Joint Interdiction: 14 October 2011

Joint Interdiction: 14 October 2011

by William E. Gortney


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Interdiction operations are actions to divert, disrupt, delay, or destroy an enemy's surface capabilities before they can be used effectively against friendly forces, or to otherwise achieve objectives. In support of law enforcement, interdiction includes activities conducted to divert, disrupt, delay, intercept, board, detain, or destroy, under lawful authority, vessels, vehicles, aircraft, people, cargo, and money. Joint force commanders (JFCs) integrate and synchronize operations and employ military forces and capabilities, as well as nonmilitary resources, across the range of military operations resulting in greater combat power and operational effectiveness. JFCs arrange symmetrical and asymmetrical actions to take advantage of friendly strengths and enemy vulnerabilities and to preserve freedom of action for future operations. Interdiction can create opportunities for commanders to exploit and should be integrated with other operations of the joint force. The purpose of interdiction operations is to prevent the adversary from using assets at the time and place of his choosing. This publication provides doctrine for planning, preparing, executing, and assessing joint interdiction operations.

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