John Wayne's West: In Music and Poster Art

John Wayne's West: In Music and Poster Art

by John Wayne

CD(Bonus DVD / Special Packaging)

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Release Date: 11/16/2009
Label: Bear Family Germany
UPC: 4000127167392
catalogNumber: 2716739
Rank: 234998


Disc 1

  1. Overture
  2. Main Title (De Guella And The Green Leaves Of Summer)
  3. David Crockett Arrives
  4. David Crockett's Speech
  5. Raid For Cattle
  6. Tennessee Babe
  7. Here's To The Ladies
  8. Ballad Of The Alamo
  9. The Green Leaves of Summer
  10. General Santa Anna
  11. David Crockett
  12. The Green Leaves of Summer
  13. Charge of Santa Anna: Death of David Crockett
  14. Finale
  15. Tennessee Babe
  16. The Green Leaves of Summer
  17. Here's To The Ladies
  18. The Ballad of the Alamo
  19. North To Alaska
  20. If You Knew
  21. Go North
  22. North To Alaska
  23. Main Title
  24. Red Wing
  25. The Comancheros
  26. Main Title
  27. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance [*
  28. End Title

Disc 2

  1. Overture : How The West Was Won/I'm Bound For The Pro
  2. Main Title
  3. This Is The West
  4. The Erie Canal
  5. Two Hearts On A Tree
  6. Shenandoah
  7. First Meeting
  8. First Kiss
  9. The Morning After
  10. The River Pirates : The River Pirates/Stalking and Killin
  11. Godspeed Eve: Godspeed Eve/The Rapids
  12. The Burial: Bereavement/Rock of Ages/Fulfilment
  13. Wagon Train Foward: Wagon Train/War With Mexico/Banks Of The Sacramento
  14. Sit Down Sister
  15. Wanderin'
  16. The Jump Off Point
  17. Cleve Van Valen : Ckeve Van Valen/Wagon Train/Morgan
  18. Poor Wayfarin' Stranger
  19. Raise A Ruckus Tonight
  20. Come Share My Life
  21. Cheyennes : Cheyennes/Indian Fight [From How The West
  22. Careless Love
  23. Gold Claim
  24. What Was Your Name In The States? [From How The West
  25. He's Gone Away
  26. A Home in the Meadow
  27. Marriage Proposal
  28. Entr'acte : How The West Was Won/A Home In The Meadow
  29. Mr. Lincoln
  30. He's Linus' Boy
  31. I'm Sad And I'm Lonely
  32. When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Disc 3

  1. Zeb's Return
  2. The Pony Express
  3. A Railroader's Bride I'll Be
  4. Workin
  5. The Jugglers
  6. No Goodbye
  7. Zeb And Jethro
  8. Buffalo Stampede: Buffalo Stampede/Aftermath [From How The West Was Won
  9. Climb A Higher Hill [Ver
  10. The Van Valen Auction
  11. Gant
  12. No Goodbye
  13. Celebration
  14. Finale
  15. Finale Ultimo
  16. Exit Music: Banks Of The Sacramento/A Home In The Meadow/How The West W
  17. Miss Bailey's Ghost [
  18. A Home in the Meadow [V
  19. When I Was Single [Ve
  20. Shenandoah
  21. Rock Of Ages [Version
  22. The Erie Canal
  23. Wait For The Hoedown
  24. First Meeting
  25. No Goodbye
  26. A Home in the Meadow
  27. Main Title & Katherine Theme
  28. Hurry Up Hoedown
  29. The Other Woman
  30. Rowdaych
  31. Run Katie Run
  32. McLintock's Theme
  33. The Young
  34. The Lover's Waltz
  35. Just Right For Me
  36. Red Garters
  37. The Cakewalk
  38. Katie With the Light Red Hair

Disc 4

  1. Main Title
  2. Texas Is A Woman
  3. The Elders Fight
  4. Dangerous Journey
  5. Trouble In Town
  6. Return To Town
  7. The Sons Of Katie Elder
  8. Rebuked
  9. Memories Of Clearwater
  10. Sheriff Ambushed
  11. Katie's Bible
  12. Hastings Ranch
  13. El Dorado
  14. La Mariposa
  15. Dos Espuelas
  16. Free Frijoles
  17. Hasta Luego
  18. Shoot Out
  19. La Noche y Las Estrellas
  20. Cuerval
  21. La Cantina
  22. El Dorado
  23. True Grit
  24. Roostern
  25. Mattie And Little Blackie
  26. A Dastardly Deed
  27. Papa's Things
  28. True Grit
  29. Chen Lee And The General
  30. Big Trail
  31. Cogburn Country
  32. True Grit

