John Wesley's 52 Standard Sermons

John Wesley's 52 Standard Sermons


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The Rev. John Wesley (1703-1791), the founder of the Methodist Church, was an enthusiastic preacher for the Lord, a prolific writer, and a prestigious Oxford scholar. For over two centuries, his treasured sermons have provided keen insight, deep analysis, and provocative applications of the great truths of the faith for minister and layperson alike. Utilizing both primary and secondary works, John Wesley's 52 Standard Sermons: An Annotated Summary presents a concise yet useful report on each of his messages. Additionally, other pertinent historical and theological information on Wesley's life, culture, intrinsic/extrinsic influences, his understanding of Christianity, and his powerful exhortations of spiritual (re)formation and public philanthropy are presented—all with the goals of helping readers understand Wesley's call for Christian Perfection, developing proficient evangelism, and pursuing personal sanctification and piety. For pastors, for theologians, and for everyday Christians, this book is a handy resource for understanding Wesley, his doctrine, and, moreover, it provides insight into the great biblical truths that Wesley considered relevant for following Christ's great commandments of loving God and one's neighbor.

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ISBN-13: 9781532608094
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 04/06/2017
Pages: 126
Sales rank: 339,456
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About the Author

John S. Knox is an online instructor with Liberty University's School of Divinity and the Scholar-in-Residence at The Biblical Studies Center in Boise, Idaho. He has taught Bible, History, and Religion for years at several Christian universities in the United States. He lives in Idaho with his wife, Brenda, and their two sons, Jacob and Joseph. He is the author of The Letter of Alon (CrossLink, 2013) and Sacro-Egoism (Wipf & Stock, 2016).

Table of Contents

Illustrations viii

Foreword Phil Towne ix

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xvii

1 Introduction to John Wesley, the Preacher 1

2 The Life of John Wesley 5

3 Annotated Sermon Summaries 31

4 Theological Reflections 76

Afterword David R. Leonard 85

Glossary 87

Recommended Reading 93

Bibliography 95

52 Standard Sermons Topical Index 99

General Index 105

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From the Publisher

"I was thrilled to hear that Dr. Knox was publishing these annotated sermons. Any student of John Wesley knows that these sermons give enormous insights into Wesley's thought process as well as his passionate commitment to Christ. Dr. Knox presents an insightful overview of Wesley's life that includes watershed events that shaped Wesley's thinking. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to understand John Wesley at a deeper level.

—Mark M. Goodwin, Pastor, Portland First Church of the Nazarene, Portland, OR

"John Knox is a scholar incapable of writing a dull sentence, having the knack of finding just the right phrase from Wesley's sermons to catch us up afresh in Wesley's passion for the faith. Along with a perceptive biographical introduction, this book will entertain, educate, and challenge a new generation of readers to plunge into Wesley's sermons for themselves."

—Roger J. Newell, Professor of Religious Studies, George Fox University

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