John Redmond: Selected Letters and Memoranda, 1880-1918

John Redmond: Selected Letters and Memoranda, 1880-1918

by Dermot Meleady


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"John Redmond" is an invaluable collection of speeches, musings and private correspondence that provides key insights into the workings of this most avid political thinker and tragic Irish leader. Though Redmond left no diaries or personal memoir, as a leading voice in Irish politics for up to four decades, his thoughts were incessantly penned to paper or addressed to the Irish people. These thoughts defended Parnell's downfall, decided Ireland's role in the First World War, and prompted the opposing reaction of the Easter Rising; John Redmond was at the heart of all this activity, his successes and failures reflecting the course that was eventually taken out of his control. His untimely death in 1918, after a wave of shocks and disappointments, mark a tragic end to an immense personality. His speeches were of legendary significance and his letters exhibit a breath-taking mind in rapture to the moment - a man who felt himself to be on the precipice of securing Irish independence through democratic means. John Redmond offers new and startlingly direct perspectives on key moments in Ireland's early modern history and Redmond's political career; it is landmark work to better understand a landmark figure within Irish history. [Subject: Irish Studies, History, Politics, Biography]

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ISBN-13: 9781785371554
Publisher: Irish Academic Press
Publication date: 04/09/2018
Pages: 350
Product dimensions: (w) x (h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vi

Abbreviations vii

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 The Young Wexford MP, 1880-1890 11

Chapter 2 Defending Parnell, 1890-1891 23

Chapter 3 Leading the Parnellites: The Split and Electoral Politics 33

Chapter 4 Leading the Parnellites: The Second Home Rule Bill 46

Chapter 5 Reunification and Leadership, 1900-1902 59

Chapter 6 The Land Act and Conciliation, 1902-1907 75

Chapter 7 The Fight for Legislative Reform, 1906-1909 99

Chapter 8 The Lords, the Budget and the Veto, 1909-1911 126

Chapter 9 The Third Home Rule Bill and Unionist Resistance, 1912-1913 142

Chapter 10 The Volunteer Movement and Partition, 1914 164

Chapter 11 The War and Irish Recruiting, 1914-1916 187

Chapter 12 The Party and the Newspapers 215

Chapter 13 Rebellion and its Aftermath, 1916 227

Chapter 14 The American Organisation 250

Chapter 15 The Party in Crisis, 1916-1917 267

Chapter 16 Last Chance for Constitutionalism, 1917-1918 281

Chapter 17 Private and Family Life 306

Endnotes 316

Index 326

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