John Paul II Speaks on Women

John Paul II Speaks on Women

by Deely Brooke (Editor)


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John Paul II (1978-2005) was the first pope to speak extensively on the challenges of the historic changes of the situation of women in modernity and postmodernity. He addressed matters such as the inherent dignity of women; aspirations for personal fulfillment including achievement and economic success outside the home; the roles pertaining to marriage, family and children; and the vital contributions of women in the life of the church. He offered a profoundly personalist vision that united contemporary concerns with ancient faith, in a way that can advance discourse within and beyond the Catholic church.

In Pope John Paul II Speaks on Women, Brooke Williams Deely presents a comprehensive record of John Paul II's reflections. This collection brings to the forefront the full context and content of his original contributions. Since John Paul II encouraged women and men to expand what he has adumbrated, this book facilitates ongoing dialogue. The principle of the organization of the volume is chronological, compiling John Paul II's teachings on the subject of women arranged by date over the entire term of his Papacy. Since this influential Pope addressed the situation of women from the beginning of his pontificate, this overview of his writings and his spoken addresses best showcases the development and historical context of his thought.

This distinctive book, in a handy assembling of encyclicals, Apostolic letters, and public remarks, should be attractive to readers of diverse perspectives and disciplines. Whether in the fields of women's studies, history, philosophy, psychology, or theology (especially for theologians and seminarians interested in his Mariology, theology of the body, and philosophical anthropology), this collection is ideal for classroom use. It is also readily suitable for the general public and for people who want to deepen their appreciation of John Paul II as a person, saint, thinker, cultural critic, and world leader.


Brooke Williams Deely is in the Women, Culture, and Society Program at the
University of St. Thomas Houston.


"A significant contribution to scholarship about John Paul II and about the study of women . . . Makes a cumulative-case argument for John Paul II's Christian personalist philosophy of women." —Curtis Hancock, Rockhurst University

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ISBN-13: 9780813226835
Publisher: The Catholic University of America Press
Publication date: 09/23/2014
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Brooke Williams Deely is in the Women, Culture, and Society Program at the University of St. Thomas, Houston

Table of Contents

Foreword John P. Hittinger xi

Acknowledgments xiii

General Introduction Brooke Williams Deely 1

November 1079-December 1982 13

Introduction to Reading 1 Sr. Paula Jean Miller 13

Reading 1 (November 7, 1979): Original Unity of Man and Woman 16

Reading 2 (November 14, 1979): Man Becomes the Image of God by Communion of Persons 19

Reading 3 (December 19, 1979): Fullness of Interpersonal Communication 23

Reading 4 (February 13, 1980): Original Innocence and Man's Historical State 27

Reading 5 (October 15, 1980): Gospel Values and Duties of the Human Heart 30

Introduction to Reading 6 by Diane and Dominic Aquila 33

Reading 6 (November 22, 1980): Familiaris Consortia (On the Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World) 35

Reading 7 (August 11, 1982): Reverence for Christ: The Basis of Relationship between Spouses 50

Reading 8 (December 15, 1982): The Redemptive and Spousal Dimensions of Love 53

March 1987-May 1994 59

Introduction to Reading 9 Virginia Galloway 59

Reading 9 (March 25, 1987): Redemptoris Mater (Mother of the Redeemer) 62

Introduction to Reading 10 Brooke Williams Deely 119

Reading 10 (August 15, 1988): Mulieris Dignitatem (On the Dignity and Vocation of Women) 121

Reading 11 (September 4, 1988): Discovery of a New Feminine Identity 180

Introduction to Reading 12 Deborah Savage 186

Reading 12 (December 30, 1988): Christifideles Laid (The Lay-Members of Christ's Faithful People) 189

Reading 13 (September 15, (993): True Human Love Reflects the Divine 213

Readings (March 18, 1994): Population Conference Draft Document Criticized 217

Reading 15 (May 22, 1994): Ordinatio Sacerdotalis (On Ordination to the Priesthood) 224

January 1995-June 1905 229

Reading 16 (January 1, 1995): Women: Teachers of Peace 229

Reading 17 (March 19, 1995): The Feminine Presence in the Family 236

Reading 18 (March 15, 1995): Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life) 237

Reading 19 (April 7, 1995): Letter to Priests for Holy Thursday 1995 238

Reading 20 (May 26, 1995): Papal Message on Women's Conference 249

Reading 21 (June 18, 1995): Culture Must Respect Femininity 255

Reading 22 (June 25, 1995): Culture of Equality Is Urgently Needed Today 256

Introduction to Reading 23 Brooke Williams Deely Fr. Edward J. Baenziger 258

Reading 23 (June 29, 1995): Letter to Women 261

July 1995 - September 1905 273

Reading 24 (July 9, 1995): Men and Women Must Live for the Other 273

Reading 15 (July 16, 1995): The Vocation to Motherhood 274

Reading 26 (July 23, 1995): Society and Church Need Genius of Woman 276

Reading 27 (July 30, 1995): Initial Education in Family Relics on "Feminine Genius" 277

Reading 28 (August 6, 1995): Culture Needs Women's Genius 278

Reading 29 (August 20, 1995): Equal Opportunity Still Urgently Needed 280

Reading 30 (August 27, 1995): Women Have Much to Offer in Political Life 281

Reading 31 (August 29, 1995): Address to the Vatican Delegation to the Fourth World Conference on Women 283

Reading 32 (September 3, 1995): Enhance Women's Role in Church Life 285

November 1995-November 1999 287

Reading 33 (November 29, 1995): Mary Shows Us God's Respect for Women 287

Reading 34 (December 6, 1995): Mary Sheds Light on Role of Women 290

Reading 35 (January 24, 1996): The Media: Modern Forum for Promoting the Role of Women in Society 293

Reading 36 (January 24, 1996): Victory over Sin Comes through a Woman 295

Reading 37 (March 6, 1996): Motherhood Is God's Special Gift 298

Reading 38 (March 27, 1996): Woman's Indispensable Role in Salvation History 302

Reading 39 (April 10, 1996): The Ideal Woman Is a Precious Treasure 304

Reading 40 (December 7, 1996): Motherhood: Woman's Gift to Society 307

Reading 41 (January 8, 1997): Christ Calls Women to Share His Mission 310

Reading 42 (February 20, 1998); Address to the International Conference on Women's Health Issues 313

Reading 43 (November 24, 1999): The Fatherhood of God and the Dignity of Women 316

Concluding Section Fr. Edward J. Baenziger 321

Proclamation of St. Thérése of Lisieux as Doctor of the Church 321

Apostolic Letter 32

Appendix Fr. Edward J. Baenziger, CSB: John Paul II: Women's Canonization and Beatification 339

Notes 363

Bibliography 375

Index of Names 379

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