous communion with me came beyond what imaginations normally reach to. Why? As a Biblical sign, too, of what [wonders] God has stored up for us in Heaven (provided we get there one day) as is Biblically clear. What incredible Divine Design unfolded? It is now my joy to compose of that tremendously heavenly cloudscape event right on his memorial celebration. Whose? A great saint who has amazed the lives of many, and who greatly impacted my life, my priesthood, and so obviously by the 'DD' of God's supernaturally great marvels way beyond human powers or designs. Even if an astronomer may wonder if they were among the greatest cyrrhus clouds ever formed in history, they were very clearly the most incredible cyrrhus clouds in my whole lifetime. Rarely, if ever in our lifetimes, may we see such tremendous cloudscapes that transfix us (cause whatever motionless awe) in wondering what our Creator may have in store for such a day. The instincts of my faith in my Creator that day were clearly geared to His Providence, realizing how He can be so present in any given wonders (prodigious, awesome) of any day with His creation.

Yet far beyond the clouds alone, the great gift of the communion of a saint - and for all kinds of future prison ministries - unfolded that very morning. It involved the only early morning fishing trip ever taken with parishioners. We went and had a great time, a young family happy with me their priest, when also the sky above appeared at sunrise so extraordinarily. It was in Corpus Christi and full of CC-shaped clouds in a unique way – like a huge quilt of cyrrhus clouds (not just a sheet) and wondrously covering the entire sky. That family had to hear that time sadly was running out. Namely, a priest had to be at the (Corpus Christi) Nueces County jail as a new Chaplain, and by 8 AM and no later.

It was reported days earlier by the Sergeant in charge that no priest would be allowed in for the whole year assignment if he didn't arrive by that hour, for the door would then be shut, although many other Christian denominations with religious ministers were already set-up there. Still, some 800 prisoners (including Catholics) would not have scheduled Mass ministries and more for the whole year if compliance was not had with the Sergeant. How serious! Indeed, even these words connect in sound: serious, cyrrhus, and Syria (where one lady prophesied the anti-Christ would come from), where the town Cyrrhus is located. While driving up the interstate highway, exactly the number of my age when ordained (Hwy 37), I checked with two other priests who heard from our founder that the Diocese needed a new prison chaplain since the earlier one had too huge of a new parish to maintain. These two other priests knew that my own duties were already hefty, yet when phoning them neither one was available to arrive at NC Jail on time. So, I sensed the Lord conveying to me, "Did I ordain you to just forget those 800 or so prisoners? You are the only one who knows that you can get there by 8 AM, and that if you don't, the 800 or so prisoners will have no assigned Catholic chaplain to serve them." Definitely thereupon I had to put my foot to the brakes, exit off the ramp, wing around and head the opposite right way on that Interstate 37. Indeed, that's the main Interstate that also takes one to the Cathedral of Corpus Christi, and the County Jail is on the very side road to the Cathedral. [Insert of 2014: just back from a trip on I-37, and people loved hearing me share on renaming halloween 'Hallowsseen.' They loved hearing how beholding holy ones is far greater than freaky halloweenish stuff. Driving back, as clouds Biblically associate with the H.S., a section of the sky had clouds that resembled Bible script styles of Aramaic and Hebrew. What a holy night. Too, the H.S. inspired all Holy Bible writers.] What a 'DD' that the manuscript for this book finally got finalized (without planning to) and submitted to all reviewers right on Hallowsseen (of 2014)!

Precisely one minute before the hour, the Sergeant is seen at the door, and by his Afro-American accent, he utters, 'Sir' like 'Suh' with his unforgettable sharing on the timeliness of my arrival: "Suh, if you'd have been here one minute later, then you wouldn't have made it on time, suh; and there wouldn't have been a priest here for the whole year, suh." Then he added, "We gonna give you the deluxe treatment today, suh. Just follow me." We went into different areas of the prison as he gave me the full tour, with advice, and with a photo taken of us beside the flags at a desk. Then we went up to the top floor for the 'deluxe treatment,' whereupon I met with some 8 death row prisoners, a few of whom confessed their sins to me in private, as the Sergeant had me go cell to cell in that upper hallway, protectedly and privately. After that, we took the elevator down and he added this: "Suh, anyone who gets this assignment also gets another one." But my workload was already so hefty. He answered, "Suh, you just gonna drop those other needy inmates?" He then explained that I'd also get the Drug and Alcohol Rehabiliation Center to serve. This I had to accept, since a priest can't prefer to leave any 'sheep' unattended. As a HUGE reward, what should happen upon returning about a half hour later to the parish church for the morning Mass? After checking the Catholic Encyclopedia for the 'saint of the day,' the divine design began to shine: it stated at the end of the article that the saint of that very August 14 day was St. Maximilian Kolbe: the patron saint of prisoners and of drug and alchohol rehabilitators! What are the odds in the whole wide world that all of that should happen all on the same morning? Then a lady named Veronica rang the doorbell of the rectory, had holy cards of St. Kolbe, asked me to bless them, and then invited me to keep one saying that she could see how much I loved it. After turning her down for her sake, she placed it in my hand anyway -- though I preferred not to take any of her own away from her. It turned out that it was the one I loved: of him in Rome on the seminary wall where the poster showed him receiving two crowns from the Mother of God (of virginity and of martyrdom, which he merited in life).


Excerpted from *John 6:66, Eternity with The Trinity vs Eternity with the Beast by Father Yours. Copyright © 2015 Father Yours. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


New Lifetime Motto of author Fr. Yours, 1,
CHAPTER 1 – For All Readers, 45,
CHAPTER 2 – For Thankers, 69,
CHAPTER 3 – For Children & Their Folks, 86,
CHAPTER 4 – For Youths or more (youngsters, teens, young adults, etc.), 167,
CHAPTER 5 – For Any and All: Believers or Non-believers/Unbelievers/Disbelievers: Athletes, Scientists, Sectists, etc., 223,
CHAPTER 6 – For Any Adults in Wisdom vs. #666 beast mark (etc.), 408,
CHAPTER 7 – For Shepherds of Good Faiths, 576,
CONCLUSION – In Thanks (Extras - to the initial 5 of this book for recall of thanks, too), 731,

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