Disc 5

  1. Dixie
  2. I Left My Love
  3. Lorena
  4. Bonnie Blue Flag
  5. I Left My Love
  6. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
  7. Bonnie Blue Flag
  8. The Girl I Left Behind
  9. Deep River/Lorena
  10. Kingdom Coming
  11. Tenting Tonight
  12. By The Campfire
  13. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
  14. Main Title/Ballad Of The War Wagon
  15. Ballad Of The War Wagon

Disc 6

  1. Main Title
  2. The Battle Cry of Freedom/Dixie
  3. Yankee Doodle/End Title
  4. Ballad Of John Chisum
  5. Polka
  6. Turn Me Around
  7. Main Title/End Title
  8. Main Title
  9. End Title
  10. Orchestral Sequence
  11. Main Title
  12. Streets Of Laredo
  13. Orchestral Sequence
  14. A Man Gets to Thinking
  15. Main Title/End Title
  16. Main Title
  17. Tit-Willow
  18. End Title

Disc 7

  1. Main Title/Return From Patrol
  2. Yellow Stripes
  3. Soldiers Fight
  4. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
  5. Dispossessed
  6. Cattle Call
  7. Indian Chant
  8. Aha, San Antone
  9. Reunion
  10. Indian Raid/Escape
  11. The Erie Canal
  12. Laundresses' Row
  13. My Gal Is Purple
  14. Down By The Glenside
  15. Footsore Calvary
  16. Meeting At The Rio Grande
  17. Confederate Dollars And Yankee Gold
  18. The Girl I Left Behind Me/Departure for Fort Bliss
  19. Tyree Meets The Wagon Train/Indian Attack
  20. Call Your Volunteers
  21. Indian Dance
  22. Nighttime Approach/Rescuing The Children
  23. Coming Home
  24. Dixie/End Title
  25. Main Title
  26. Eight Hundred Miles
  27. Oh, Hangman, Let Me Down
  28. Six Hundred Miles
  29. Main Title/End Title
  30. The Searchers
  31. Skip To My Lou/Yellow Rose Of Texas
  32. We Will Gather At The River
  33. The Searchers
  34. Main Title
  35. My Rifle, My Pony & Me
  36. Cindy
  37. De Guello
  38. Rio Bravo
  39. My Rifle, My Pony & Me

Disc 8

  1. Main Title/End Title
  2. Square Dance
  3. Main Title/End Title
  4. Sweet Genevieve
  5. Main Title
  6. End Title
  7. Main Title: My Pony Boy/She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain [From Ride
  8. Till We Meet Again
  9. She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain
  10. Main Title
  11. Oh Susanna
  12. End Title
  13. Main Title: March
  14. Orchestral Sequence
  15. Country Dance
  16. Oh Susanna
  17. Mandy Lee
  18. Main Title
  19. March
  20. Main Title
  21. El Zapatero
  22. Confida a me
  23. Main Title [From Riders Of Dest
  24. A Cowboy's Song of Fate
  25. Song Of The Wild
  26. Main Title [From
  27. Main Title
  28. March
  29. Main Title [Also: Randy Rides Alone, The Lawless Frontier, The Lawless
  30. Sobre Las Olas
  31. Main Title
  32. Main Title [From Rainbow Vall
  33. When We Were Young And Foolish
  34. Once Again
  35. Main Title
  36. Covered Wagons Rolling West
  37. The Rocky Road to Town
  38. The Girl I See in My Dreams
  39. Dinkin'
  40. On The Banks of The Sunny San Juan
  41. The Old Dusty Road Back Home
  42. Main Title
  43. Oh Susanna/Heaven! Heaven!
  44. Main Title
  45. Orchestral Sequence
  46. Main Title
  47. Camptown Races
  48. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  49. Old Folks At Home
  50. Main Title/End Title [Also: Overland Stage Raiders/Red River Range/The
  51. Orchestral Sequence [From Ov

