John O'Hara's Hollywood

John O'Hara's Hollywood


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ISBN-13: 9780786718726
Publisher: Da Capo Books
Publication date: 12/28/2006
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Matthew J. Bruccoli is the Jefferies professor of English at the University of South Carolina; the editor of numerous books on American writers, among them The Selected Letters of John O'Hara; and the author of numerous titles, including the biographies Some Sort of Epic Grandeur (of F.Scott Fitzgerald) and The O'Hara Concern. He lives in Columbia South Carolina.

Table of Contents

Introduction   Matthew J. Bruccoli     xi
Mr. Sidney Gainsborough: Quality Pictures: (The New Yorker, 1932; The Doctor's Son)     1
Saffercisco: (The New Yorker, 1936; Files on Parade)     4
Brother: (The New Yorker, 1936; Files on Parade)     8
Richard Wagner: Public Domain?: (The New Yorker, 1938; Files on Parade)     12
Reunion Over Lightly: (The New Yorker, 1939; Pipe Night)     16
The Magical Numbers: (The New Yorker, 1941; Pipe Night)     21
Adventure on the Set: (The New Yorker, 1941; Pipe Night)     27
Fire!: (Pipe Night, 1945)     32
Everything Satisfactory: (The New Yorker, 1946; Hellbox)     38
Drawing Room B: (The New Yorker, 1947; Hellbox)     44
Eileen: (The New Yorker, 1947; The Time Element)     53
The Industry and the Professor: (The New Yorker, 1949; The Time Element)     59
In a Grove: (Assembly, 1961)     70
The Glendale People: (The Saturday Evening Post, 1963; The Hat on the Bed)     84
Yucca Knolls: (Show, 1963; The Hat on the Bed)     103
The Answer Depends: (The Saturday Evening Post, 1964; The Horse Knows the Way)     159
James Francis and The Star: (Waiting for Winter, 1966)     168
Natica Jackson: (Waiting for Winter, 1966)     226
The Way to Majorca: (Waiting for Winter, 1966)     311
The Sun Room: (The Saturday Evening Post, 1969; Good Samaritan)     335
Malibu from the Sky: (Good Samaritan, 1974)     358
Hello Hollywood Good-bye: (Holiday, 1968)     372

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