Disc 9

  1. Main Title
  2. Orchestral Sequence
  3. Al Penser en ti
  4. End Title/Jeanie with the Light-Brown Hair
  5. End Title
  6. Main Title
  7. The Land of the New Frontier
  8. Way Out On The Range
  9. Main Title/End Title
  10. Jeannie McDougal
  11. Fife And Drum March
  12. Yankee Doodle
  13. Main Title/End Title
  14. Main Title
  15. Unconstant Lover
  16. Brahms Lullaby
  17. Orchestral Sequence
  18. Happy, Happy Hunting Ground
  19. Main Title/End Title
  20. California Joe
  21. Jerusalem My Happy Home
  22. March
  23. There's Gold In The Valley
  24. Main Title
  25. Singin' It, Swingin' It
  26. Main Title/End Title
  27. Red Wing
  28. Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
  29. Down By The Old Mill Stream
  30. Pierpoint Morgan
  31. Main Title/End Title
  32. Main Title/End Title
  33. Too Much Mustard
  34. Baby Blue Eyes
  35. Love, Here Is My Heart
  36. Love, Here Is My Heart
  37. Carrie, Marry Harry
  38. By The Light Of The Slivery Moon
  39. That Man Is Always On My Mind
  40. Have A Heart
  41. Main Title
  42. Coax Me!
  43. Orchestral Sequence
  44. There's Something In Your Eyes

Disc 10

  1. Main Title
  2. McCafferty's March
  3. Sweet Genevieve
  4. Orchestral Sequence
  5. Irish Jig
  6. Oh, Dem Golden Slippers
  7. Col. Thursday's Charge
  8. Settle Down To Missouri
  9. She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
  10. Orchestral Sequence
  11. Main Title
  12. Streets Of Laredo
  13. Orchestral Sequence
  14. Shall We Gather At The River
  15. Opening: Screen Directors' Guild Assignment [NBC Screen Directors' Play
  16. Introduction by George Marshall and John Ford [NBC Screen Directors' Pl
  17. Stagecoach
  18. Short discussion of the production [NBC Screen Directors' Playhouse Jan
  19. Closing announcement

Disc 11

  1. Stagecoach
  2. She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
  3. Three Godfathers
  4. Rio Grande
  5. Hondo
  6. The Searchers [The Making of 'The Searchers'/Natalie Wood Interview/Jeffrey
  7. Rio Bravo
  8. The Horse Soldiers
  9. The Almo
  10. North To Alaska
  11. The Comancheros
  12. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
  13. How The West Was Won
  14. McLintock!
  15. The Sons of Katie Elder
  16. The War Wagon
  17. El Dorado
  18. True Grit
  19. The Undefeated
  20. Chisum
  21. Rio Lobo
  22. Big Jake
  23. The Cowboys
  24. The Train Robbers
  25. Cahill, United State Marshal
  26. Rooster Cogburn
  27. The Shootist

Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Wayne   Primary Artist
Dimitri Tiomkin   Conductor
Elmer Bernstein   Conductor
Hugo Montenegro   Conductor
Ken Darby   Conductor
DeLory   Conductor
Carl Fortina   Accordion,Concertina
Tommy Morgan   Harmonica
Alfred Newman   Conductor
Peter Leeds   cast
Ken Carson   cast
David Buttolph   Conductor
Norman Field   cast
Barbara Fuller   cast
Dan Riss   cast
Eddie Fields   cast
Henry Russell   Conductor
Horace Murphy   cast

Technical Credits

George Antheil   Composer
Dimitri Tiomkin   Composer
Johnny Horton   Composer
Elmer Bernstein   Composer
Jerry Goldsmith   Composer
Ray Campi   Illustrations
Xavier Cugat   Composer
Dominic Frontiere   Composer
Burt Bacharach   Composer
John Wayne   Director,Introduction
Frank deVol   Composer
Dick Powell   Director
Hugo Montenegro   Composer
Dale Evans   Composer
Stan Jones   Composer
Hugo Friedhofer   Composer
Laurence Rosenthal   Composer
Don Black   Composer
Ken Darby   Composer
Hal David   Composer
DeLory   Arranger
Norman Gimbel   Composer
Nelson Riddle   Composer
Lionel Newman   Composer
Walter Scharf   Composer
Max Steiner   Composer
Richard Wallace   Director
Ned Washington   Composer
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Eric Hoffman   Illustrations,Photo Scanning
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Jurgen Koop   Illustrations
Fred Allen   Director
David Buttolph   Composer
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James Edward   Director
L. Anderson   Illustrations
Michael Curtiz   Director
Dieter Machon   Illustrations
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Mervyn LeRoy   Director
Roy Webb   Composer
Traditional   Composer
William A. Seiter   Director
Morton Scott & His Orchestra   Composer
Bernhard Wicki   Director
Christian Zwarg   Reissue Producer
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Andreas Merck   Photo Scanning
Milton Geiger   Screenplay
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